Rate Their Chances- Smash Ultimate Edition! Day 102: Paper Mario and Celica


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Sep 6, 2014
So we're just predicting E3 announcements today...

Well, I have a feeling the Ridley/Simon rumours will turn out to be true. I'm thinking the XC2 newcomer, in whatever form it exists, will be shown to coincide with the XC2 DLC trailer. I'm also expecting Link and Mario to be shown with very different moveset, as well as several other revamped veterans. Ice Climbers and Wolf will be confirmed to return.


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Dec 24, 2001
Still up Peach's dress.
The original eight, Bowser, Pit and the Ice Climbers get revealed today.

We'll get a third party reveal and four first party reveals not including the Ice Climbers.

Newcomers are Ridley(let them dream), Captain Toad(let me dream), one totally unexpected character(which could be anything from a new Zelda character or a Pokemon character that isn't Decidueye/Mimikyu/Lycanroc to a forgotten character by the general public like Isaac, Andy or Takamaru) and a Donkey Kong character(K. Rool/Dixie/Cranky/Funky) with the third party being the final reveal.

Meowth X 5


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Feb 15, 2016
I predict that Pikachu, Kirby, DK, Marth, Samus, Villager, Fox, and Bowser will be officially confirmed to return, and at least 2 newcomers would be announced, one of which would be a third party.
A December release date might also be confirmed.

Susie x5
Ok, I finally got around to checking Mimikyu's scores. I also missed Spyro's rate the chances since I decided to take a break because this site is unhealthy.

I don't know if the user your referring to is me but I feel it is in a sense. I had character development since then. Yeah. I was wrong, duh. I got outta control. Decidueye is truly overrated though. Its just.. another humanoid Pokémon that's supposed to be cool. Yes. Humanoid Pokémon are easier to work with as far as Smash but, that doesn't give them the right to automatically be chosen over bipedal Pokémon. If Mimikyu is the fake Pikachu then let it be the individual that represent a fake character in Smash. Smash is a series where imagination is supposed to run rampant. This rant was a massively unpleasant attempt at the victim and, it honestly put me off from your character. I'm sorry, dude. For this, you don't deserve Decideye. I take back my statement. Good, you deleted it. I can't relate to you anymore.

You got Pokken Tournament.
Cool story bro


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Apr 4, 2014
E3 jitters!

-They will show off more Yoshi.
-Metroid Prime 4 teaser.
-Mini montage of indie games coming to Switch.
-New information and release date for Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2.
-Possible additional Splatoon 2 content teases.
-They'll announce some new amiibo here and there.
-Mother 3
-We'll get to see that new Star Fox racing game we've been hearing about.
-New Fire Emblem game for Switch will be shown off.
-Animal Crossing for Switch tease perhaps.
-Hyrule Warriors DLC to get some Zelda related content in the Direct.
-Some Pokemon related segment will be thrown in there.
-Return of an old franchise we haven't seen for a while.
-A couple 3DS game announcements we haven't heard about.
-Some sort of Nintendo Switch hardware related announcement (new apps, system update, new type of controller, etc.).
-Smash Bros. segment will be super hype.
-Return of Ice Climbers.
-Inkling alternate colors will be based off of Splatoon 1 only.
-Champion Link will be revealed to be his own character separate from Link and Toon Link.
-An additional 3 newcomers will be revealed. One being 3rd party.
-Game will look like it reused a lot of assets from Smash for Wii U, but will still have enough additional content, fresh coat of paint, and little tweaks here and there to be considered and marketed as a new game.
-Will launch in September to coincide with Nintendo's paid online service.

This should be a fun E3. Can't wait to see how it goes!
Jul 27, 2014
I'm not going to predict anyone in particular being revealed for Smash, but considering there's going to be a tournament after the presentation and the game releases this year, plus the fact we already got a teaser three months ago, I'm expecting this Smash to get comparatively more exposure during this presentation than Smash 4 five years ago. I expect we'll see at least three new characters including one third-party and Sakurai himself discussing the game. Similar how during E3 2015 we got several minutes worth of Yarn Yoshi amiibo discussion, except this time it will be interesting.

