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Rayman: Hero of the Glade of Dreams - The Great Escape


Smash Hero
Jun 14, 2013
Studio Naux

Rayman is the iconic mascot of Ubisoft who first premiered in his self-titled game for the Atari Jaguar. Rayman has been added to the game as a trophy for the Super Smash Bros for Wii U, along with his best friend Globox and his newest companion Barbara! With Rayman's series having multiple trophies, he's already got a detached foot in the door. Rayman's history spawns an amazing twenty years (it's his big 20th anniversary!) with 20+ games on Nintendo consoles, including the newest, Rayman Legends on the Wii U! A true icon of the platformer genre, Rayman is a perfect candidate to join the Smash cast!
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PlayStation; Atari Jaguar; Sega Saturn - 1995 PC - 1996 GBA - 2001 DSi - 2009

N64; PC - 1999 PlayStation; Dreamcast - 2000 DS - 2005 3DS - 2011

GameCube; PS2; XBox; PC - 2003

Wii; PS3; 360 - 2011 3DS; PS Vita; PC - 2012

Wii U; PS3; 360; PC - 2013

Rayman - Vortex - Heavy Metal Fist - Lockjaw - Shock Rocket - Throttle Copter - Dark Rayman - Raymesis

Size: Around Mario's height.
Weight: Same as Meta Knight.
Gravity: Same as Diddy.
Jump Height: Between Falco and Luigi.
Jump Speed: Same as Fox.
Air Speed: Same as Jigglypuff.
Walk Speed: Same as Pit.
Dash Speed: Just below Little Mac.
Traction: Same as Link.

Can Wall Jump
Can Crawl - Low Crawl

Standard Attacks
Neutral Combo

A short, quick jab with his right fist, then his left fist, finishes with a strong, medium ranged right swing. From Origins/Legends.
Forward Tilt
Runs and attacks, similar to Mega Man's tilt. Punches twice then kicks. From Legends.
Up Tilt
An upwards jab combo, same right punch, left punch, strong finish. From Origins/Legends.
Down Tilt
A low, sweeping kick that can trip enemies. From Origins.
Dash Attack
Spins in a tornado fashion while thrusting his fists out for a multi-hit attack. From Origins/Legends.

Forward Smash
Windup Fist: Rayman's classic attack, he charges his punch by spinning his fist around before launching it out for a powerful strike. Rayman can hold the charge and run around with it until the attack button is released. From Rayman 1/Rayman 3.
Up Smash
Wind-up-percut: An attack similar to his forward smash, Rayman charges his fist for an upwards strike. From Origins/Legends.
Down Smash
Slam Punch: Rayman slams the ground with heavy force, kicking up damaging dust around himself. From Legends.

Ledge Attack
Hops up from the ledge with a sweeping punch.
'Get Up' Attack
Spins around and kicks as he jumps to his feet.

Aerials & Throws
Neutral Air
A sweeping kick from back to front, hits on both sides and below. From Origins/Legends.
Forward Air
Swings both fists down, causes a spike if sweet-spotted. From Legends.
Up Air
Kicks up into the air, hits below then above. From Origins/Legends.
Down Air
Quickly throws himself downwards and slams into the ground. From Origins/Legends.
Back Air
Twists around and kicks behind himself. From Origins/Legends.

Rayman has great range when grabbing due to his lack of limbs, he will throw out a fist that grapples opponents.
Headbutts the enemy.
Forward Throw
Spins around and tosses the enemy away, similar to Mario's back throw.
Up Throw
Spins his hair and tosses the enemy onto it, stunning them in place for a moment before launching them upwards.
Down Throw
Slams the enemy to the ground and then slams himself into them.
Back Throw
Throws the enemy behind himself and then kicks them away.

