Rate Their Chances- Smash Ultimate Edition! Day 175: Kyo Kusanagi (The King of Fighters) & Balloon Fighter (Balloon Fight)

Dec 10, 2013
Life is a series of closing doors, isn’t it?
Day 145 - Ken and Black Shadow

Approved by @NonSpecificGuy

Welcome to Rate Their Chances! This is a reboot of the game played during Smash 4 and Smash 4 DLC Speculation.

How to Play
Each day there will be a focus on a specific character or concept for smash switch. We shall rate these characters both on how likely we view them and how much we desire them from 0-100%. When posting, you also can nominate characters to rate. Each poster is given five nominations per day. The list of nominations will be found in a post below. You also can potentially predict the chance score for the character that will be predicted next, which the closest guess will get an extra 5 noms. An exact guess will get 10 extra noms.

1. Characters must originate from a video game. It is preferred that they must have been featured on at least one Nintendo console.

2. -You're allowed to debate but please no flame wars. Also please refrain from non explanations, as a spirit of debate is encouraged. Posts lacking at least 2 sentences in reasoning of chance and want will be invalid and your scores and nominations will be ignored. Abstaining from a rating will not require reasoning, though it would be appreciated.

3. Please do not discuss a character after their day has ended. If you wish to discuss a character again start nominating them for a rerate, however please wait at least two weeks before renominating a character.

4. Please avoid counter votes. You are free to disagree but do not rate something negatively to be a jerk.

5. Explicit character deconfirmation means a character will not be rated again. In the event that it happens before a character is rated they shall be removed from planned days or the nominations list.

6. Any of the following veterans should not be discussed as it is likely that they will return.

Mario (Mario Bros.) Confirmed
Bowser (Mario Bros.)
Luigi (Mario Bros.)
Peach (Mario Bros.)
Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong)
Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong)
Link (The Legend of Zelda) Confirmed
Zelda (The Legend of Zelda)
Samus (Metroid)
Kirby (Kirby)
Fox (Star Fox)
Pikachu (Pokemon)
Pit (Kid Icarus)
Yoshi (Yoshi)
Captain Falcon (F-Zero)
Ness (Mother)
Wario (Wario)
Meta-Knight (Kirby)
King Dedede (Kirby)
Marth (Fire Emblem)
Ganondorf (Zelda)
Zero Suit Samus (Metroid)
Lucario (Pokemon)
Charizard (Pokemon)
Ike (Fire Emblem)
Olimar (Pikmin)
Villager (Animal Crossing)
Little Mac (Punch Out!)
Mr Game and Watch
Jigglypuff (Pokemon)

7. After the day ends, participants will have 60 minutes to get final late votes in. After that point votes will no longer be counted. Nominations will be counted until the new day begins.

8. Although you are encouraged to be creative with your posts, please make sure the chance and want scores and nominations are distinctly visible. If you are concerned about a basic format, see the example below.

Basic post model
90% Chance
He's a cool vet but he is third party and capcom can be dumb. However, cutting him would seem super weird given how much people love him.
100% Want
Thank god he was in 4. He is one of my favorites. Also the soundtrack is tight.

9. Starting 5/3/18, a character must have a support thread to be nominated. If you want to do a dumb character like Blue Bowser, then at least make a support thread.

Top Ten of Chance

Top Ten of Want
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Dec 10, 2013
Life is a series of closing doors, isn’t it?
Nominations List

Ninten x343
Terry Bogard x332
Jin Kazama x330
Django (Boktai) x295
Reinhardt Gets a Trophy x295
[Rerate] Phoenix Wright x290
Rowlet x270

Over 200

Gardevoir x260
Concept: Hanafuda Character x257
Concept: Disconfirmed Characters as DLC x230
Thwomp x226
Linkle x225
Nathan Drake x225
Ray (Custom Robo) x217
Concept: Fire Emblem Spear User x212

200 - 151

Balloon Fighter x190
DeMille x188
Amaterasu x183
Papyrus x180
Concept: More than five unique newcomers (excl. Ridley/Daisy/Inkling) x175
No More Stages x173
Louie x160
Tsubasa Oribe x160
Concept: All-Star Versus x158
Snip & Clip (Snipperclips) x155
Fire Emblem Three Houses Protagonist x155
Rick/Coo/Kine x154

150 - 101

Concept: Octopath Traveller Character x150
Concept: Metroidvania-like Adventure Mode x136
Fjorm (Fire Emblem) x135
Stage: Poke Floats x130
Concept: Punch Out Newcomer x130
Item: Beast Ball x127
2B x126
Barbara the Bat x122
Klonoa x117
Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia) x115
Concept: Pikmin Newcomer x115
Pokemon Trainer (Gen 2) x114
Project Zero/Fatal Frame Protagonist x112
Raiden (Metal Gear) x105
Susie Haltmann x104
Zeraora (Pokemon) x103
Daroach x102
Tora & Poppi x102

