Rate Their Chances- Smash Ultimate Day 349: First Party characters after the Fighters Pass

Mar 19, 2009
I mean't the character referred to as Dark Matter (The same one as Dark Matter Blade, both forms were just called Dark Matter before Planet Robobot) and not the Dark Matter species as a whole, so true form Dark Matter and Dark Matter Blade would count but other members of the Dark Matter invaders like Gooey, Dark Nebula and Zero wouldn't. I think Dark Matter Blade would work as the name for the concept too since that's likely the form it'd use as it's base but I honestly don't care what name we go with, which one do you think would be better?
Yeah, I agree for the most part that Blade is the most likely form to be playable. I feel like going with Blade would probably be best as it's the only one with a really feasible build for a playable character. Stuff like true form is more Final Smash material IMO.


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Sep 28, 2014
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Dixie Kong
Chances: ???%
I really have no idea what to think, Dixie Kong is both relevant and popular, you'd think she'd be a shoe-in, but she was also relevant and popular during Smash 4 due to the same game, and didn't get in, why? I don't know why. Was it luck? Was it bad timing? Did Sakurai not see potential in her? I have no idea and that makes it really hard for me to guess how likely she is.

Want: 75%
I really don't care for Dixie Kong at all but her fans deserve it, I will admit though that I'm a little scared of the possibility we get a Diddy Kong clone/semi-clone that can float, I don't trust the balance team to handle that well lol.

Predictions: Gen 7 Pokemon: 67% chance
Nominations: Dark Matter Blade x5
Yeah, I agree for the most part that Blade is the most likely form to be playable. I feel like going with Blade would probably be best as it's the only one with a really feasible build for a playable character. Stuff like true form is more Final Smash material IMO.
It's like you said, I feel like it's true form wouldn't work on it's own, it could transform into it for some of it's attacks or it's Final Smash but there's no way they won't go with the swordsman form as the base. I guess it's decided then, I'm not sure who's in charge of the nominations but if you're reading this, all ten of the votes for Dark Matter are mine so feel free to switch all the votes for Dark Matter to Dark Matter Blade if you want to.
Jul 21, 2013
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reasoning to be added soon

it's soon

Dixie Kong

Chance: 50%

I feel like this can go either way. If there is a Donkey Kong newcomer, I think she has the edge over K. Rool (and any others) due to having a recent appearance and having been considered once before. After last game I am admittedly a little worried that Sakurai will once again ignore the series, but both her and K. Rool have to be among the most requested characters, so I'm hoping he'll include someone from the series this time. Small chance of getting two characters from the series as well.

Want: 100%

Donkey Kong is one of my favorite Nintendo series. Dixie and K. Rool are my two favorite Donkey Kong characters. Both would be characters I'd be likely to enjoy playing as. I honestly don't have a strong preference between the two at this point, they're basically tied for my most wanted realistic newcomer. If we finally get either of them, I'll be very happy. Getting both would be even better, but I won't hold my breath for that.

Gen 7 PKMN prediction: 70.89%

Nominations: Jibanyan x5
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Apr 4, 2014
Dixie Kong

Chance: 38%
I think the fact that the Donkey Kong franchise not getting a lot of attention in Smash for Wii U/3DS along with the Donkey Kong Country games still kicking, not to mention the Smash fandom's desire to see K. Rool or Dixie Kong playable, there's a good chance we'll see a DK newcomer in my opinion. Both characters had to be popular Ballot votes.

Want: 58%
I don't really care for K. Rool or Dixie, but I think the franchise could definitely use a new representative. Especially since the community wants it so bad. I would like to see either character make it.

Gen 7 Pokemon: 81.2%

Concept: No Cuts x 5
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Oct 12, 2015
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Dixie Kong

Chances: 50%

She’s likely, a relevant DK character, and can be unique. It’s a matter of if we ca get a DK newcomer this time.

Want: 100%

Dixie is the second best Kong. I would love to see her in Smash.