Neutral Specials
Standard - Energy Shot
A projectile that can be fired off rapidly, or charged for a more powerful attack. Ricochets off walls twice before exploding on the third impact. Can be absorbed by Bucket/PSI Magnet, can be reflected.
Custom 1 - Vortex
Fires a tornado instead of energy shots, these can be charged but can't be fired as rapidly. Has less range and power, but can trip up opponents. Cannot be absorbed by Bucket/PSI Magnet, can be reflected.
Custom 2 - Heavy Metal Fist
Not a projectile, Rayman can toss out two of his fists quickly, or charge up for one powerful punch. Functionally similar to his forward smash. Cannot be absorbed, cannot be reflected.
Side Specials
Standard - Telescopic Fist
Rayman will toss out a long ranged command grab. On the ground, Rayman will grapple enemies back towards him, allowing him to use any of his throws or pummel. In the air, Rayman will toss enemies downwards, but the grab has shorter range. Can be angled.
Custom 1 - Lockjaw
Rayman tosses out a Lockjaw that will latch onto an enemy and cause continuous electrical damage until they shake it off. Pressing special again will reel enemies back in, and Rayman will send them off with a kick. The initial launch of the Lockjaw can be angled slightly.
Custom 2 - Shock Rocket
Rather than grabbing, Rayman will fire the Shock Rocket, which will always do the same amount of damage. Rayman will stand in place during this move, like Snake's Nikita, however it can only be angled up or down, and can't be turned around, though the angles are sharp and can change continuously. If the rocket doesn't meet a target, it will sputter out and fall after a set distance, with a weaker explosion.
Up Specials
Standard - Helicopter
Rayman spins his iconic mop of hair to gain upwards momentum. Rayman has high control and can keep hovering downward with the move, similar to Peach's parasol. He won't be left helpless after using the move, and can even fire projectiles while hovering. His hair has a minor damaging hitbox.
Custom 1 -Throttle Copter
Rayman dons the helmet from Rayman 3 for a quick burst, this gives him the highest vertical distance and damage, but after hovering for a short while, Rayman will become helpless.
Custom 2 - Flying Ring
A Purple Lum appears and Rayman swings from it for horizontal distance. Rayman can use his helicopter hair out of it to slow his descent, but he won't gain any height. Does no damage.
Down Specials
Standard - Plum Drop
Rayman spawns a plum that will bounce around the stage. Functionally similar to Pac-Man's Hydrant, though you can ride the plum until it disappears. This can be used to aid recovery, as Rayman can spawn it in the air and then jump off of it, but only one can be out at a time. On the ground, Rayman will toss it forward, in the air, he'll drop it below him.
Custom 1 - Spiked Fruit
Rayman will toss out a spiked fruit with similar properties to the plum, but the spikes cause more damage. Be careful though, because Rayman can be hurt by touching it too! It won't stay out for as long as the plum, and any attack will break it right away.
Custom 2 - Explosive Keg
Rather than tossing it at first, Rayman will spawn one and carry it around until you decide to throw it. It will explode on contact, and it can hurt Rayman if it blows up too close. While carrying it, Rayman won't flinch to weaker attacks, but the keg itself will take damage until it explodes. When spawned in the air, Rayman will just toss it below himself rather than hold onto it. Fire attacks will cause it to instantly ignite and rocket up into the air, Rayman included, be sure to let go before it explodes!

Final Smash - Silver Lum
Rayman temporarily gains the ability to fly freely with his hair, while also being able to fire fully charged energy shots. Functions similarly to Yoshi's final smash, but with different flight controls.

Special Gimmick
Can hover down slowly with his helicopter hair by holding the jump button, his second jump is also assisted by it, giving him a similar air range as Yoshi, but without the invincibility frames.

Miscellaneous Character Aspects
Appears from spiral door before doing his entrance pose from Origins/Legends.
Idle 1
Adjusts his hood and lightly kicks the ground.
Idle 2
Puts his hand to his head and looks around before shrugging.
Taunt 1
Grins as he does a peace sign towards the screen.
Taunt 2
Performs his iconic grimace: holding his mouth wide open while flailing his tongue.
Taunt 3
Dribbles his body around like a basketball, then kicks it back into place.
Spins and thrusts his fist into the air while shouting "Yeah!"
Performs either his victory dance from Origins/Legends, or the victory dance after beating a boss in Rayman 1.
Grins, does a peace sign and holds the pose.
Victory Theme
Level Clear theme from Rayman 1.

A shifting stage featuring various locales from Rayman's homeland, it starts in the Dream Forest from Rayman, and travels through areas from each game all the way to Rayman Legends.

Click the songs for to listen!

Title Screen/World Map
Betilla the Fairy
The Magician's Challenge
The Dream Forest
Pink Plant Woods
Deep Forest
Bzzt Attacks
Flight of the Mosquito
Mosquito's Nest
Band Land
Bongo Bridge
Allegro Presto
Meditating Monks
Blazing Brass
Mr. Sax's Hullabaloo
The Blue Mountains
Twilight Gulch
Rocking up the Mountains
Mr. Stone's Peaks
Picture City
Eraser Plains
Painted Pentathlon
Space Mama's Play
Picture Perfect
Space Mama's Crater
The Caves of Skops
Crystal Palace
Deep in the Caves
Dark Caves
Mr. Skop's Stalactites
Candy Chateau
Mr. Dark's Dare
The Final Battle

Once More/End of the Line
Bonus-Learning With Rayman

Main Theme/Staff Roll
Hall of Doors

The Woods of Light
The Sanctuary of Water and Ice
The Cave of Bad Dreams
The Canopy
Whale Bay - Part 2
The Precipice
The Top of the World
The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava
Tomb of the Ancients
The Crow's Nest

