Rate Their Chances- Smash Ultimate DLC Day 299: Sans (Undertale) and Celica (Fire Emblem)


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Feb 17, 2019

Hero: 95%

On one side, I am very biased, Dragon Quest is the first series to be in Smash that I have consumed compulsively, having played almost every single DQ and DQ spin-off under the sun. On the other, I am extremely nitpicky and I care a lot about the soul of the work, which is why a remake one of my favorite games, Spyro, isn't a 100% from me. If Hero had arrived with DQ11 content and looking half-*****, I would be mad.

Thankfully, we do not live in such timeline. When luminary was shown, I was a bit worried, for the first few seconds there was no hint if this couldn't be a cloud-like deal. Then the light shines, Dragon Quest 3 music starts to play, and to join the Hero of 11, comes the heroes of 8, 4 and 3! All characters I have known for years, all characters from games I loved, immediately my memory flooded back to 15 years ago when a much younger me would gawk at a magazine talking about this "Dragon Quest 8" game that just looked so different from the everything else, that was either too edgy or too pastel.

The characters picked for DQ were pinpoint to cause such feelings, each one representing a generation (Erdrick for the 80s, as the climax of the Erdrick trilogy of DQ1-3. Solo as the start of the Zenithian trilogy of the 90s. Eight for the 2000s and the Luminary for the 2010s.)

And Sakurai didn't stop delivering. I wanted the menu, I don't care if its slow, Dragon Quest is a slow game, you have to make gambits and consider what approach you will pick, the menu provides that and makes the heroes a true classic JRPG rep. The spells like zoom were making their classic NES noises, the music was orchestral and DQ Hero came as a franchise rep, like MegaMan, with every hero appearing for the last attack. The alt costumes change colors for real, unlike the last SE character. This is as close to a perfect representation as we can get, I hope they keep delivering in the spirits and music.

-5% though because in many DQ games you can pick a female or male alt and the fanbase of DQ is a 50/50 split in Japan, so my one nitpick was that they could have picked the female hero of DQ4, Sofia, over the male, Solo.

Banjo: 80%

I have said multiple times, if there was someone who needed to kick open the floodgate of western characters, it had to be Banjo. I am not hot on the 64, but I also try to expand my tastes and tolerance beyond something as shallow as just what I personally love. Banjo is a series with a lot of history on Nintendo, and such history as well as the long history of their fans asking for them to 'come home' was celebrated masterfully in the trailers. The nods to rare, the music, the love, its the sort of thing that makes you feel happy for the fellas even if they aren't your most wanted.

That said, I didn't like the model we have seen so far, it feels a bit weird, I hope it is polished before the release, which seems likely, if that is changed my satisfaction will be way higher.
Jul 29, 2014
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Most generic Smash name: 35%
Looks like Verg was after all. Likely means we're stuck with him now till the very end, which is unfortunate.
I'm glad that we ended up getting not just Erdrick, yet also kinda wished he in particular was excluded just to make Verg look more like a fool.

Putting biases aside I gotta be honest. The Hero doesn't look like the bland Robin 2.0 I thought they would be with all those different spells. Though I would've preferred it if they didn't just use a sword for normal attacks as I've heard they can use other weapons in the games as well. I'll probably still buy the character as I'm not 100% disinterested in DQ XI.

Steve btfo: 99%
Would've been a 100 if I was personally attached to them. It still is wonderful they made it into the game despite certain odds. They and their supporters have absolutely deserved it after all those years. The new spin on the K.Rool trailer was also genius as well.

Bandana Dee x5


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Jun 3, 2006
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Hero - 100%

He was my prediction for the next reveal. I was expecting only Erdrick, but Sakurai did one better. The name is kind of basic, but I hope each alt will have their own unique name, like how you have both Olimar and Alph, or the Koopalings. Some people were concerned that we were getting another sword user, but at least Hero has a unique subsystem that I'm dying to learn more about. I'm curious as to how many DQ tracks we will get...

Banjo/Kazooie - 90%

I have never played Banjo-Kazooie before, but I know of them through Diddy Kong Racing, as well as the general praise the games got. I'm happy for everyone who wanted this duo in the game!


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Aug 13, 2001
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Hero - 100%

He was my prediction for the next reveal. I was expecting only Erdrick, but Sakurai did one better. The name is kind of basic, but I hope each alt will have their own unique name, like how you have both Olimar and Alph, or the Koopalings. Some people were concerned that we were getting another sword user, but at least Hero has a unique subsystem that I'm dying to learn more about. I'm curious as to how many DQ tracks we will get...
Screenshots and videos directly show the name as "Hero". We only got unique names for Bowser Jr. and Olimar, but keep in mind they were actually called that from the start.

Hero is pretty much like Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, and Pokemon Trainer. Pure Class, not meant to be a direct character in the same way. For better or worse, that's what they went with.
Aug 17, 2018
Welp, guess it's my turn to be the obligatory downer.