100 - 51

Edelgard x100
Concept: Ken Masters alt Costume for Ryu x96
Viewtiful Joe x95
Dovahkiin x95
Reimu Hakurei x95
Gooey x94
Concept: Only 4-6 newcomers for base roster x90
Guzma (Pokémon) x90
Veronica x73
Yu Narakumi x71
Frank West x70
9-Volt x67
Item: Breidablik x65
Toon Zelda x64
Endou Mamoru x62
Chorus Kids x61
Concept: Historical Character x60
Slime x58
Concept: Shin Megami Tensei Character x56
Black Knight as a boss character x55
Concept: Wars Characters x53
Silvally x51

50 - 25

Takumi (Fire Emblem) x50
Rhythm Girl x50
[Rerate] Spyro x45
Hilda (The Legend of Zelda) x40
Concept: Unique newcomer with low support (less than 20 supporters on Smashboards) x40
Earthworm Jim x39
Stage: Ultra Space x35
Assist Trophy: Chun-Li x35
Adeleine x34
Concept: Xenoblade newcomer x30
Donbe and Hikari (Shin Onigashima) x29
Dixie Kong & Kiddy Kong x25
Blacephalon (Pokemon) x25
Sans as a boss character x25

Under 25

Master Chief x20
Concept: Break the Targets & Board the Platforms stage builder x20
[Rerate] Concept: Zelda newcomer x20
Sub-Zero x17
Concept: Modern Kirby Stage (Post Kirby Air Ride) x15
Concept: Custom Moves return x15
Concept: Custom Alternate Colors x15
Alexandra Roivas x15
Kat & Ana x15
Ryuhi (Flying Dragon) x10
Metal Sonic x10
Dr. Lobe (Big Brain Academy) x10
Cross (Xenoblade Chronicles X) x10
Break the Targets x10
Protector (Etrian Odyssey) x10
Concept: Dragon Quest content x10
[Rerate] Cranky Kong x10
Leo (Fire Emblem) x10
Big Boss x10
Volleyball Girl (NES Volleyball) x8
[Rerate] Excitebiker x6
Stage: Gyromite Stage x5
Nia (Hyrule Warriors) x5
Concept: Valve Newcomer x5
Concept: SR388 Stage x5
Concept: Playable Indie Character x5
Blaze the Cat x5
Alm x5
[Rerate] Octolings x5
[Rerate] Gengar x5
Yandere Chan (Yandere Simulator) x5
Concept: Team Rocket as a Pokémon Trainer Echo x5
Cooking Mama x5
Playable Master Hand x5
Joker (Persona) x5
Concept: DLC character pass x5
Zeke (Xenoblade 2) x5
Pam (Stardew Valley) x5
Xurkitree (Pokémon) x5
Captain Syrup x5
Concept: Return of Palutena’s Guidance/Codec Calls x5
Concept: Free DLC characters x5
King Hippo x4
[Rerate] Ayumi Tachibana x4
Concept: New Yoshi item x4
Black Mage x2
Diskun x1
Item: Wumpa Fruit x1
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Dec 10, 2013
Life is a series of closing doors, isn’t it?
Score Rankings