Pirates! - Part 2 - 3 - 4
The Masks
Riding the Shell
The Flying Barrel
The Attack Run

The Walk of Life
The Walk of Power

Title Theme
Credits/Hoodoo Theme

The Fairy Council
Curious Globox
This Place is Magical
Clearleaf Forest
Forest Fisticuffs
Carrying the Plum
The Bog of Murk

Interrupting Bégoniax
Two Full Moons
Razoff's Mansion
Razoff's Wrecking Ball
The Land of the Livid Dead

The Livid Dead
Their World is Open
The Desert of the Knaaren
The Knaaren
Haunting Spirits
The Great Hall
Reflux the Knaaren
The Longest Shortcut
One of the Longest Shortcuts
Probably the Longest Shortcut
Defend the Ship!
The Summit Beyond the Clouds
Reaching for the Clouds
Snowboard Race
Hoodlum Headquarters
Hoodlum HQ
Swing Around
Garish Gears
The Tower of the Leptys
The Leptys
Off We Go
Hall of Mirrors
Reflux - Reflux 2 - Final Flight

Main Theme
Treasure Chase!
Jibberish Jungle
Poor Little Daisy
Desert of Dijiridoos
First Staffs
Lost Beats
To Bubblize a Mockingbird
Gourmand Land
Frozen Paradise
Breaking the Ice
Hellish Paradise
My Heartburn's For You
Sea of Serendipity
Lums of the Water
The Abyss
Murray of the Deep
Mystical Pique
The Fakir's Song
Moody Clouds
The Mecha Factory
Steampunk Suspense
Destroy the Mechas!
The Land of the Livid Dead
Nowhere to Run
Chasing a Dream

Bonus-The Final Showdown

Rayman Theme
Teensies in Trouble
Medieval Theme
The Fortified Castle
Medieval Dragon
Toad Story
Lost in the Clouds
When the Wind Blows
Hell's Gate
Fiesta de los Meurtos
Fiesta de lose Meurtos
Infernal Pursuit
20,000 Lums Under the Sea
The Spy Who Kicked Me
Mechanical Dragon
Olympus Maximus
Shield and Sirtaki
Hades' Abode
Hades' Hand

The Menu
Rayman's Theme
Globox' Theme
Teensies' Theme
Tily's Theme
Razorbeard's Theme
Henchman 800's Theme

Shadow Plain
Rise and Shrine
Sunset Coast
Timber Wood
Haunted Yard
Palm Beach
Spellbound Forest
Ly's Palace
Coconut Island
Gemstone Temple
Forgotten Dungeon
Ghastly Trees
Spooky Towers

Old-Time Piano Rayman

Rayman Himself
Rayman's name comes from the Ray-Tracing software that was used to develop Rayman 1.

Rayman was originally designed with limbs, his iconic lack of them only came about due to hardware limitations that made it difficult to animate them. This also led to new gameplay ideas revolving around his ability to reach further.

Although he has no neck, it has been shown that Rayman still eats and swallows food. Where it goes is a mystery.

Rayman is the only being within his world to not be created by Polokus, it is known that he was found washed ashore by fishermen. Several attempts have been made to give him an origin, but these were all ultimately scrapped.

One of the original concepts depicted Rayman as a normal boy named Jimmy, who would become Rayman by entering the wold of Hereitscool, which was created within his computer. Remnants of this early story can be seen on the continue screen of the first game, with graffiti on the wall that says "Fight the Virus!"

Lore of the Glade of Dreams
Hundreds of years pass between each game in the series, which partially explains the major differences in each game. This can also be explained by Polokus, the god of Rayman's universe, who's every dream manifests itself into reality.

The Heart of the World is the centre of the Glade of Dreams, and keeps the harmony and balance of the world. The Grand Minimus is its caretaker. In Rayman 2, it was blown asunder into 1000 Lums by the invading Robo Pirates.

Residents of the Glade
Lums are a source of energy and creation within the universe. Long before the Glade was dreamed into reality, the Lums focused their energy into consciousness, creating a single being... Polokus, the spirit of the world.

Polokus, also known as the Bubble Dreamer, created the Glade of Dreams and then all of its inhabitants. Electoons are what make up Polokus' dreams, and in turn, are the essence of all of his creations.

Though with Polokus' dreams becoming reality, so did his nightmares. His first bad dream spawned the creature Jano, who created the Antitoons, the direct opposite of Electoons. Legends tell that Rayman defeated Jano some time before the events of the first game, and thus Jano became the Guardian of the Cave of Bad Dreams.