For other games, I'm expecting Pokémon Let's Go, Fire Emblem 16, Yoshi, Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3 to be shown; those are the only games besides Smash I'd say are more likely to be shown than not, asides from Retro Studio's project which I think will be revealed but I don't predict anything about what it is. Other IPs I think have a good chance of being revealed are Pikmin and Animal Crossing. And while I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm specially expecting it, I'd love to have a brand new Donkey Kong game revealed.
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Jun 26, 2014
E3 Predictions

  • Smash brothers, of course. Ridley, Ice Climbers, Simon Belmot and more of the Inklings will be shown.
  • Pikmin 4 will finally be revealed, hopefully to be released in the coming months, considering it has most likely been finished with development for a while now
  • maybe animal crossing
  • probably news on the new Fire Emblem
  • Mario Odyssey DLC
  • another metroid prime 4 trailer, though I'm not sure if we'll get gameplay or just a cinematic prerendered trailer.
  • yoshi re-revealed pretty much as a whole new game
  • maybe a new wiiu port like Pikmin 3 or 3D World
  • and of course, third parties, though I'm not sure what. (Hopefully DOOM Eternal)

Nominations: Louie x5
Jun 25, 2014
Hunting Down Ever Amiibo
E3 predictions

  • We get 4/5 newcomers announced 3/4 during the Direct and one at the Tournament
  • My guesses for the newcomers are dixie,bandana dee,King K Rool,ridley and crash (yeah I know crazy so many big hits but we only have 1 e3 for this game.
  • No cuts and a new story mode with new game modes
  • released in September with online
  • demo coming in late August
The rest of Nintendo
  • Fornite and rest like DBZ fighters is real
  • Youtube and Netflix is real with it coming out today with os updates like new theme's
  • We see new Fire Emblem and releases in October
  • more pokemon lets go
  • trailer for metroid 4 with a 2019 release
  • Yoshi game shown and coming out in August
  • Suprise 3rd party game
  • 3 new amiibo somewhere in the direct
  • Star fox grand prix shown and release in december
  • Pikmin 4 shown with 2019 release window
Aug 21, 2014
New York
Well, this is it. I think I’m gonna go offline for the next few hours to settle down - don’t want to be too hyped and get disappointed.

I’ll be back after everything calms down (and the boards stop crashing) to get the updates.

Hope everyone gets something they want!
Jul 27, 2014
Oh my god... this went beyond all my expectations. For Smash at least. Because otherwise this direct was pretty bare-bones... looks like we're not going to get Metroid Prime 4 as soon as I would have hoped.

So let's put this straight: EVERYONE IS BACK. It looks like one of the main points of this was to make that clear: now we can only discuss newcomer. Although Sakurai made it clear that we shouldn't expect too many of them.
The art style is great.
With the epsilon symbol that means Lucina and Dark Pit probably won't get changed much. And they're adding Daisy as a Peach clone... a character I never expected to be the first newcomer revealed besides Inklings.
Ganondorf used his sword from the Space World demo apparently. Maybe not deep decloning, but at least some notable changes.
Battlefield form stages, YES!
Also RIP Bomberman. Not even third-parties from unrepresented IPs are immune to such deconfirmation.
And RIDLEY. They freaking did it. It looked like he has an attack that can instant KO without sending the opponent outside of the stage?!


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Jun 27, 2013
It's time:

Veteran: Corrin x297 - CONFIRMED
Fire Emblem Heroes Summoner x259
Lloyd Irving x255
Concept: Masked Dedede Final Smash x250 - CONFIRMED
Kamek x243
Sakura Shinguji x243

Over 200:

Wonder Red x237
Sable Prince x232
Linkle x225
Ryu Hayabusa x220
Tingle x219
Parabo & Satebo x204
Neku Sakuraba x204
Concept: Decloned Ganondorf x203 - CONFIRMED/DISCONFIRMED


Scorpion x191
Slippy Toad x189
Ray x188
Labo Guy/Robot x185
Concept: Monster Hunter character x185
Leon Kennedy x180
Tetra x179
DeMille x178
Balloon Fighter x177
Papyrus x175
Django x165
[Rerate] King K. Rool x165
Primarina x160
Thwomp x156
Snip & Clip (Snipperclips) x155
Fawful x154
Katrielle Layton x151
Concept: Octopath Traveller Character x150
Tsubasa Oribe x150