Hero - 0%
Not a fan of the Akira Toriyama art style, the games don't really appeal to me, the moveset doesn't look interesting. The "multiple characters in one" gimmick is somewhat neat, but nowhere near enough for me to actually be interested in this.

Banjo & Kazooie - 15%
They look somewhat neat. But I have no history with their game, and from the looks of it, it just really doesn't appeal to me. And yet, they still manage to be the most appealing part of the Fighter's Pass so far, which nonetheless isn't saying much. I haven't bought it, and I still don't intend to.
Mar 7, 2019
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Technically not Erdrick but Erdrick at the same time: 86%

While I don't know much about Dragon Quest, I'm not as pessimistic about another anime swordsman being in Smash as a lot of others have been, and the way they directed the reveal was fantastic (aside from that splash screen that may be the worst 1 they've ever done because of the angle). At first, I thought it was going to just just Luminary since he was the only 1 shown, but when they revealed 3 other Dragon Quest protagonists from previous games, I loved it as Hero represents Dragon Quest as a whole rather than just 1 game from the mainline series.

The Rarest of them all: 90%

My God. The reactions to that trailer are incredible. Banjo-Kazooie has been a character everyone's been wanting to see in Smash for a long time, and to see Microsoft and Rare allow Nintendo to put him in Smash might be the best thing they've done for everyone. The sheer amount of joy on everyone's faces convinced me no other character they could reveal will top Banjo's reveal. Granted, Banjo is still in development and won't be released until Fall, but I'm alright with waiting until he finally gets released. He isn't the character I really need right now, so I'm perfectly happy that he's being released a few months from now.
Dec 10, 2018
Donkey Qong Heroes - 80%
Although not my top 5, I still REALLY love to play Robin. He's unique, and fun, while being hard to play. Hero seems to be that, but better. Plus, I LOVE it when they have alts to be different characters. Plus, I now have a reason to play Dragon Quest now, so that's great.

Kazoo and Banjoie - 70%
I'm happy for others, but personally not excited myself. He seems fun, but his moveset we seen doesn't intrest me. DQ would've been a 70%, but Heroes alts that change him into someone completely different made me bump the score to 80%, Banjo doesn't have tha, so he's 70%.

Noms: Dwight Fairfield x5


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Apr 12, 2016
Hero: 20%

He's just such a boring, generic, and overall unhype pick. But given that Dragon Quest is older than Final Fantasy, I'd be hard-pressed to find a legitimate reason why it doesn't deserve some Smash representation, especially when it's so big in Japan. Still, I can't help but shake the feeling that he's a complete waste of a slot. The only reason I don't put him at 10% or 0% is because he doesn't outright OFFEND me, in a way that Bayonetta or Ridley does.

Banjo-Kazooie: 80%

Collect-a-thons are mind-numbingly boring to me, so I've never played any of his games. As a result, I have no emotional attachment to this character whatsoever. That said, I'm extremely happy for the fans, because the fact that so many people have been pining for him for so very long makes it pretty hard for me not to on some level. It's like all those terrible "Top 10 Characters I Want for Super Smash Bros. Brawl!" videos made in Windows Movie Maker on 2007-era YouTube are finally coming true. It's a beautiful thing, sometimes, when the fans get what they want.
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May 7, 2015
Hero- 85%
Where there's smoke there's fire. Let's just hope that Erdrick brings the heat. Unfortunately much like Final Fantasy, Square is gonna drop the ball with content aren't they?
So I'm actually pretty hype for Hero after searching his trailer and studying his mechanics. It looks like custom moves live on through their menus albeit at the cost of MP. Combine that with the fact that the alts are other DQ heroes. Music problems are probably gonna still be there, but all in all Erdrick brought the heat.

Banjo- 70%
I was never really hyped for Banjo but he seems fun. He's definitely gonna be more straightforward compared to Hero but that's not really a bad thing. Of course this has been a long time coming so I really don't have much else to say.
Oct 29, 2014
Hero: 70%

I have no attachment to Dragon Quest as a series but it's definitely one of the last major Japanese gaming franchises to add to Smash. It's been around for over 30 years and is the definitive JRPG series. My main two complaints is the lack of a female alt for Erdrick and that I was hoping when it was just Erdrick that they would go with the Famicom design to make him stand out more. The Heroes motif is fine and all, just makes them feel a bit more generic. Their movesets seem crazy impressive though and I'm interested in trying them out when they come out this summer.

I also was deflated during their reveal because I was worried the leaks were wrong and they were all we were getting yesterday. And yet...

Banjo-Kazooie: 100%

The madlad Sakurai did it. Even a year ago I would have considered this character an insane pipe dream. I'll admit I didn't support him during the ballot because I was so hyperfocused on K. Rool, but Banjo-Kazooie has always been an obvious pick for Smash and would be an incredible opportunity to bring a long-lost character home to Nintendo. When the trailer cut to the DK characters, I began screaming at my screen. Seeing them again, looking better than ever, after so long, was overwhelmingly emotional. Not to mention their moveset is basically perfect with so many references, big and small (freaking Breegull Bash). Spiral Mountain and the music is incredible as well (can't believe they actually got Grant), and just... everything's perfect. Banjo-Kazooie is a top 5 game for me and so much of my childhood was spent playing the N64 titles. With their inclusion, Smash Ultimate is now my all time favorite game.

