really looking for a training partner


Smash Rookie
Jul 19, 2019
hello my name is theMayonator and im looking to be a competitive smash bros player. im only 13 which mean a get a quite a lot of time to improve. i need a player who is better than me but that wont be too hard as ive only been playing smash since september of 2018. im pretty much on all the time but i dont seem to be getting any better. the only problem i would have is my parents dont let me use discord and i dont have a phone so there would be no way to communicate during a session so you would have to tell me stuff on here after the session which might be a little but of a hassle. we would also need to set date/times on smashboards. i doubt i could ever be a top player but im hoping to get top 50 then resort to streaming. im scared that if i dont have a training partner ill never improve to the level i want. i have also never been to a tourney but was going to before covad-19 struck. im a bit of a rager but have definitely improved in that regard since i started playing. i cant sem to pick a main but ive mostly settled on mario and shiek. if you're up for the task please reply with your switch friend code so i can send mine. i cant think of anything else to say so goodbye i guess. thanks!