Polokus first dreamed up the fairies, who are his emissaries. Betilla, the eldest Nymph, is the head of the fairies. She often helps Rayman along his journey, along with her sisters, who give Rayman new abilities. Though Rayman has met with many fairies, he seems to have the closest relationship with Ly, who helped him to defeat the Robo Pirates.

Legend tells that Polokus once had a wife, known as the Muse of Poets. Their children were the Teensies, who's bizarre appearance caused the Muse to flee. The Teensies were the second of Polokus' creations after the fairies, and are the overseers of the Hall of Doors. There was originally a king of the Teensies, the Grand Minimus, who is the caretaker of the Heart of the World. though none can remember which Teensie was the king, thus many of them wear crowns.

Globox is known as a Glute, a species which appears to have a striking resemblance to Polokus himself. Glutes are known to be either red or pink in colour. Globox became blue when he was attacked by a swarm of blue mosquitoes.
Globox has a wife named Uglette and together they have over 650 children, most of which inherited Globox's newfound blue colouring. Globox has also been shown to have the ability to perform a rain dance, creating a small storm cloud.

Michel Ancel, creator of Rayman (has stated that he wants Rayman in Smash)
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JamesDNaux ~ Not-so-Limbless Wonder
SuperShyGuy ~ The Grand Minimus

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SuperSegaSonicSS ~ Transparent Wizard
RedFlyNinja ~ Admiral Razorshop
Rayman by his Fans
A Combo
A: Punch with right fist.
AA: Punch with left fist.
AAA: Finishes with right fist.

Dash attack: Runs while swinging his arms like a tornado.


F Smash: Wind Up Sucker Punch (Origins)

D Smash: Closer range than other down smashes, stab down with a shovel.

U Smash: Pulls out his slingshot and shoots straight up in the air. This attack can be charged like others, and is used just like in the games, except whatever you shoot goes up not down. Weak attack.


U Tilt: Light Uppercut

F Tilt: Reaches his foot out and kicks opponent

D Tilt: Crouching kick (Origins)


Neutral air: Throws his foot out (like most nair’s)

Down air: sticks out his shovel downwards, it works as a spike, but if he misses it gets him some bad lag to display the animation when you hit something hard with your shovel in AC.

Up air: Hit people above you with your oversized head.

Forward air: Swing axe forward. Slow, small hit box, but powerful. Missing lag from AC when axe doesn't hit.

Back Air: Drops a leaf behind him and then pulls it back quickly. Like in AC where something is dropped out of the inventory onto the ground then picked back up.


B: Tosses Lums at opponent just like Fox’s blaster. At a slower rate but Rayman gains aerial momentum unlike Fox. (Rayman 2); Can be charged if not airborne.

B left/right: Rayman shoots out a plunder from a small gun. This comes out at a slow lob. (Raving Rabbids)

Down B: Pulls out a Rabbid from the ground. They act like Waddle Dee’s just more violent. Blue eyes will do what they please. (50%) Red eyes one will run in rage screaming with arms swinging. (40%) The last one will stand there and pull out a bomb that would explode on it. (10% chance)

Up B: Helicopter hair. (Pretty self explainatory; Can picture it working like Rob’s)


Grab: Grabs with one hands
Bash: Punches with the other hand
Throw forward: Tosses them forward.
Throw backward: Simple throw backwards
Throw up: Tosses over his head and uses his “helicopter hair” to do slight damage.
Throw down: Closes his hands into one fist and pounds them over the head.

Final Smash: Rayman grabs a Lum King. Giving him increased movement speed and Power. (Similar to Wario Man in SSBB)

Taunt 1: Rayman makes a face at enemy (From Rayman 1)
Rayman, the limbless wonder, is a fairly balanced character with a variety of wacky moves. Due to his lack of limbs, he is fairly light, but to make up for his fragility, he has good recovery and some strong attacks.
A bright orb of light gathers and Rayman appears, just like his birth in Rayman Origins.

His costumes can consist from the many costume selection that he had in Rayman games such as the Rabbid party games, Rayman Origins, and Rayman Legends.
1. Obtain all the boss trophies.

2. Play 850 vs. Matches

A: Jab-Quickly jabs with one of his fist.* 3%-5% damage.

A+A: Double Punch-Hits with another jab with his opposite fist.* 6%-10% damage.

A+A+A: Combo-Does a kick “Spartan kick” that slightly knocks the opponent away.* 9%-13% damage.

Side A: Slap-He does a slaps anything in front of him (Rayman Origins/Legends).* 7%-9% damage.

Up A: Uppercut-He does a quick uppercut.* 6%-8% damage.

Down A: Leg Sweep-Performs leg sweep with his foot.* 5%-8% damage.