Let it never be said that Sakurai is out of touch or doesn't give the fans what they want.
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Jul 28, 2013
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Hero: 90%

I have no personal attachment to Dragon Quest, however they seem very cool and I'm actually interested in getting DQ 11 as well as the Builders games, the slime itself initially getting me interested because of how much I liked its design. They look like they'll be fun to play as...and the kamikaze move looks like it should be very fun :troll:. To be honest, I was initially disappointed because I thought that meant we weren't getting Banjo-Kazooie, although I held onto my hopes for a second reveal and we got 'em; nothing against DQ, it's just I'm not as attached to it as B-K, y'know, but I still found Hero and the DQ stuff cool and interesting, as I said.

Banjo-Kazooie: 100%

The bear-bird duo have been with me since I first played B-K when I was 4 years old, and have always been favorites of mine. I was very, very happy when I saw their trailer, and everything they've brought with them looks excellent. I can't wait to play them when they release this Autumn, and I'm sure they'll be lots of fun.
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Aug 3, 2014
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Hero: 90%
I'm probably one of the only people who was more hyped for Hero than Banjo. Aside from personally wanting some DQ representation more than Banjo (I never got to play any of the Banjo games), what made this trailer so great for me was the scene with all the other heroes helping Luminary. I was expecting Erdrick to show up during that scene due to the leaks + his legacy in Japan, but seeing Eight really surprised me and made the entire trailer worth it (I thought he'd just be a mii costume). Hero also seems very fun to play as he seems like a very technical character.

Banjo: 80%
Everything about this trailer was great though my score would be higher if I had a bigger relation with Banjo. It's always great to see everyone's reactions to the highly demanded characters like Ridley and K. Rool make it into the game. Also can you imagine how much more hype this would've been if Banjo hadn't been leaked?

Nominations if we're still doing them today:
Terry Bogard x5
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Oct 14, 2018
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Hero: 100%

Eight has always been my most wanted alongside Crash Bandicoot. Having him in just feels great after years of wait. He will be a huge main when he comes.

I never played a Banjo game, but I always supported the bear for Smash just to get a taste of his world due to my lack of a Xbox console.
My hopes are on a new game coming soon that will make this return last for a good while.
Nov 28, 2018
Hero: 100%
Absolutely amazing. Dragon Quest is one of my favorite series of all time, and I'm so glad to see it get such a grand entrance into Smash, with four different heroes. The spell menu mechanic looks really interesting, and I don't think we've even seen everything there is to it. Also great to see orchestral tracks (at least I'm assuming, since they were in the trailer). I also think he'll be a really interesting character to see in competetive play, with all of his spells I can only imagine all the tricks you can pull off.

Banjo-Kazooie: 60%
I've never played any of their games so I can't really say they got me too excited. But I'm happy for the fans that have been waiting patiently for so long, and I will say I do really like the series' music.


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Jan 3, 2013
The Hero: 40%. They just look incredibly generic. I'm tired of anime swordsmen and I'm not a fan of how seemingly every guy in Dragon Quest has the same face (at least the ones in that final smash). However, I'm giving 40 percent because I think the metal attack and the Kamikaze attack look awesome. The stage is beautiful too. And I'm empathetic to the happiness most of the Japanese fans feel over their inclusion.

BK: 100%. Love the first two Banjos. Their trailer/moveset is full of love. The music was great too (Grant Kirkhope!). This was my most wanted character so 100% was inevitable.
Sep 22, 2012
Erdrick and Co. 65%

Their Moveset looks uninspired and gimmicky. The menu is gonna be a pain and the people complaining about his sword even more. However, their renders look really good and I absolutely love that they went the Bowser Jr. Way with these guys.

Banjo kazooie: 10%

Uninteresting character from An uninteresting game with an uninteresting Moveset. The fact that 99% of the fanbase welcomes him as the second comming of Christ makes it even worse, as not liking him makes you a paria. Wastes slot of a DLC in my opinion. At least his 5 fans Will stop brainwashing the population into believing hes important now.

Nom: Rundas x5
Ah yes, the 5 people fandom that probably won the ballot. Those pesky sons of a gun, how did they do it?
Jul 27, 2014
I'm exceptionally returning today to give my satisfaction ratings about the newly revealed characters (after six months since Joker it was about time!)

Hero satisfaction: 62%
My lack of familiarity with DQ and the fact they have the most generic name ever prevents me to be super hyped about them, plus the live broadcast bugged when I watched which didn't help. That said I can still appreciate their inclusion, as I know Dragon Quest has a big meaning in the history of video games, and getting content from the series probably was a bit of a copyright nightmare, it's great to see that Smash still manages to pass through such a thing. Also their spells look quite fantastic in their variety (they even have a self-destruct move they really went unts with this!) But it really makes me wonder how they will actually be implemented in the moveset… I suspect the magic meter will be limited for a given stock, and it will not charge until the next stock, which is not totally unprecedented considering the assisting Ice Climber will not respawn until the lead is destroyed too.