Gen 7 Pokemon prediction: 68%

Nominations: Tsubasa Oribe x5
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Feb 15, 2015
South Bend, Indiana
Dixie Kong
Chance: 50%
The circumstances surrounding Dixie are so strange.
You'd think that Dixie Kong would be an extremely likely candidate for Smash 5 considering she had a game in the form of Tropical Freeze, which could very well get a stage in Smash 5. She's one of the few remaining mid-high profile Nintendo characters yet to be added and she would be another female character. Although she isn't as demanded or unique as K. Rool imo, Dixie still has a fair bit of support and moveset potential that could set her apart from Diddy. Plus, people WANT a new DK character. I can honestly see why Smash 4 didn't include her since that game was more focused on the Wii era and TF probably came out a little too late for her to be considered. However, if Smash 5 focuses more on the Wii U era, then she'd be pretty high up there for consideration. Needless to say, this should be the time for Dixie to be included this time around. It makes sense, right?
It does and yet, my heart is telling me it's either K. Rool or no DK character at all.
Dixie may very well be considered for Smash 5, but chances are, she could be too low of a priority to make it in the base roster. I could see a scenario where K. Rool is prioritized over Dixie. Sure, he hasn't had an appearance in 10 years, but K. Rool is a highly demanded request by fans and given that the Smash Ballot could be used as a measuring stick for some inclusions in Smash 5, K. Rool could very well happen before Dixie, regardless of relevancy. I mean, the Kremling King did not get that Mii Costume for nothing. Of course, this is all conjecture on my part and perhaps Sakurai just didn't see the merit in adding K. Rool, but it is a possibility to consider.
If Dixie does not get in, it'll be of no fault of her own. Chances are, it would be less about her not being an appealing character to add and more because there was another character that was seen as the people's choice for a new DK character. In other words, she wouldn't be a high priority. Of course, it's not out there to expect Dixie to be added as a semi-clone like Wolf, but once again, it seems too good to be true to expect both Dixie and K. Rool in the same game.
Overall, Dixie is a big coin flip. Obviously, I could see her being added in over K. Rool due to her recency, but she doesn't seem to have as much demand as K. Rool. DK does need another character, but Sakurai doesn't view reps the same way we do, so the series could be ignored again.
I wouldn't be surprised if Dixie gets in, but I also wouldn't be shocked if she does not get in.
Want: 50%
Sure, I would take K. Rool any day over Dixie, but Dixie wouldn't be bad. I just don't think she'd be exciting. I say this as somebody who loves DKC2 and TF, so I am fairly familiar with her abilities. I'd enjoy her inclusion, but I wouldn't be hyped. You could do much worse, though.
Dr. Eggman: x3
Capcom character: x2
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Jul 9, 2009
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Had to jump in on this round of RTC before it was too late.

Dixie Kong

Chances: 66%
I'm confident about her odds but not enough to call her a no-brainer like the inklings. She's the 3rd Hero of DKC, been playable just as much as DK in the Country games and was always the preferred choice when available, making her popular in her home series and Tropical Freeze was no different. With that re-release over a month away she's still got that relevancy she needs but Sakurai's curveballs make me uneasy overall.

Want: 100%
Always thought Dixie was a fun character back in the day, but I really took a shine to her during Smash 4 speculation, and I would love for her to make it in...especially if she's not a clone. In the DKC games old and new, none of the Kongs played like the other, and Dixie was the most different, which is why I never counted on her being a clone despite literally looking like Diddy's twin sister. With Brawl we learned that she had been worked on like a tag-in-and-out partner to Diddy as a shoutout to DKC, but that never worked out. We assumed she'd be Diddy's Nana, but going by her Trophy descriptions from Melee to Smash 4 we know that the SSB team saw enough of a standout from her and Diddy in the form of her hair. Start with hair attacks as the basis, then throw in guitar soundwaves, the bubblegum popgun, DKC references, an animal buddy or 2 and a grapple-oriented playstyle and you can really cook up a moveset that sets her apart from the other Kongs.