1. Dixie Kong (64.73%) Day 15: 57.51%
2. Isabelle (53.27%) Day 52: 46.09%
3. Bandana Dee (51.83%) Day 7: 56.64%
4. Rex and Pyra (47.67%) Day 12: 64.69%
5. Elma (45.13%) Day 43: 42.60%
6. Impa (38.98%) Day 60: 26.94%
7. Geno (36.41%) Day 51: 27.31%
8. Shadow (35.74%)
9. Lycanroc (33.10%) Day 65: 37.42%
10. Rayman (32.52%) Day 10: 48.29%
11. Decidueye (28.85%) Day 32: 57.87%
12. Paper Mario (27.02%) Day 19: 32.74%
13. Banjo and Kazooie (25.97%) Day 46: 17.35%
14. Octolings (23.88%)
15. Isaac (20.44%) Day 6: 17.73%
16. Skull Kid (19.71%) Day 34 13.86%
17. Funky Kong (19.34%) Day 71: 13.25%
18. Excitebiker (19.12%) Day 84:19.33%
19. Dillon (19.08%) Day 25: 28.22%
20. Qbby (17.57%)
21. Steve (17.54%) Day 83: 22.34%
22. Lip (16.32%) Day 76: 11.34%
23. Cranky Kong (16.04%)
24. Jibanyan (15.79%)
25. Spyro the Dragon (15.72%)
26. Arle Nadja (15.47%)
27. Phoenix Wright (14.49%)
28. Sylux (14.23%)
29. Marx (13.80%)
30. Celica (13.71%) Day 23: 37.93%
31. Lara Croft (12.80%)
32. Chibi Robo (12.74%) Day 29: 21.26%
33. Mipha (12.02%)
34. Dr. Eggman (11.81%)
35. Travis Touchdown (11.30%) Day 80: 16.54%
36. Crash Bandicoot (11.25%) Day 21:31.04%
37. Professor Layton (11.15%) Day 27: 18.11%
38. Mach Rider (11.10%)
39. Ganon (9.78%)
40. Anna (9.49%)
41. Andy (9.27%) Day 23: 8.87%
42. Doomguy (8.82%)
43. Sora (8.38%)
44. Hades (8.09%)
45. Shantae (7.31%) Day 14: 14.71%
46. KOS-MOS (7.05%)
47. Dark Matter (6.63%)
48. Azura (6.28%)
49. Lana (5.91%)
50. Prince Sable (5.89%)
51. Tethu (5.51%)
52. Agumon (4.67%)
53. Henry Fleming (4.14%)
54. Mike Jones (4.02%)
55. Black Shadow (3.80%)
56. Pyra/Mythra wo Rex (3.75%)
57. Gengar (3.05%)
58. Urban Champion (2.92%)
59. Micaiah (2.66%)
60. Sans (2.34%)
61. Bubsy (0.67%)
62. Brash the Friggen Bear (0.27%)
63. Blue Bowser (0.12%)
64. Lucas - The Wizard (0.11%)
65. Yarne/Owain Tag Team (0.09%)

1. Banjo and Kazooie (70.00%) Day 46: 61.29%
2. Dixie Kong (65.25%) Day 15: 62.93%
3. Bandana Dee (62.02%) Day 7: 71.11%
4. Isaac (59.77%) Day 6: 58.60%
5. Decidueye (57.37%) Day 32: 65.20%
6. Rayman (56.87%) Day 10: 58.25%
7. Skull Kid (54.33%) Day 34 48.87%
8. Rex and Pyra (51.48%) Day 12: 46.10%
9. Crash Bandicoot (51.10%) Day 21: 51.15%
10. Chibi Robo (49.93%) Day 29: 55.47%
11. Impa (49.50%) Day 60: 49.08%
12. Phoenix Wright (49.07%)
13. Isabelle (48.27%) Day 52: 41.76%
14. Cranky Kong (48.00%)
15. Spyro the Dragon (47.46%)
16. Elma (47.43%) Day 43: 60.18%
17. Andy (47.09%) Day 23: 50.20%
18. Octolings (47.04%)
19. Dillon (46.82%) Day 25: 50.34%
20. Paper Mario (46.42%) Day 19: 44.51%
21. Marx (46.16%)
22. Sora (45.63%)
23. Geno (45.40%) Day 51: 43.75%%
24. Celica (43.34%) Day 23: 37.93%
25. Lip (43.23% ) Day 76: 47.18%
26. Dr. Eggman (42.74%)
27. Professor Layton (42.37%) Day 27: 38.41%
28. Gengar (42.17%)
29. Lycanroc (40.86%) Day 65: 41.85%
30. Hades (40.88%)
31. Mach Rider (40.78%)
32. Excitebiker (40.36%) Day 84: 40.45%
33. Funky Kong (40.01%) Day 71: 46.37%
34. Lara Croft (39.30%)
35. Arle Nadja (39.07%)
36. Ganon (38.97%)
37. Prince Sable (36.47%)
38. Qbby (35.80%)
39. Azura (34.56%)
40. KOS-MOS (34.24%)
41. Black Shadow (33.37%)
42. Micaiah (32.24%)
43. Mipha (31.89%)
44. Mike Jones (30.91%)
45. Shantae (30.89%) Day 14: 43.94%
46. Sylux (30.01%)
47. Travis Touchdown (25.26%) Day 80: 29.48%
48 Anna (28.31%)
49. Doomguy (28.28%)
50. Tethu (27.75%)
51. Dark Matter (27.50%)
52. Henry Fleming (26.76%)
53. Shadow (25.76%)
54. Lana (25.21%)
55. Sans (23.91%)
56. Agumon (23.77%)
57. Jibanyan (17. 88%)
58. Pyra/Mythra wo Rex (17.23%)
59. Steve (14.33%)
60. Urban Champion (10.67%)
61. Lucas - The Wizard (9.93%)
62. Bubsy (9.82%)
63. Yarne/Owain Tag Team
64. Brash the Friggen Bear (6.73%)
65. Blue Bowser (3.22%)