Dash A: Spin- He tackles and spins, making for a multi-hit attack.*8%-12% damage.
Smash Attacks:
Side Smash: Charge Punch- Charges his punch, but when fully charged, his fists turn red, spiky, and metal.* 18%-30% damage. (Yea, it’s strong)

Up Smash: Uppercut-Performs an uppercut.* 14%-17% damage.

Down Smash: Green Vortex-Creates a green vortex with his fists, making the opponent take multi-hit damage and face away from Rayman (Rayman 3).* 12%-24% damage.
Aerial Attacks:
Neutral: Spin Punch-His fists spin around his body.* 8%-10% damage.

Side: Aerial Kick- He kicks midair like in Rayman Origins/Legends.* 9%-12% damage.

Up: Chopper-Spins his hair around, damaging anything touching it.* Anything directly above him will be lifted higher into the air.* 3% damage per hit.

Down: Dual Kick-Kicks with both feet.* 8%-11% damage.

Special Moves:
Neutral: Energy Ball- Rayman shoots a small energy ball from Rayman 2, but it could also charge to increase damage output.*You can move around while charging your fists* 5% damage min, 20% damage max.

Side: Shock Rocket-Dons the shock rocket outfit from Rayman 3 and shoots a controllable, orange rocket.* It gains power but loses maneuverability with time.

Up: Helicopter Hair- A helicopter helmet appears on his head and it propels him upwards (yellow powerup can from Rayman 3). He rises for a while, and then slowly glides back down; kind of like G&W’s up special, but has more “control”.

Down: Shoe Shot[Explosive]-Rayman launches one of his shoes at his opponents and it travels quickly on the ground. It can be detonated to release an explosion, but it will also explode if contact is made with it. *Using this move will slow down Rayman’s running/walking speed until it is over, but he can still multitask.
Rayman uses his lockjaw powerup to grab (it can also be used as a grapple).

Hit: Shock[Electric]-He shocks the the victim.* 3% damage per shock.

Side Throw: Launch-He spins around to gain power, then throws the enemy to the side like a shotput.

Up Throw: Juggler-He flings the enemy into the air with the lockjaw.

Down Throw: Slam-He slams the enemy face-first into the ground with the lockjaw.
Up: Smiles and lifts his index and middle finger to form a peace sign.

Side: Sticks his absurdly long tongue out as in the Rayman series.

Down: Creates an small energy ball and admires it.
Victory Poses:
1. Performs a backflip, saying, "Yay! Go me!"

2. A bunch of red lums behind him ignites upwards and he has his hands are at his sides (Rayman 3)

3. Breakdances for a while.

Final Smash:
The Son of The Sun:
The circle on Rayman's shirt start to glow yellow and a giant energy ball shoots out and smaller energy balls spread around the map(You may also move the "giant" energy ball up and down). Anything that touches it will stay shocked in the energy ball until it explodes sending the opponent flying. (Yes, this attack is made up and is not in any Rayman games, but I based it off of Rayman 2)

Globox’s Ship: Rayman calls for Globox’s help and Globox and his flying ship swoops in and picks Rayman up, controlling the ship to drop bombs and shoot lasers at enemies. (Rayman 3)

Fairy Council:
Buttons below the players’ feets could be pressed on to activate walls, like the ones used to stop the plum barrel that Globox was hopping around in from Rayman 3. Also, airships with hoodlums will start shooting at you from atop and could be popped to have enemy ground troops attack players. The airships could also be ridden on.

The Prison Ship: Players fight on a ship, and the boss, Razorbeard, could be fought at the crow’s nest of the ship after some time has passed. Stage destructions such as cannonballs and fire could occur. (Never played Rayman 2, but a Pirate ship with a conveniently placed boss seems like a good idea.)
I would love to see The Crow's Nest from Rayman 2 to appear as a stage, with the Grolgoth appearing as a stage hazard.

In this stage, the Grolgoth could function similarly to Ridley in that he will help you when you attack him. His attacks include shooting beams, flying bombs, and jumping up from the background to crush fighters upon impact. However, Grolgoth won't be the only stage hazard. The Henchmen could aid the Grolgoth by shooting beams at the fighters, but will die if they take enough damage. The same goes for the Grolgoth, but much like Metal Face, he will explode and fall through the floor.

Jab -
Ukelele: Rayman swings his Ukelele up to three times.

Side Tilt -
Plunger: Rayman jabs a Plunger from Rayman Raving Rabbids.

Up Tilt -
Rolling Pin: Rayman swipes the Rolling Pin from Rayman Raving Rabbids.

Down Tilt -
Basketball Torso: Rayman dribbles his torso on the ground once as an attack from Rayman 2.

Dash Attack -
Roll: A lesser known attack from Origins, Rayman does his roll attack which trips opponents.

Standard Special -
Wind-Up Fist: Rayman winds up a punch from Origins.