Fire Emblem Switch Protagonist x130
Arcade Bunny x120 - DISCONFIRMED
Louie x120
Barbara x119
Dragonite x117
Pokemon Trainer (Gen 2) x114
2B x111
Octoling x110
Concept: Fire Emblem Spear User x103
Concept: Canon Bowser/DK/Diddy voice clips x100
Smash Run x100
Meowth x100 - DISCONFIRMED


Veteran: Bayonetta x95 - CONFIRMED
Viewtful Joe x95
Gooey x94
Neptune x90
Concept: Ken Masters alt Costume for Ryu x86
Concept: Pikmin newcomer x85
Susie x84
Klonoa x82
Tora & Poppi x82
Ayumi Tachibana x82
Mach Rider x80
Rowlet x80
[Rerate] Rex & Pyra x76
Fjorm x75
Concept: Female Announcer x75
Concept: Transformation characters x75 - CONFIRMED


Veronica x73
Stage: New Donk City x70 - CONFIRMED
Veteran: Dr. Mario x66 - CONFIRMED
Breidablik Item x65
Nikki x65
Zeraora (Pokémon) x64
Toon Zelda x64
Concept: Battlefield Stages x64 - CONFIRMED
Endou Mamoru x62
9-Volt x62
Yu Narakumi x61
Viridi x57
Slime x56
Tails x55
Rick/Coo/Kine x55
Concept: All-Star Versus x55
Concept: Wars character x53
Concept: Style Savvy character x53
Veteran: Roy x51 - CONFIRMED
Concept: Historical Character x50
Takumi (Fire Emblem) x50


Concept: Indie Character x38
Concept: Mother Newcomer x35
Callie and Marie (Splatoon) x35 - DISCONFIRMED
Nia and Dromarch (Xenoblade) x34
Solaire x34
Ninten x34
Doshin the Giant x32
Medusa (Kid Icarus) x31
Snorlax x29 - DISCONFIRMED
Leo (FE Fates) x28
Hector (Fire Emblem) x26
Ghirahim x26 - DISCONFIRMED
Tiki x26
Sophitia (Soulcalibur) x25
Double Day: Sheriff / Diskun x25
Prince Fluff (Kirby) x25
T-Rex x25

24 and less:

Concept: No Mega Evolutions x20
Concept: Boss Battles x15
Joker x15
Demifiend from SMT3 x15
Rhythm Girl x15
Dr. Wright x11 - DISCONFIRMED
Concept: Multiple Voice Acting Options x10
Concept: Pac Man World-based Moveset x10 - DISCONFIRMED
Master Chief x10
Concept: SMT Protagonist x10
Teddy x10
Black Mage x6
Alex Kidd x5
[Rerate] Daisy x5 - CONFIRMED
Shadow x5
Lark x5
Saber x5
Orbulon x5
Zangoose x5
Kumatora x5 - DISCONFIRMED
Blastoise x5
Ashley Miziku Robbins x5
Mushashi x5
Concept: 16-Player Smash x5
Concept: DLC Announcers x5
Muddy Mole x5
Andross x5
Mametchi x5
Increased gen 1 content after pokemon let's go x5
Masked Man x3
[Rerate] Squirtle x2 - CONFIRMED
Stage: Metal Caverns x2

Keep your eyes peeled for others.

Disconfirmed and already rated TCT~Phantom TCT~Phantom : Bomberman, Waluigi, Takamaru, Lyndis, Midna, Krystal, Pauline, Tom Nook
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Apr 10, 2015
I'm sad Takamaru got deconfirmed but everything else was freaking awesome. Seriously I never would have thought every character would return. I mean expected no cuts but all previous fighters is just insane.


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Nov 24, 2001
My mains, Mega Man and Wii Fit returned - and there was a real chance that either could've been cut, especially WFT. And they're getting changes (from what I could tell, Mega Man's Leaf Shield is faster to use, rotates much faster and doesn't lose leaves anymore, for example).

One of my most wanted newcomers got added: Ridley.

That leaker who said that the entire Wii U roster would return plus Ice Climbers, Snake and Ridley seems like he might be the real deal. And he said that Simon Belmont would also be added... who is one of my other most wanted newcomers.