1. Gen 7 Pokemon Newcomer (84.54%)
2. Music - Final Destination V 2 (SSB4) (83.87%)
3. Arms Newcomer (70.45%)
4. Rhythm Heaven Newcomer (49.94%)
5. Zelda Newcomer (49.33%)
6. Marth/Roy Speak English in Smash 5 (43.62%)
7. New Story Mode (25.60%)
8. Any Skyrim Representation (18.65%)

1. Music Final Destination V2 (SSB4) (81.21%)
2. Zelda Newcomer (74.48%)
3. New Story Mode (72.81%)
4. Gen 7 Pokemon Newcomer (66.92%)
5. Arms Newcomer (58.12%)
6. Marth/Roy Speak English in Smash 5 (55.90%)
7. Rhythm Heaven Newcomer (52.88%)
8. Any Skyrim Representation (36.10%)

Hall of Fame, Confirmed Characters and Concepts
Inklings were confirmed the day this game started.
Daisy: Day 19 15.04% Chance, 29.94% Want
Ridley: Day 2 18.68% Chance, 67.36% Want
No Cuts: Day 42 30.73% Chance, 68.36% Want
Simon Belmont: Day 67 16.67% Chance, 55.70% Want, Day 95 59.37% Chance ,64.07% Want
Richter Belmont never got rated.
Chrom: Day 17 8.18% Chance, 27.51% Want, Day 94 32.07% Chance, 36.19% Want
Dark Samus: Day 78 13.04% Chance, 40.78% Want, Day 95 39.32% Chance , 44.30% Want
King K. Rool: Day 1 48.49% Chance, 73.57% Want, Day 94 63.04% Chance, 78.26% Want

1. Shulk (97.65%)
2. Mewtwo (91.43%)
3. Ice Climbers (90.69%)
4. Greninja (90.11%)
5. Lucas (78.44%)
6. Lucina (68.89%)
7. Wolf (62.21%)
8. Snake (19.57%)
9. Squirtle (13.52%)
10. Ivysaur (11.74%)
11. Pichu (6.15%)
12. Young Link (4.83%)

1. Mewtwo (91.43%)
2. Shulk (88.85%)
3. Greninja (77.98%)
4. Ice Climbers (77.65%)
5. Lucas (77.42%)
6. Wolf (77.20%)
7. Snake (69.13%)
8. Lucina (58.38%)
9. Squirtle (50.90%)
10. Ivysaur (50.63%)
11. Pichu (30.06%)
12. Young Link (17.02%)

Satisfaction Rankings of Confirmed stuff
King K. Rool: 94.82%
Ridley: 91.21%
Inkling: 88.06%
Wolf: 87.94%
Ice Climbers: 87.92%
Pokemon Trainer: 87.12%
Snake: 85.25%
Simon Belmont: 84.59%
No Cuts: 83.20%
Richter Belmont: 74.61%
Pichu: 72.14%
Dark Samus: 71.20%
Daisy: 69.30%
Chrom: 63.66%
Young Link: 60.14%

The Graveyard: All Deconfirmed Ideas and Characters
Takamaru: Chance 57.56%, Want 58.93%
Ashley: Chance 47.83% Want 58.02% (Previously 34.00% and 58.19%)
Waluigi: Chance 34.21%, Want 60.00%
Captain Toad: Chance 31.22%, Want 53.66% (Previously 48.60% and 58.15%)
Mimikyu: Chance 27.64% Want 40.86% (Previously 37.81% and 46.91%)
Bomberman: Chance 22.10%, Want 57.11%
Lyn: Chance 18.23%, Want 42.76%
Decloned Dark Pit: Chance 16.28%, Want 40.21%
Tom Nook: Chance 15.48%, Want 37.87%
Midna: Chance 11.70%, Want 45.48%
Reused Veteran Art : Chance 11.09%, Want 13.18%
Pauline: Chance 10.80%, Want 20.03%
Krystal: Chance 9.99%, Want 36.54%
Shovel Knight: 9.59% Chance Want 36.41% (Previously 22.88% and 45.94%)

Honorable mentions go to Kamek, Concept: Canon Voice Lines, and Dragonite for being deconfirmed before their days, despite being close to the top of nominations.
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May 18, 2015
I wasn't intending on things being this way, but I'll leave the RTC thread to you, TCT~Phantom TCT~Phantom . Good luck running this thing. As for participating, I won't do that much, sorry.
Dec 10, 2013
Life is a series of closing doors, isn’t it?
This post was initially about the default schedule, but has been re purposed into an archive for previous days.