I'm also glad they brought back CGI trailers and are giving them even to DLC characters this time, the inspiration from World of Light was really awesome, especially the part before the Hero's alt costumes are revealed. At first I thought it was going to be a sequel to WoL.

And for the next character's rating I'll start talking about how I reacted to the live trailer:
- Why are they repeating the beginning of K. Rool's trailer?
- Oh they added him in the sixth pannel! Makes sense, we're probably gonna get another playable villain in Smash!
- Wait DK again? So, are they revealing Lord Frederik of what?
- What is K. Rool doing in DK's house? This trailer doesn't make any sense!
- And why are they throwing K. Rool's crown? (I didn't realize it actually was a jiggy from BK)
- Really what the heck is happening… oh wait could it be a new DK game? Please be a new DK game!

(And unlike for Hero the broadcast didn't bug for them!)

Banjo-Kazooie satisfaction: 100%
I admit I really didn't see them coming, I assumed if anything we could get Steve from Microsoft since Minecraft is actually published on systems outside the Xbox, but it ended up that they first revealed the most vocally supported character from them! Although I never myself played a BK game, I was aware of their popularity and iconicness as part of the 3D platformer genre, and I like their universe's cartoony appearance (it's really nice to finally have a new cartoony non-human third-party character five years after Pac-Man btw) which means the franchise didn't leave me indifferent during the last few years. Due to that I loved the prospect of seeing them a playable character in Smash, but I didn't expect it to actually happen. So glad I was proven wrong!

Also I have a request. I said in my profile pic that I try to avoid Nintendo social media because I want to discover the 8th generation of Pokémon spoiler-free, like I did three years ago for Sun and Moon the only thing I want to know about these games was the release date (at least the European one assuming no international release). Since for what I remember the release date for SM was revealed at E3 2016 I suppose the release date for Sword and Shield has been revealed too? Could someone communicate it to me by PM? I'll edit this post as soon as I get the answer. Thanks! Edit: it's November 15th, thanks GoodGrief741 GoodGrief741 !

Don't worry for me I stopped the live broadcasting as soon as they mentioned it (on the other hand that means I've lost part of the live presentation because I took some margin before restarting it) and I don't remember what I briefly saw looked like.
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Jul 16, 2014
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Satiisfaction: 90%

He looks very interesting. They mangaed to make a vanilla JPRG protagonist and make them very unique. The spell system is a literal built in custom Move list so Hero will be not be beginner friendly. And it looks like DQ will have much more content than Final Fantasy which is pretty funny. It's also nice to see CGI trailers as well.


Satisfaction: 80%

The duo actually made it back. So it's nice to them back from their long long break. But honestly I think their moveset is really not that special, especially compared to Hero's. They don't seem to have any actual gimmick compared to other 3rd parties Cloud, Joker, Bayonetta etc. It's more on Sonic and Pac-Man's level IMO.


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Apr 27, 2015
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Hero: 100%

While I've yet to get around to playing a Dragon Quest game for myself, I grew up watching my brother play DQ 7 and 8. And have a great deal of respect for the series and its impressive legacy.
I've wanted Dragon Quest representation since Brawl opened the doors to third-party characters. The idea of a DQ character wasn't a huge desire or anything, just something that I thought would be really nice. And now that it's happened, I can say that it is indeed quite nice!

Having multiple Heroes is a genius idea. I love that my personal favorite, 8 is in. Their moveset looks fantastic.
I don't have much else to say other than it's a shame that "anime swordfighters" are widely perceived as so over saturated in this game.

Hero didn't deserve the hate he got up until his release. The Dragon Quest series is not responsible for the thousand Fire Emblem characters are in the game. I'm glad that the hate seems to be subsiding.

Banjo & Kazooie: 100%

Yep, they're the ones. My all time most wanted characters. There isn't a single character that could top B&K for me. Not even close.
Anytime someone asked me "If you could have character in Smash, no restrictions, who would it be?" My answer was always: "Banjo & Kazooie."

I've loved other series like Pokemon and Zelda since a very young age, but my fondness for the BK games felt slightly different. More deeply rooted and magical. And that feeling has persisted all these years.
It very likely has something to do with the fact that the series essentially ended, for me, after only two games, and while I was still young.

I could go on for hours, so I'll just say that seeing the duo's original design faithfully rendered in HD, in a series I thought their chance to enter was cruelly taken from them, was a dream come true. When that Jiggy bounced across the ground I lost my s***.