Standard Special 2 - Bulk Fist: Cannot be charged, but the power is half-charged.

Standard Special 3 - Energy Fit: After being fully charged, the punch can be saved for later. (Similar to DK)

Up Special -
Rope: Similar to Ivysaur which puts a rope on the ledge to climb up. (From Rayman Legends)

Up Special 2 - Chain: If it is attached while the ledge is already grabbed it will meteor smash the opponent rather than push them away, but it is very slow.

Up Special 3 - Vine: The vine is way faster and has nearly no end lag, but has less range.

Side Special -
Plunger Gun: Rayman shoots the a Plunger from Raving Rabbids. (Input like a smash attack for longer range)

Side Special 2 - Swift Plunger Gun: The gun is capable of rapid-fire but has low damage and no knockback.

Side Special 3 - Big Plunger Gun: The gun is increasingly bigger and has bigger and more powerful plungers, but puts Rayman in helpless and is slower.

Down Special -
Globox: A ground-pound move, Globox supplys a soft landing for Rayman and has a large hitbox on impact. (This move is useless on the ground.)

Down Special 2 -
Red Globox: The start-up time is slower, but Globox offers more damage and falls faster.

Down Special 3 - Quick Globox: Globox has far more control in mid-air but only does 3% on impact.

Nair -
Kick: Rayman does a quick kick from Origins/Legends.

Fair, Bair, Uair, Dair -
Murfy: Murfy comes out and uses his magic to push opponents away in any given direction. (Dair/Downwards is a meteor smash)

Hover -
Helicopter Hair: Rayman can hover exactly like Peach/the Tanooki Leaf with his Helicopter Hair.

Side Smash -
Lockjaw: Rayman swings the Lockjaw once. (Similar to Zero Suit Samus.)

Up Smash -
Throttle Copter: Rayman spins the Throttle Copter. (Similar to Bowser Jr.)

Down Smash -
Heavy Metal Fist: Rayman slams the Heavy Metal Fist(s) on the ground. (Similar to DK.)

Final Smash - Raving Rabbids: A cage of crazy rabbids comes down from the top of screen as Murphy cuts the rope holding the cage, the cage falls down to the stage and releases a swarm of Rabbids to pummel other players. (With this song playing in the background)

Entrance - Rayman teleports into the stage as if he was selected in Rayman Legends in the Heroes gallery.

Up Taunt - Rayman tosses an Energy Shot in the air and catches it.

Side Taunt - Rayman takes out his Ukelele and plays the first part of the Sea of Serendipity World Map theme.

Down Taunt - Rayman spins his mop of hair as a helicopter for fun.

Victory 1 - Rayman kicks a Livingstone which gets bubblized, then does a peace sign.

Victory 2 - Rayman respawns like in Rayman 2 then does a peace sign.

Victory 2 - Rayman comes sliding in on-screen, does a peace sign while saying "YAY!".

Victory Theme - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI_OJHAs4sY

Idle 1 - Rayman does his entrance pose from Origins.

Idle 2 - Rayman puts his hands above his head out. (From Origins/Legends by pressing Up on the analog stick.)

Voice Actor: David Gasman

Signature Stuff & Miscellaneous
An Interview with Michel Ancel
GZ: This is probably the most important question I have to ask: Can Rayman kick Mario's ass?

Uh, maybe we'll have the answer very soon. (laughs)
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May 22, 2012
Switch FC
After the Rabbids debarcle I was beginning to worry about Rayman's chances but his recent 2D games have him back in the limelight so he's got notability.


Banned via Warnings
May 20, 2012
New Jersey
My main issue with Rayman is the fact the character runs into competition for a spot along with the likes of Megaman, Pac-man, and everything else in between at the moment. Being a character without any sort of popularity in Japan does hurt too.

But I will say that Rayman does have the potential from movesets and character alone. Even though the odds are very small, I'd still love to see Rayman honestly.

Curious Villager

Jun 24, 2012
I used to really hate Rayman when I was young, but I like him a lot now. He's definitely my second Third Party pick after Professor Layton because he's so epic. :D

Yomi's Biggest Fan

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Sep 20, 2011
Chicago, Illinois
Switch FC
Correct me if I'm wrong, but, isn't the first Ray Man the only game that actually had a Japanese release?



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Jun 4, 2008
I'm gonna wreck it! (Fort Myers)
Rayman is awesome. He has lots of moveset potential and would be a very unique addition to the game. I guess he would be kind of like Dhalsim or something. I wonder how his lum throw would work though. I feel like if there was no knock-back it would be too similar to Fox's laser, but he fires them so fast that if it had knock back he would be the most OP camping character ever created.