1. King K. Rool
2. Ridley
3. Snake
4. Ice Climbers
5. Wolf
6. Isaac
7. Bandanna Dee
8. Captain Toad and Pauline (Double Day)
9. Takamaru
10. Rayman
11. Krystal
12. Rex and Pyra
13. Squirtle and Ivysaur (Double Day)
14. Shantae
15. Dixie Kong
16. Concept: Gen 7 Pokemon Newcomer
17. Chrom
18. Concept: Arms Character and Concept: Rhythm Heaven Character (Double Day)
19. Daisy and Paper Mario (Double Day)
20. Pichu and Young Link (Double Day)
21. Crash
22. Lyndis
23. Andy and Celica
25. Dillon
26. Midna
27. Professor Layton
28. Waluigi
29. Chibi Robo
30. Shovel Knight
31. Concept: Zelda Newcomer
32. Decidueye
33. Shulk
34. Skull Kid
35. Doomguy
36. Anna
37. Phoenix Wright
38. Dr. Eggman
39. Jibanyan
40. Marx
41. Lucina
42. Concept:No Cuts
43. Elma
44. Concept: New Story Mode
45. Hades
46. Banjo and Kazooie
47. Sora
48. Dark Matter (Blade)
49. Henry Fleming
50. Ashley
51. Geno
52. Isabelle
52. Micaiah
53. Lana
54. Blue Bowser
55. Tethu
56. Arle Nadja
57. Lucas...and Lucas
58. Greninja
59. Mewtwo
60. Impa
61. Concept: Reused Veteran Art
62. Ganon
63. Bomberman
64. Black Shadow and Marth/Roy Speaking English
65. Lycanroc
66. Mike Jones
67. Simon Belmont
68. Qbby (Boxboy)
69. Spyro
70. Mimikyu
71. Funky Kong
73. Azura (Fire Emblem)
74. Sans
75. Tom Nook
76. Lip
77. Agumon
78. Dark Samus & Sylux
79. Concept: Decloned Dark Pit
80. Travis Touchdown
81. Urban Champion
82. Mipha
83. Steve
84. Excitebiker and Pyra/Mythra
85. Any Skyrim Representation and Music:Final Destination V2
86. Lara Croft and Bubsy
87. Cranky Kong and Brash the Bear
88. Gengar and Yarne/Owain Tag Team
89. Masked Link and B. B Bandit Trio
90. Nintendo E3 Predictions
91. Nintendo E3 Reactions
92. Satisfaction Ratings for Inkling, Ridley, Daisy, Ice Climbers, Snake, Pokemon Trainer, Wolf, Pichu, Young Link, and No Cuts
93. Top Four Most Overrated and Underrated Characters Voting
94. K. Rool, Ashley, Captain Toad, Chrom, and Impa
95. Rex and Pyra, Simon Belmont, and Dark Samus
96: Decidueye, Lycanroc, and Mimikyu
97: Excitebiker, Mach Rider, and Prince Sable
98: Funky Kong, Isabelle, Octolings, and Shadow
99: Bandana Dee and Elma
100: Dixie Kong and Isaac
101: Rayman and Crash Bandicoot
102: Paper Mario and Celica
103: Shantae and Shovel Knight
104: Geno and Dillon
105: Steve and Chibi Robo
106: Banjo Kazooie and Andy
107: Professor Layton and Skull Kid
108: Lip and Travis Touchdown
109: Arle Nadja and Qbby
110: Concepts: Gen 7 Pokemon Newcomer, ARMS newcomer, and Rhythm Heaven Newcomer
111: Leon S Kennedy
112: Slippy Toad
113: Tingle
114: Concept: Smash Run Returns
115: Lloyd Irving
116: Concept: Monster Hunter Character
117: Sakura Shinguji
118: Neku
119: Fawful
120: Tails
121: Ayumi Tachibani
122: Parabo and Satebo
123: FE Heroes Summoner
124: Tetra
125: Incineroar
126: 8/8 Direct Predictions and Reactions
127: K. Rool, Dark Samus, Chrom, Richter, and Simon Satisfaction Ratings
128: Primarina
129: Labo Man
130: Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)
131: Wonder Red
132: Concept: Female Announcer
133: Saber
134: Nihilego
135: Katrielle Layton
136: Concept: Style Savvy Character
137: Scorpion
138: Concept: Monster Hunter Stage
139: Concept: Adventure/Story Mode
140: Medusa and Tapu Koko
141: Isaac and Felix
142: Isabelle and Shadow
143: Porky and the Masked Man
144: 9/6 Direct Predictions, Paying Respects to Victims of Earthquake and Direct postponed
145: Ken and Black Shadow
146: Black Knight and Skull Kid
147: Banjo Kazooie and Geno
148: Lloyd Irving and Heihachi
149: Bandana Dee and Magalor
150: Dixie Kong and Shantae
151: Hilda and Impa
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Smash Hero
Feb 15, 2016
King K. Rool

Chance: 60%
I feel that he's heavily underestimated. Sakurai is aware of the kharacter's popularity and the Mii kostume was defnetly a major bone thrown at his supporters.
Relevance is the only thing that's holding him back.