True to the meme, I don't think I'll be asking Sakurai for anything, ever again.
I don't need to. This game's roster, to me, is indeed Ultimate.
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Mar 20, 2015
Hero: 100%

I've never played the DQ games, but their inclusion is a pretty good incentive for me. I haven't seen any thing in their trailer that I genuinely disliked. They're a sword-user? Cool! I like swords! They use magic? Great! I love magic! They have a shield? Wonderful! I always felt Link's shield gimmick was underutilized, but it's great having a way to deal with projectiles. Their vast variety of spells really makes them interesting to me. For example, they've got a sleep spell, which is an effect that mainly Jigglypuff only had. They also have a self-destructing spell, which should make matches interesting when used correctly. They also have an MP bar, kind of like Robin's durability limit, so it shouldn't be so hard for me to adjust. I might end up making this character a secondary. I'm really looking forward to playing as them.

Banjo: 20%

I've never played the Banjo games either, so I don't really have any reason to like them. I mean, it's great and all that Nintendo listened to years of fan requests, but other than having a cartoonish aesthetic, they don't really have anything going for me. I think they're going to end up in the "never touched" group for me, along with Ridley and King K. Rool. Still, congratulations to everyone who wanted them in.
Aug 12, 2015
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Dragon Tails- 40%
At first I thought he was going to be the only character we would get, but looking at him now, the down B/ rpg menu/ whatever his gimmick is called is a neat idea. I just dont see myself using him beyond trying him a couple times. I dont like the idea of another nameless rpg avatar, but the gimmick redeems him a bit for me.

Duck Hunt- 100%
Exactly what I asked for. They're from one of my favorite games, they look very fun to play, I couldn't be more satisfied. Not even going to complain if the rest of the fighters pass are stinkers.
Jul 12, 2014
Satisfaction - 50%
I don't play games but my best friend is so happy so I guess I am happy for him!
I do like new characters. And having different characters per skin is really cool!

0% - Should come out now!
Lol jk 100%
Wow! He's in! I'm in disbelief still. I wish Summer was Banjo and Fall was Edrick though. I can't wait to give him a try.
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Nov 8, 2007
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Hero who saved my interest in Smash: 100% (which is sadly the limit)

Like. OH MY GOD.
Where to begin. I've wanted a Dragon Quest character since DLC season opened for Smash 4. Which was around the time where I became a hardcore DQ fan.
We got Cloud which was hype in itself, but I never fully appreciated the moveset given to him.. as it felt like a shallow interpretation of Cloud, let alone Final Fantasy.
And now, after months of speculating, defending, and gritting my teeth as us DQ fans tanked through the unreasonable hate people threw at the idea of a playable character from the series in Smash... Hero was EXACTLY what I wanted, pretty much exactly HOW I wanted him.

Multiple hero alts? CHECK!
A wider range of magic attacks not limited to just 4 specials? 16 TIMES CHECK!
To top it off, the trailer itself satisfied 2 things in me:

1) Ever since WoL was revealed I thought "... Dragon Quest would be so perfect for this atmosphere..." and we got it!
2) The Megaman/Simon-esque format of the trailer (character appears, does some damage, gets his *** kicked, reinforcements arrive!) was just too much hype for me.

And I'm seeing a LOT less people saying "generic anime swordsman" and more people saying "Now I'm convinced" wether it's to try the character out, or try Dragon Quest out.
And the funny thing is, I KNEW this would happen. Sakurai did a Sakurai and went all the way with Hero. And how he could not, I ask? This is Japan's JRPG Superman! Of course they'd give him a love crafted moveset and trailer!

And if this were not all, he looks like a deep and complex character, and I LOVE IT. Since he's the only one I'll be maining, I can dedicate 100% to this character alone, no secondaries.

Banjo: 65%
I liked his trailer. I'm kind of glad of his inclusion, even though I don't feel the hype.
He looks unique. He has his own charm. And I get all fuzzy inside to see the original devs involved, and some of them still having some input on the character here.
I may rarely play as him, because there are far too many characters I like over Banjo, but I'm happy for all the people that I know (or heck, don't know) who are happy for his inclusion.

I know I missed out on Banjo because I never had an N64, and when I borrowed one, it was just to play Zelda, Duke Nukem 64 (lol) and above all, Smash.
But I'm eager to play them on Rare Replay if it ever comes to Switch (or a pass comes to Steam).
I loved how the trailer started, and especially how it ended, with all those videogame icons around him. At this point I was laughing like OKAY OKAY, he's a videogame icon, I get it! And that's cool.

Top notch reveals, and two amazing videogame icons have been added to the game. I have no idea how they plan to top these. For me personally, things can't get better than with Hero. But now I can relax and have a blast with whatever comes next.
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Jan 19, 2013

The Hero - 40% - Eh... not really feeling it. Admittedly, we don't have that much info on how they work, but their normals look uninspired. Their magic system looks a bit complicated, but I feel like I don't have enough info to really say how it works. I think I'll have to wait, but for now I'm not that impressed.

Banjo & Kazooie - 75% - I can't be too hyped, as they were before my time and I never got to play their games. That said, they definitely feel like part of the family already. They admittedly don't look that special, but they are quirky and unique, and they have a lot of character to them. I can really respect the history, so why not?
Dec 5, 2012
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Banjo Kazooie 100%

Banjo Kazooie is my favorite game and my most wanted smash character. He looks amazing.