Ivysaur, who I liked better than Charizard, is coming back. Not sure how the switching works (given that the Inklings have a move that uses shield+B, maybe the character swap move doesn't use a special? Although I didn't see Rock Smash in the Treehouse gameplay while I did see Fly and Flare Blitz). Wolf is also coming back, which was a cut from Brawl that I didn't like (especially when Roy came back despite being a second clone of Marth, while a largely unique fighter like Wolf was left out...).

Looks like we're getting a rebalancing and new game engine, real changes coming to many characters, some annoying elements removed or nerfed*, and Battlefield variants for all stages.

It seems that Custom Moves are being removed, but they might be incorporating some elements from them into certain characters' movesets (at a minimum, this was explicitly stated for Palutena).

All in all, lots of things to like and not much to dislike from what I can tell. I still wish there was a way to turn off stage hazards (or at least ones like the Yellow Devil).

-dud Final Smashes like DK's drums are being changed to something useful
-Sudden Death no longer advantages characters that can ledge camp highly effectively like Villager
-roll-spam is being punished

(The downside of no cuts, all veterans returning is.... I didn't much care for Bayonetta, and Young Link seems redundant, as do Roy or Lucina, and was totally cool with the ICs not returning. But, you know, proper balancing could probably ease my annoyance about overpowered Bayonetta and Cloud. Now that they're not DLC purchased separately, they have less incentive to keep them OP so I hope they're hit hard with the nerf hammer.)
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Jun 26, 2014
wow, I godda say, other than smash, this E3 was pretty disappointing. They revealed next to nothing. Really interested in how they can explain why they didn't show hardly any of the games they said we would get more information on "soon."


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Jun 19, 2014
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There were a lot of characters that I had hoped wouldn't return, but in the end, we got everyone.

I can't complain. Game looks absolutely gorgeous, from the UI to the graphics.
Dec 7, 2014
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Well, holy ****. I guess we can say nobody saw this coming.
I gotta say, I'm pretty happy with what I'm seeing out of this upcoming Smash. Directional airdodging returns, ****ing beautiful HD stages, every single veteran returns, Waluigi deconfirmed (evil laughter goes here), the return of Gerudo Ganon (with his actual sword, no less!), and an admittedly cool design and reveal for Ridley, even if he was far from my most wanted newcomer. This does probably mean some corners will have to be cut in terms of newcomers and/or singleplayer content to compensate for every character returning and getting something new, but as far as multiplayer goes, I'm really liking what we've seen out of this Smash game. Smash 4 is absolutely dead come December, mark my words.
Everything else in the direct was mostly whatever to me. I'm hyped as all hell for Xenoblade 2 Story DLC, but beyond that and the rainbow bombshell that was Smash, nothing really grabbed me. Still, it's hardly over yet, and I'm excited to see what news the Invitational brings! (Because believe me, we're getting something.)

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Apr 10, 2015
There could not be a band or the band just plays. They could do anything too replace her while she's fighting. But if you want to counted her as deconfirmed that's fine since she wasn't happening anyway.


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Jan 5, 2013
The de-confirmation of Tom Nook as a Final Smash again is disheartening, I was pretty confident he would be in. I do hope Isabelle gets in though.

Sort of mixed with the direction Smash is taking, even though there were no cuts and every veteran managed to return.

My newcomer predictions just got ****ed, especially with Daisy.

It is going to be a while before I have a fully formed opinion on the matter. Today was great and bad in some ways with the huge info dump.
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Aug 21, 2014
New York
Gotta say, Daisy was one of my wanted-but-not-top-of-the-pack ones. I'm perfectly fine with her as a Peach clone.

And at least we're keeping 8-man Smash, now that there's a fifth royal lady who wants to fight it out in all her finery.
Aug 10, 2013
Thought Nintendo's E3 as a whole was rather poor when looking outside of Smash (not even close to their worst, however), but the Smash itself was great. Quick rundown on my thoughts on various things:

No Cuts + Every Character Returns

This is something that took me by complete surprise. I'm pretty sure I gave this an incredibly low score when we did our day on it. I'm glad to see characters like Ice Climbers, Snake, Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Wolf come back, but seeing people like Young Link, Pichu, and the Pokemon Trainer come back took me by complete surprise (I think I gave Young Link a 0% chance, whoops).

I'm interested in seeing how they'll differentiate characters like Pichu and Young Link, because Dr. Mario had some changes to his moveset, and those three aren't considered Echo Fighters like Dark Pit / Lucina are.