Want: 95%
I love King K. Rool and I think he could be a very interesting kharakter to play as. However, there are other kharakters I want more, so he's not 100%.

Nominating Waluigi x5

Prediction for Ridley: 30% chance, 60% want
(You'd be surprised at how many people are still holding out hope for him. I feel kinda sorry for them)


Smash Ace
Jun 12, 2013
Charleston, SC
Excited to see this back! I'll draft my first post in a bit (at work), but want to comment on the safe list. Can anyone confirm if the following are silhouetted in the trailer: Pit, Lucario, Ike, and Little Mac. I think they are all plausibly not safe: the former if Sakurai isn't leading, and the rest due to potential replacements and/or lack of relevance. I'm also admittedly kind of iffy on Olimar, but there's been enough Pikmin over the years that I think that fear is probably unfounded.

EDIT: Never mind on ZSS, just remembered Metroid Switch is supposed to be a thing.
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Oct 24, 2009
Chances: 55%

I'm iffy here but if he got ignored in Brawl and Wii U/3DS, there's a possibility he's gonna get it again unless he comes out of nowhere

Want: 100%

More reps for the DK series along with a popular villain and heavyweight? YES PLEASE!

Nomination: Crash Bandicoot x5

Prediciton for Ridley: 25% chance, 85% want


Smash Champion
Aug 12, 2013
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Chance: 50%: Sakurai is aware of how popular Rool is, just by the Mii costume. But relevance hurts him

Want: 75%: Rool has also been a popular request, he could add something unique and Smash needs more baddies anyway.

Doomguy/Doom Slayer X5
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Smash Champion
Nov 4, 2013
King K. Rool

Chance: 80 percent.
Despite relevance and and being a Mii Costume last game, among some other things, I have great faith that he has a chance to get in.

Want: 100%
He is my most wanted newcomer for Smash Bros, and I would love to see him in the next Smash Bros game all the way.

Nomination: Geno x5
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Smash Master
Jan 24, 2015
Oh wow! I love these threads, it's time to try again... I need to check more opinions before doing my guess, but K. Rool would be in a better position this time.


Imagination and knowledge is power. Use it wisely.
Apr 11, 2017
In the place for the most gifted and intelligent.
Switch FC
King K Rool:
Chance: 50%
Mmm.... It is hard to see him likely or unlikely. Sakurai did include a Mii-costume to replace him, and he did lose his chance in the 3DS. Sakurai even heard King K. Rool fans and based him off a Mii costume. So I am sure he has some chance to make it in.

Want: 65%
King K. Rool may not be my most favorite pick of them all. King K. Rool does offer uniqueness with a good potential move-set, a nice veteran that deserves more love, and a nice touch to the DK series in Smash for Switch.

Waluigi *3
Crash Bandicoot *2
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Xeno VII

Fierce Deity
Apr 4, 2014
Switch FC
King K. Rool

Chance: 30%

A rather popular kharacter from one of Nintendo's most beloved franchises, who even got the Mii kostume treatment in Smash 4, possibly due to his popularity. Minus points for his lack of relevance in the DK series and Mario spin-offs in the past decade or so. That, and unpredictability in general.

Want: 100%

Prediction: Ridley - 6.5%

There will be overrating.

Nomination: Shulk time! x5
Jul 7, 2014
Chance: 50%-ish

Realistically, I can't really see him coming in just yet, maybe as DLC later down the line. I do see a new DK character coming in if this is a whole new version of the game, maybe not King K.

Want: 75%

Coming from the old days of Smash 4 predictions, King K is very much wanted by a large section of the smash fanbase, both casually and some of the hardcore players. There is a demand.

Lyndis x 3
Impa x 1
Dark Samus x 1
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The Spook Factor
Feb 12, 2013
Southern California
Just like old times. It feels great to be back!