The Hero 10%

Never played a dragon quest game and I’m tired of generic looking anime swordsman tbh. Also there are much better square reps like Sora, seriphiroth (unique sword and long dope *** hair) or even Geno.
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Dec 18, 2014
Both of them: 50%

I'm happy for everyone who wanted Hero and Banjo in, but as someone who's never been invested or interested enough in either franchise, I just don't see myself being horribly excited for both characters. Sorta disappointed that it wasn't anyone I myself would've liked from Square or Microsoft, or just a third party I see myself caring about - contrast with literally every other guest in Smash who I can all count as characters I regularly rotate using.

This is by no means meant to downplay their importance, I respect that and think they deserve their slots very much. I just don't care about them enough to make me consider wanna using them on a regular basis.
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Sep 1, 2018
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Hero: 85%
My favourite part about this guys is definitely the skins. Like the moveset, even though I probably won't use it much. A bit surprised that Luminary is the default character, but nothing shocking.

Banjo: 50%
I grew tired of Banjo, but I have to be honest, guy wasn't in my "characters that would enrage me" list, so I just let him pass.
Dec 24, 2001
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The Hero:

I have no connection to Dragon Quest. I'm not a big fan of two of the designs including the default hero, but I do admittedly love Eight's look. The alts were a nice touch and probably the one thing I really liked but a lot of the standard attacks looked pretty dull to me. I have concerns about the menu system's functionality as it seems a bit clunky and picking from a drop down seems to be the biggest tell of what you're planning to do but a few of the magic options do look fun.

Overall I'm not really sure what to make of 'The Hero' apart from him having the dumbest default name imaginable. He's definitely a deserving inclusion with how big Dragon Quest is in Japan, but now I really do feel like I have swordsman fatigue rather than it just being a meme. No more JRPG or swordsmen for the rest of the Fighters pass please, let's get a few other genres and weapon choices in there for the sheer sake of variety.

I'm on the fence about purchasing him which is a slight step up from Joker who was a firm 'nope' from me.

Banjo and friend who is always forgotten in short hand:

I'm going to be honest, even though I first got heavily into Nintendo in the 64 era, I didn't own a 64 so many of my early experiences were games like Mario Kart, Mario Party, Pokemon Stadium and Smash 64. As a result of this I kinda missed the Banjo Bandwagon as it was a game best experienced in solo play...also my Nintendo 64 owning friends didn't really play these sort of games in front of me, but I did briefly get introduced to him via Diddy Kong Racing alongside Conker(who I had the Pocket Tales game on GBC bought for me).

I did however excitedly buy Nuts and Bolts on the first day it was released...actually it was one of the reasons I decided to invest in the Xbox 360, but it wasn't quite to my taste. I did throughly like the bear and bird combo though and snapped up Sonic All Star Racing which had them as Xbox exclusive guest star racers. I also met Rare at a London show, which was the first time I'd met developers for any game.

I don't really know traditional Banjo at all...I think if I tried to play his game now I'd still not get the hype. It was a game of it's generation, one I skipped, but I'll be honest...I'm glad Banjo made it, if only for some damn variation in aesthetics in the Fighters Pass. An honest to goodness mascot platformer these days feels quaint almost and makes a break from the slew of semi realistic proporitioned humans I feared we'd get through the whole of DLC.

He looks fun, from the way he uses and abuses Kazooie as a club or a gun to the way she throws him onto his back to perform a dash. Banjo just looks fun ya know...and that's all I ever want from a newcomer.

I'd still have preferred Dixie Kong myself, but hey; next best Rare creation choice and always glad to see more British creations in that roster.

ryumo the Zekenator

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Dec 19, 2018

This is pretty much what I wanted for a character from the series to be, lots of spells, alts of the different heroes from different entries including Solo and Eight, slimes, suspensful trailer that had me guessing for a minute before the hero entering the fray and saving Link, other heroes being referenced in the game during the FS and great choice of music. Only thing that might have me a bit disappointed is the lack of female alts but just everything else makes up for it.

BK: 85%

Only wish the trailer to have been a bit more playful with the shadow, but frankly thats the only complaint I have from their trailer as references were on spot, characters on the trailer were good choices (poor K. Rool) and the last shot was nice. I'm not particularly a fan of BK nowadays but I really liked the interpretation from Sakurai, it reminds me of a gag manga character which is a quite nice update.


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Sep 17, 2018

The Hero: 70%

While not the biggest fan of Dragon Quest (having only played 9 on the DS) I was not excited with the idea of a dragon quest character. Having seen the trailer I am sold. The different magic abilities and the different playable skins blew me away.

Banjo: 100%

I've been fighting for Banjo in smash since around Smash 4 and oh my god does he deliver. I literally screamed when he was announced and he looks exactly as I imagined him. His moves look straight from the game and I couldn't be happier
Jan 24, 2015
Dragon Quest Hero: 70%

Solid trailer, they managed to make me interested in a character that kind of need it to be a generic swordfighter to don't feel too wacky... damn, the Mana System will create all kinds of madness xD.