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May 20, 2012
New Jersey
Correct me if I'm wrong, but, isn't the first Ray Man the only game that actually had a Japanese release?
Technically two games. The first Rayman and the Dreamcast version of Rayman 2: The Great Escape. All other games were not released in Japan.


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Aug 29, 2005
orlando, fl
I have been a Rayman fan for many many years. He's been in his fair share of Nintendo consoles, and now with this platforming revival on the Wii and WiiU, to critical acclaim might I add, he seems a very likely candidate for the new Smash. I fully support Rayman as a new character.

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Sep 20, 2011
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I'd love to see him fight Mario and co. But, I'm afraid it won't happen since the Japanese hate him and doesn't see how awesome he is. :(



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Jul 9, 2009
A warrior's grave...
YESSSSSSSS!!!!! A Rayman support thread! I now have a reason to finish my Rayman moveset! Here's my ideas for Rayman's specials:

EDIT: SuperShyGuy, how about Dark Rayman, and the Rayman 3 powerup colors as alts for him? Also, whatever the most popular costume for Rayman is in Rayman Raving Rabbids. Just a suggestion.

About Rayman's popularity in Japan, I'm positive its not too good, BUT he is the mascot of Ubisoft, and the company has a good relationship with Nintendo. Ubisoft profited off of the Wii (and a Rayman game was one of them), and Ubisoft is supporting Nintendo with ZombiU and Rayman Legends. Legends probably won't be a Wii U exclusive, but Michel Ancel and his team are giving the Wii U version some specific attention. I don't think Rayman's entirely out of the question or guaranteed, but Ubisoft's relationship with Nintendo would indicate that he has a chance. Plus, Rayman's moves from Origins could be easily adapted to Smash.


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Oct 7, 2008
Dallas, TX/FGCU
Very cool drawings but I wouldn't agree that he is Ubisoft's mascot. Like Capcom, I don't think the company has a true mascot.

Explain to me some of them since I'm not sure what kind of move the plum is?


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Jul 9, 2009
A warrior's grave...
Very cool drawings but I wouldn't agree that he is Ubisoft's mascot. Like Capcom, I don't think the company has a true mascot.

Explain to me some of them since I'm not sure what kind of move the plum is?
Nah, I'm pretty sure he's Ubisoft's mascot, based on this link:


Anyway, the specials I had in mind were:
Neutral B: Magic Fist
Side B: Propeller
Up B: Super Helicopter
Down B: Plum Seed

For DownB, Rayman has been given seeds from an old friend to use on the battlefield. He tosses a seed in front of him and it instantly grows into an unusually ripe plum. I'd explain more, but I'd have to address my take on Rayman's attributes for it to make sense.

SideB is based on this vid:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvhwWXF-LfU

Damn, nice sketches!


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Oct 7, 2008
Dallas, TX/FGCU
Have you read what I think would be a feasible move set? Regarding his side B, I think giving him the plunger gun and the rabbid summoning would be more modern.


Smash Master
Jul 9, 2009
A warrior's grave...
I have, and I doubt that a Rabbids-related moveset would be considered modern since Rayman and the Rabbids have become separate since 2009. The Rabbids now have their own set of games, and Rayman's back into platforming. Also, having a Rabbid as Rayman's summon would be like Mario having a Wario Ware character or Wario himself as a part of his moveset. Furthermore, many Rayman fans hate the Rabbids. If a Rabbid is in Smash it should be either playable on its own (since it helped make the Wii popular), a stage hazard or stage-related character, an AT, a sticker, an Adventure Mode enemy, or just a trophy.

And I should point out that my moveset ideas are in no way meant to interfere with your's. There's many possibilities as to how Rayman might behave in an SSB and I'm simply sharing my own ideas.


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Oct 7, 2008
Dallas, TX/FGCU
You are free to post what ever you think can benefit this discussion. We are here to gather numerous ideas about this character and discuss them. I have no problem with you adding in your input and I completely agree with your theory of how he and the relationship with Rabbids are not extremely modern.


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Jun 23, 2012
San Marcos, Texas
Japan doesn't get Rayman? I saw one Rayman game that had a japanese release but they changed his outfit to blue. As purple is offensive. Man they are missing out so much ;-;


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Jul 9, 2009
A warrior's grave...
You are free to post what ever you think can benefit this discussion. We are here to gather numerous ideas about this character and discuss them. I have no problem with you adding in your input and I completely agree with your theory of how he and the relationship with Rabbids are not extremely modern.
Cool, thanks for clarifying. :)

I got a stage idea for Rayman. It could be a general fantasy-oriented level with a few platforms, and Murfy, the new playable character of Rayman Legends could mess with the stage environment to harass players. He'd raise and lower platforms, tilt entire sections with his magical might, and break small obstacles every now and then.