King K. Rool

Chance: 65%

K. Rool's kind of in an odd spot right now. On one hand, he hasn't appeared in a game since about 2008, missing out an opportunity to join the last Smash game as well. On the other hand, he's certainly iconic enough as DK's main antagonist, references to the character have been appearing more often in the form a costume (and a trophy of course) and the Kritters returning as enemies in Smash 4, his name being referenced in Super Mario Odyssey, has a high fan demand (don't quote me on this, but I recall some people sharing evidence that he placed rather high on the ballot) and he's also got boatloads of weapons and abilities, so it's not like making a good, unique moveset for him would be impossible.

I do feel that a lot of things are in his favor this time, and that he may finally get his chance to join the fight. However, and perhaps this is just how I see it, but it does feel a little odd to think that a character who hasn't been in a game in over 10 years would suddenly make a return in Smash of all things, but who knows. Maybe this will be a first in that regard. If we do assume Sakurai is directing the game again, I highly doubt he will ignore or disregard the character at this point. The question then would just be whether he sees something fun and unique in the character that would work well in Smash.

Want: 100%

My most wanted newcomer, by far.

Ridley Prediction: 3%

Given Sakurai's previous statements on Ridley and the fact that we know hardly anything about the new game so far, I don't expect most people here to think the odds are in his favor, to say the least.

Nominations: Shovel Knight x5

Planet Zeb(es)~

Jul 12, 2014
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Reminders for RTC because it happens every time

1. Chances are subjective. So 20% might be 40% for someone else

2. Argue over chances, but never call someone out over want. That just makes you a jerk.

3. RTC is always wrong anyway and it's all about popularity bandwagons so none of this is super relevan to anything.

With that out of the way
K rool
frankly, I think it's too early for this since we dont even have gameplay and dont know the extent of what smash for switch is, but whatever.

Chance: 10%
Popularity is all he has going for him. Lot's of other factors are in play and it's hard to get by with jsut one.

Want: 10%
Prefer Funky and Dixie WAY more.

Nomination: Palutena x5

"20% might be 40$"
No one called me out over this typo? Y'all are too used to me.
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Apr 11, 2017
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You need to be specific
Fixed my post, try reading it again.
Sorry if I continue to make any more errors.
Reminders for RTC because it happens every time

1. Chances are subjective. So 20% might be 40$ for someone else

2. Argue over chances, but never call someone out over want. That just makes you a jerk.

3. RTC is always wrong anyway and it's all about popularity bandwagons so none of this is super relevan to anything.

With that out of the way
K rool
frankly, I think it's too early for this since we dont even have gameplay and dont know the extent of what smash for switch is, but whatever.

Chance: 10%
Popularity is all he has going for him. Lot's of other factors are in play and it's hard to get by with jsut one.

Want: 10%
Prefer Funky and Dixie WAY more.

Nomination: Palutena x5
I kind of agree with this actually.
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Zero Soul

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Sep 28, 2014
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King K. Rool

Chances: 30%
I unironically think Sakurai dislikes him for whatever reason and has been avoiding him, if he didn't have anything against him I think he would have gotten in by now and if he's the director (seems likely given the tweet) I don't think he's likely. Still, he's so important that I can't really give him any less of a score than 20 and Sakurai might not actually be the director and if he isn't then I think King K. Rool becomes way likelier.
Want: 80%
I don't personally care for the character but he's from a under-represented series and has plenty of fans who've been waiting forever, and it'd make me happy if they got what they wanted.

Predictions: Ridley 18%
Nominations: Dark Matter (Kirby) x5
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N. Onymous

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Jul 20, 2012
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K. Rool
Chance - 45%
The DK series is in dire need of more representation, but I don't see it happening for various reasons. He's popular with the fanbase, but with the dev team, who can say?

Want - 70%
I like him, I think he'd make an interesting fighter, but there are other characters I'd like in more than him. (Lip, please, this is all I ask.)


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Jan 19, 2013
Woo, this is back! Let's hope that I can keep my perfect attendance ratting here.

King K. Rool

Chance - 40% - A classic, but no relevancy hurts his chances. Unless he comes back soon, I don't see him as even a coin-flip.

Want - 75% - He's cool, but a lack of connection makes me support him less than most.


Ridley - 67.52% - Oh boy... While he's popular, doubt is starting to creep in.


Anna X5
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Aug 9, 2016
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King K. Rool

Want: 100% - I'd love to see more villains overall, and King K. also happens to be my most wanted DK newcomer, though I believe someone like Dixie (who I'd gladly take as well) is more likely.

Chance: 50% - At this point I think it's known how much many would like to see him, but I just have a feeling that it probably won't happen. I want it to, but I think Sakurai will end up with a lot on his plate as usual and focus on other, newer and/or more relevant characters instead. Given K. Rool's popularity and Sakurai's penchant for surprises though, I'm settling on the 50/50 scenario.