But I think my favorite thing about their reveal was the appearance of Solo, Eight and Roto; I was initially kind of dissapointed they would only represent the newest content of DQ, with a franchise that has a legacy comparable to Final Fantasy (which is represented for their most popular character of all time).... But then it happen, when I saw Eight and Solo I was a bit confused... but when Roto appeared... I was sure this wasn't a bait, they're playable!

Banjo Kazooie: 80%

I kind of like the duo, and they kind of do a quite charming and fun trailer that fits the Rare Aesthetic, nice job Sakurai... I wonder if collecting stuff it's his gimmick.


Micaiah (Fire Emblem) x5
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Sep 22, 2012
Sorry for noms so late, but I got an exam tomorrow and that comes first.

Also I'd appreciate more responses on whether Slime's appearance in Hero's moveset disconfirms him.

Spyro x140
Morrigan Aensland x140
Crono x120
Kyle Hyde x120
Kamek x111
Saber (Fate) x110
Heavy (Team Fortress) x106

150 - 101

Protector (Etrian Odyssey) x105

100 - 51

Aloy x100
Ellie (The Last of Us) x95
Boss: Kracko x92
Ninten x90
Rundas x90
Frogger x85
Concept: Valve rep x85
Noctis Lucis Caelum x80
Glover x80
9-Volt x80
Cadence (Crypt of the Necrodancer) x80
Adeleine (Kirby) x68
Jin Kazama x65
Velvet Crowe x65
Specter Knight x60
X (Mega Man) x53
Papyrus x51

50 - 25

Gene (God Hand) x50
Decidueye x47
Terry Bogard x45
[Rerate] Bandana Dee x45
Captain Rainbow x45
Blaze the Cat x40
Concept: DLC challenges x35
Dwight Fairfield (Dead by Daylight) x35
Brian (Quest 64) x32
Gooey (Kirby) x31
Concept: Assist Trophy becomes Fighter x30
Qbby x30
Concept: More Bosses x30
Sunflower (Plants vs. Zombies) x30
Farmer (Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons) x28
Thrall (Warcraft) x25
Cooking Mama x25
Boss: Perfect Chaos x25
Earthworm Jim x25
[Rerate] Micaiah x25

Under 25

[Rerate] Steve? x21
Reporter & Wrestler x20
Tora and Poppi x20
Concept: Spirits aren’t disconfirmations x18
Concept: Pokéball Pokémon becomes fighter x18
King Boo x16
Hector (Fire Emblem) x15
Pyra & Mythra (sans Rex) x15
Amaterasu x15
Concept: Dragalia Lost rep x15
Johnny Silverhand x15
Black Shadow x13
Concept: Another joke character x13
Gex x12
Mike Jones x11
Concept: Bethesda rep x10
Frog (Chrono Trigger) x10
Beat (Jet Set Radio) x10
Concept: Spectator Emotes x10
Concept: Lord Fredrik as an Echo Fighter of K. Rool x10
Marx (Kirby) x9
Toon Zelda x8
Magolor x6
Blacephalon x5
Zhao Yun (Dynasty Warriors) x5
Neptune x5
Concept: Crazi Taxi rep x5
Oliver (Ni No Kuni) x5
Courier (Fallout) x5
Scorpion x5
Concept: Another literally who Level-5 Character who's popular in Japan, like Achilles or Mark Evans x5
Starman (Pro Wrestling) x5
Malzahar (League of Legends) x5
Concept: Master Chief Mii Costume x5
Worm (Worms) x5
[Rerate] Sans x5
Balloon Fighter x5
Tiz Arrior x5
[Rerate] Sora (Kingdom Hearts) x5
[Rerate] Dovahkiin x5
Rash x5
[Rerate] Slime (Dragon Quest) x5
Lizalfos x4
Urbosa x3
[Rerate] Captain Toad x3
Boss: Sans x2
Sub-Zero x2
[Rerate] Geno x2
Concept: Street Fighter Mii costumes x2
Stahl x1
Duster x1
Pappy Van Poodle x1
Dr. Eggman x1
Toon Zelda & Tetra x1
[Rerate] Chibi-Robo x1

Saber cuts Heavy down, takes sixth place. Protector falls off the top 7.
Feb 8, 2014
Dragon Quest

I'm not overly familiar with the franchise, but I think it makes sense, and making sense is a good thing for me. I wish they had a better name though

Banjo and Kazooie

And I mean 100% absolute perfection. Original design with original voice clips.references to both games. Nothing from Nuts and bolts, incredible Spiral Mountain remix. Spiral Mountain itself.
Aug 6, 2013
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Switch FC
Hero: 75%
Honestly, if it wasn't for Banjo also getting in, I would have rated this much lower. As for the character(s) themselves, they actually seem pretty interesting despite being another swordfighter. Mainly with stuff like the alt. costumes and the MP mechanic. I'll be sure to check them out.
Banjo & Kazooie: 100%
It's a Dream come true.
Their design, their moveset, their stage, their music, their trailer, it's all perfect.
I waited years for this and I'm glad it's finally happening.
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Jul 21, 2013
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It's been a while. I've very much been enjoying Ultimate (over 165 hours logged...}, but I've been retired from Rate Their Chances for months, I have to drop in for this day though, and if you remember me you'll know exactly why.