Character Changes
  • :4link:: BotW Link is still essentially regular Link, but with a slightly changed Down-B, which is kind of what I expected.
  • :4zelda:: Zelda's new design is absolutely stunning. It is easily the best she's had in Smash by a long shot
  • :4ganondorf:: GANONDORF USES HIS SWORD FOR SMASH ATTACKS THANK JESUS! He didn't receive a full rework like I had hoped, but I am more than happy with his OoT design and some sword moves
  • :4dedede:: King Dedede has a Masked Dedede Final Smash now, which is more than welcome.
  • :pt:: Pokemon Trainer is back, and I'm glad to see Squirtle and especially Ivysaur, but having all of them not have Down-Bs is kind of disappointing. Love how you can play as Pokemon Trainer Leaf though, as well as how Down-B seems to come out a lot faster than in Brawl
  • :4bowser::4dk::4diddy:: I'm pretty sure they all have their generic animal sounds again, which is rather disappointing.
Game Changes
  • The game as a whole seems a lot quicker than Smash 4, which is a very welcome change
  • Directional air dodges and weakened defensive options are also great, but no wavedashing makes me a bit sad
  • Battlefield stage forms! Hell yeah!

Not really a fan of having her in Smash, but she's just a Peach echo, so I don't really mind. I won't lie though, the idea that we have Daisy playable in Smash while Waluigi remains an assist trophy kind of stings a little.


Super glad that Ridley is in. I never thought he would make it, and I've never even been a huge fan of the guy, but I'm just super happy for all of the people around the globe who have waited for this moment for nearly two decades now. I don't think there was anyone more deserving and wanted than this guy, and now he's finally in, and a meme is dead.

Here's hoping for as many newcomers as possible. I'm glad that there's a lot of focus on changing up some veterans, but I'd be disappointed if we only got Inkling / Ridley / and the 66th fighter going to be revealed tonight at the tournament (probably Simon Belmont, going off of the leaks).


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Feb 15, 2016
Smash was definitely the highlight of the presentation.
I'm glad to see everyone back, though I do find Young Link's return to be quite pointless.
The ones I'm the most excited for are Wolf and Snake though. I love Wolf's new design, and I hope we get some new codecs for Snake.
Sucks that Charizard no longer has a Down B. I wish they separated him from Squirtle and Ivysaur. On the other hand, LEAF.
Glad to see Marth speaks english.
Daisy is bleh. Echo of Peach or not, she's still on the poster and the fact Waluigi got deconfirmed is just salt on the wound.
Speaking of which, RIP Waluigi and Takamaru. Better luck next time. Also, why is Alph not an Echo of Olimar...?
Inklings look dope.
Didn't pay too much attention to gameplay changes, but I hope you can toggle between Melee style and Sm4sh air dodges.
I heard we're only getting 5 more newcomers, so here's hoping Decidueye is one of them. Like please, that is all I need.
Other than Smash, I'm glad we finally got closure on Hollow Knight, and Fire Emblem is neat.

Not gonna comment on anything else except that Pokemon Let's Go! isn't looking any better. Like I'm already stuck on the mindset of "I'm not paying for this genwunner pandering piece of garbage", but did they actually show something new that we haven't seen in the trailer?

Overall other than Smash this was a pretty underwhelming E3. But Smash was the main reason I was hyped for E3 to begin with, so that's fine.


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Aug 8, 2015
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Ok I just got home from, finished the direct and am loosing my freaking mind. I have nyo clue where to start and I'm gonya probably rewatch it a few more times nya. Super happy over all characters being in smash nya. It's a fluffing dream come true for me nya. Daisy and FLUFFING RIDLEY HOLY **** NYA!!!! are confirmed... which I am fluffing super happy nyabout nya! Sadly Waluigi and nyapparantly Tom Nook are deconfirmed nya.

Everything else in the direct? Hmm... XC2, FE:TH, and DBFZ are nyabout all else I liked mew.
Aug 21, 2014
New York
Ok, one more thought and I have to try to get some sleep:

I can’t ****ing wait to fight this all-star mode.

Don’t think we’re getting too many other characters in vanilla, but here’s hoping for more later additions with DLC. But this... beating all of these characters? This really is an all-star mode to remember.

Not Nintendo all-stars. Smash All-Stars.