Ridley Prediction

Want: 75% - Not big enough
Chance: 5% - Too small


Waluigi x1
Crash x1
Sophitia x1
Sol Badguy x1
Kyo Kusanagi x1
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Feb 12, 2015
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Nothing like good old character speculation to put me in a good mood :b::b:

King K. Rool:

Chance: 40%
I’m being generous here. King K. Rool hasn’t seen the light of day since Super Sluggers in 2009, and that was a sports spinoff. He isn’t nearly as relevant as he once was, and he’s nowhere near close enough to be on the level of Bowser, Ganon, or even Dedede.

However, he’s popular, especially among the Smash fan base, and thanks to the little old Smash Ballot, Sakurai and his crew know this. That alone gives him a chance, and it can’t be ignored.

Want: 100%

I voted for the kroc so many times on that Ballot, and I don’t regret a single vote. If there’s any shred of hope that K. Rool could show up as a fighter this time around, I’m riding it to the very end.

Predictions: Ridley: Chance 50%, Want 85%

Nominations: Hector (Fire Emblem) x5
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Jun 27, 2011
Ashley's thread
K Rool
Chance : 40 %
He has the moveset and the popularity but he has been missing from his home series for a long time and get to compete with Dixie Kong who would be easier to add with her body shape similar to Diddy, is just as iconic and is more relevent.

Want : 65 %
I don't really care about his inclusion myself but I'd like him if at least for his fans.

Ridley Prediction : 7 %

Nomination : Marx (Kirby series) X 5
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Fuzzy Pickles!

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Oct 24, 2009
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I actually ran this thread before back during Smash 3DS & Wii U speculation. Twice in fact.

Since this is a thing, I'm going to introduce a model that I will use for rating chances. It's arbitrary but hey, nothing preventing us from rating whatever, right?

A: 100%
B: 75%
C: 50%
D: 25%
F: 0%

So let's get down to our first character.

King K. Rool

: D (25%)

Unless he gets a new game, he's got a large uphill battle to fight for inclusion. By the time the new game comes out, he won't have appeared in ten years and I doubt the sign at Super Mario Odyssey matters much. His only hope is that he ends up performing among the Top 3 Ballot characters (including Bayonetta) and Sakurai actually uses the ballot this time. Otherwise he's out.

That's said, it's him or no one for a 3rd DK character.

Want: B (75%)

Smash should have more villains and K. Rool is a really cool baddie with amazing move set potentials.

x5 Bomberman

cuz he's the best.
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Apr 9, 2007
Want: 90% Long live the king!

Chance: 20% Dixie Kong pretty much has any third DK spot on lockdown at this point. It will be up to DLC for the King to get a shot.

Aussie the Cursed Mask

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Oct 12, 2015
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King K. Rool

Chance: 60%

King K Rool is not only one of DK's most famous foes, but a consistently wanted character for Super Smash Bros. But relevance holds him back in the end of the day and he still has that Mii Fighter costume too. Either way, he would have a chance if Sakurai takes his Smash Ballot popularity in consideration.

Want: 100%

Easily my most wanted Smash fighter. Once a Kuttthroat, always a Kuttthroat.

Prediction for Ridley:

Chance: 18%

Want: 65%
Jul 7, 2014
New South Wales, Australia
Chance - 45% - K. Rool is a strange character in that Sakurai and Nintendo have referenced and acknowledged him in the past couple of years (Mii Costume and Street Sign) but he hasn't appeared in anything substantially since 2008 and that was a Mario Sports Spinoff. I feel like he has some kind of a chance due to how the Mii Costume proves that Sakurai does know about his popularity (and inklings getting bumped from Costume to character shows that as well) but I think the relevancy really hurts him and I can't really see them adding a character like that. And even if he does get past the relevancy issue we'd have to rely on Sakurai finding him interesting enough to actually put in the game.

Want - 100% - I will not be buying Smash on Switch if K. Rool isn't in it. It's the only reason I'm sticking around the smash speculation scene and he's been my most wanted character for years. His moveset has sooo much potential and DKC desperately needs more representation based on how popular it is and how big of an impact it has had on gaming. I need K. Rool in this game.

Yomi's Biggest Fan

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Sep 20, 2011
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King K. Rool

Chance: 55%

I am still not super optimistic on his chances since he has many thinsg again him (relevancy, Sakurai's strange view on Donkey Kong Country, etc), but I won't ignore that he is very popular.

Want: 90%

Damn right would love to have him there. Because I am one of him. ~~I won't sing that song here~~

Prediction for Ridley

Chance: 9%

Oooo boy...

Want: 79%