But I'll get the first one out of the way:

Hero(es) Satisfaction: 100%

Wild thing is I've never played Dragon Quest, and I've been on the "Erdrick is inevitable" train for like six months, so while I've always thought it was a valid addition it was hard to get hyped for their inclusion prior to the direct, but you know what? They've earned it. Dragon Quest is certainly an iconic franchise, especially in Japan's home country, and it has solid ties to Nintendo. I actually really like their moveset so far, they definitely seem unique and interesting. And while I'm normally not into separate characters being alt costumes I kind of like this? Like, I dunno, I was coming in expecting just Erdrick, but instead multiple games are represented and that was a really nice surprise. I think it's just a well deserved addition that turned out well, and I'm very happy for their supporters. I'm definitely ready to try them out.

And now I'd like to bring in my old want score from Day 46 for the other ones:

Want: 100%

The Nintendo 64 was my very first console, and I have a lot of love and appreciation for the system as a direct result. I had a lot of games for it as a kid and have now played almost every major title for the system, and the two Banjo games have always been among my favorites. I love most of Rare's stuff from this era really, but in the case of these two I realized I was into 3D platformers very early on, and these guys delivered. I love the characters, the humor, the worlds, the music, just about everything. I eventually 100%'d both games which is one of my happiest gaming achievements, and I feel both still hold up very well, with Tooie remaining my favorite N64 title.

If you haven't figured it out from that, a Banjo & Kazooie pair is my most wanted newcomer by far. I love them, I love their games, I still pretty much consider them Nintendo characters even though they're not anymore, and they basically have a great moveset made for them already. I realize it will most likely never happen and I'll live with that, but if by some miracle I get my wish and they show up in Smash I will be ok with almost anything else Sakurai does with the game and will happily main the bear and bird without any hesitation.
And today, here we are...


EASILY the single most excited I've ever been during a character reveal. I still can't believe it. They actually did it. Even when things started piling up in their favor a few days back I tried to keep myself from getting my hopes up too high. I wasn't going to get too excited until I knew they were in...and then the Jiggy dropped. I realized it was happening, and when my beloved duo showed their goofy faces I genuinely screamed for like five seconds straight before freaking out in the chat I was in with some friends. Basically, the DK characters cheering for the return of their old Rareware buddies was pretty much me that entire trailer. And they're perfect! The updated design of their classic forms was the one thing I was silently worried about and I shouldn't have been. They look amazing. And their moveset came naturally, they're not like anyone else in the game and they look like they're going to play exactly like they should. And then everything else around them is great. Spiral Mountain is the only correct choice for their home stage, and seeing Gruntilda, Bottles, and Mumbo Jumbo show up brings a smile to my face. And oh, that remix. Grant Kirkhope re-doing possibly the most recognizable song in the franchise for Super Smash Bros. is exactly what I needed in life. And this was just the start of it! When fall hits I'm going to get to see all the familiar content the duo bring to Smash with them and I'll be ready for it. God I love this game.

While out of the feasible characters there are two in particular I'd like to see the most for the last two slots, I honestly don't really need anyone else. I got what I wanted. They brought back two of my old friends and completely nailed their grand return. My bear and bird are home, and I couldn't be any happier.

I may hang around here again but I'm not really sure yet. I HAD to make sure I dropped in for this one though. You'll understand why.
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Jun 25, 2014
The elegant battlefield.
Fozzie Bear and Dynablade
4 Four Swords Adventurers

Honestly, both get a 85% from me. I'll be honest, none of these two have ever really been a part of my growing up. But I don't really care about that. I like that Dragon Quest, a long standing series with Nintendo, has got representation. I like that Banjo, a once Nintendo character torn from his home, has finally made it back. Sure, I do enjoy the music of Banjo Kazooie, as well as the tone of it being similar to Donkey Kong thanks to Rare handling both, and actually, I enjoy Fortune Street a lot, even though I have never touched a Dragon Quest game. Dragon Quest just makes sense to me, even if it's a series that I have no connection to. Banjo and Kazooie on the other hand... man, this just feels like a battle finally won. Almost like King K. Rool, only this time it's a fighter who Nintendo couldn't recover easily. Smash overall just had a good day at E3 in my opinion, and these two characters are the ones that have proven to me, that this isn't Smash 4's DLC. I'll be honest, while Joker was popular, he was also relevant, so I wasn't quite sure yet, but now I'm sold. Things are different. I will admit, a few percents are knocked off since this only confirmed my previous thoughts, it'll all be 3rd party, and there are some 1st parties I'd still really like to see, but in the grand scheme of things, it's still pretty good.

Hero Satisfaction: 85%
Banjo Satisfaction: 85%