[COLLAPSE="Here's Murfy"]
[/COLLAPSE][COLLAPSE="Here's Murfy in action"]
I think this shouldn't be hard to get Rayman for Nintendo,considering the reverse happened...
There may be hope...

Anyway, Here's some music choices for ANY Rayman stage, not just the idea I pitched:

Blue Mountains: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqDuhaXfWxI
The Top of The World: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3F1vpo8jzmI&feature=relmfu
Snow Race: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyJZR_qmW9w
The Fakir's Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7-SssQdYNk&feature=relmfu
The Land of the Livid Dead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXGJMd2gKc4&feature=watch_response


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Dec 19, 2007
Southeast Michigan
Rayman is one of my favorite videogame characters ever, and could be one of the most unique additions to the smash series. He's one of very few characters I'd main, no matter how he stands in the tier list.

I think musically, Sliding All The Way Down, or Band Land as most would know it, would have to be his theme. Nothing reminds me more of his series.

I believe it could be redone a little something like this:

With different instruments throughout the song.


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Jul 9, 2009
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Here's some alternate colors I have in mind for Rayman, based on Hoodlum Havoc. Remember, I'm only basing the colors of these outfits as the alt.




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Jun 30, 2012
Rayman is my most wanted character for the new Smash Bros, and he has a pretty big chance to get in, what with most of Ubisoft's games focusing on the WiiU, and a new Rayman game coming as a launch title for it too.


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Jul 14, 2012
Considering his already Smash Bros-esque moveset in Origins and Legends, Rayman being a character in the new Smash Bros would feel completely natural. Beyond natural actually, It feels like he would be one of the most nimble characters on the field. I can imagine him feeling like Sonic, only much more balanced, a little more weighted, and with much, much more to do.

Look at his fists, they beat the crap out of enemies and fire energy balls at foes, and his hair is a razor he can use to hover. What more could one want from a Smash Bros character?


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Jul 9, 2009
A warrior's grave...
I agree. He'd be very fun to play as, and he looks like he loves a good fight. Rayman's recklessness would be great in SSB.


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Oct 7, 2008
Dallas, TX/FGCU
Rayman is an interesting character who is very light hearted and optimistic. I like characters like him and Mega Man for many of these reasons and I consider them much cooler than characters who are always depressing and brooding like teenage girls.
(mainly those crossed gender types from final fantasy *COUGHCloudandVincentCOUGH*)

I feel his would be a very limber (lol) character to have in this game though the only think holding him back is his lack of popularity in Japan.


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Jul 9, 2009
A warrior's grave...
Any Assist Trophy ideas? Globox would be a good candidate; he'll appear and do his rain dance from Rayman 2, and it will affect the summoner's opponents. As Globox starts dancing, Wario-sized rain clouds will appear over each fighter's head, and follow them wherever they go, always maintaining a fixed height. The heavy rain that falls on them creates pressure, increasing their fall speed and decreasing their traction. This makes them a bit more likely to trip thanks to being soaking wet.

Its not like being metallic because your strength and weight don't increase--only your falling speed. The rain dance lasts 15 seconds and will be smething like this:



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Jul 8, 2012
Disney World
With Ubisoft working with nintendo on some titles for the WiiU & Rayman Legends & Origins being Nintendo games, I don't see why he shouldn't be in the game, I know I wouldn't mind....BUT the rabbids have to be AT's no exceptions


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Jul 9, 2009
A warrior's grave...
YES. The Rabbids would make great ATs. There's atleast 5 games worth of potential ideas and they can do A LOT. It would be an...interesting troll surprise for certain Rayman fans who don't like the Rabbids.


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Jul 23, 2012
Bumping this back to the front.

Im all for Rayman now that i actually took the time to think about a potential Ubisoft character. He would be much better than an Assassin. IMO

and he's my favorite Ubisoft character


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Aug 28, 2012
New York

Rayman would be a great 3rd party edition

all his moves should be straight out of rayman 2: the great escape (his best game) non of that rabbit bull****


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Jun 7, 2012
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Ubisoft is making a lot of announced games for the Wii U. Assassins creed 3 is one of them and Rayman is not, besides, Connor, Ezio or Altair would most certainly be better than the rabbid rabbit.


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Jul 4, 2007
Ubisoft is making a lot of announced games for the Wii U. Assassins creed 3 is one of them and Rayman is not, besides, Connor, Ezio or Altair would most certainly be better than the rabbid rabbit.
Rayman Legends? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rayman_Legends

Does that game not count?

A wii-u exclusive as far as I can tell that uses the wii's tablet technology like the new spyro games with figures that affect gameplay

If it's not an exclusive, they sure are going all out with the wii-u only features
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