A Wolf-Level "Clone" would be acceptable, but ideally a brand new moveset is what I'm hoping for. If they can make Bowser Jr. play nothing like his dad whatsoever DESPITE being the biggest clone candidate, I'm confident they can create something fresh for Dixie, the runner up.

Gen 7 Pokemon: 85%


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Oct 27, 2014
Dixie Kong

Chance: 55%
I feel like Dixie is one of the most glaring omissions from Smash's roster. You can make a pretty good argument that she is the most prominent, established female Nintendo all-star that isn't in the game yet. She was one of the protagonists in 3 main series DK games and has as many playable appearances in DKC games as DK himself. She also arguably has relevancy on her side given that Tropical Freeze came out in 2014 and is getting re-released on Switch soon. She's one of the faces of the DK franchise, a major Nintendo franchise that hasn't had much of any new representation in Smash since Brawl.

Therein lies the problem though. Sakurai and co. haven't show much of an interest in adding DK stuff to Smash. Will that change in Smash Switch? I really don't know. Smash 4 speculation taught me not to be too optimistic about her chances, so I put them at more or less a coin flip.

Want: 100%
Dixie is my most wanted (realistic) Nintendo newcomer at this point. I enjoyed DKC 2 and Tropical Freeze a ton and I think whipping, swinging, and flying around with her hair could be really fun in Smash. She also would give more representation to a series that I feel really deserves some and give us another female fighter. I get that those things aren't necessarily important for everyone, but they are for me and I really want Dixie in Smash.

Style Savvy Rep x5
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Sep 17, 2014

Chances: 66%
Actually I really didn't know what think. She seems a shoo-in, still many people discount her and surely Sakurai's track story about DK representation isn't great. K Rool is both a competitor and a possible companion (carrying her in a weird concept of bandwagon with his popularity) but K Rool himself lives in a really ambiguous dimension.
DKC:TF (and even more its porting on Switch) is another double-face for Dixie: it makes her absolutely current and relevant again, but at the same time the characters whose presence was emphasized the most were Cranky first and Funky then, both of them possible competitors too.
It's a really strange situation. But a newcomer from DK is SURE AS THE DEATH, and the most likely character still remains Dixie on my eyes, so I would go for a 50% (that for a single character, at this point of the series, is a really high possibility). But I conclude raising her to a 66% in order to emphasize even more the fact she should be the first newcomer from DK in the list and also because I'm feeling really optimistic this time (I'm preparing my own grave of disappointment and desperation, I know...)

Want: 100%
she is the only character I really want at this point. Of course many more would be appreciated by me, but none stands up even remotely like this little strong monkey girl do

Gen. 7 prediction: 33% --> I consider more likely to push the next generation on Switch: 7th generation is almost old news nowadays, in a few of months will end, and it was already represented and pushed in Pokkén, when it was still needed. And speaking about Pokkén: its css has another, last, blank space: I think it will be the place for Zeraora.
I guess that for Smash they will go for an 8th gen (in almost preview or for a dlc). So the percentages of gen 7 prediction are so low. And also because of my next point:

Noms: 5x Charizard becomes Pokémon Trainer again (but "return to ball" now happens with A+B, so DownB is a real move for Charizard, for Squirtle and for Ivysaur: so all of three now have a complete moveset)


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Feb 12, 2015
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Dixie Kong
Chance: 60%
As much as I hate to say this... If we get a new Donkey Kong rep, it'll probably be Dixie. She's got relevancy, recency, and popularity all on her side; the first two of these are things that her scaly green adversary is sorely lacking in. On top of that, she is so similar to Diddy appearance-wise that I could see them using his model as a base for Dixie. With Tropical Freeze getting a port soon, there's really nothing that could be holding her back this time.

Want: 40%
this score really only comes down to this: She's not K. Rool... In fact, she's in direct competition with K. Rool, my most wanted character. Really, I wouldn't be too terribly upset if Dixie made it in, but unless by some miracle Sakurai decides to finally throw DKC a bone with 2 newcomers, I would be disappointed.

Predictions: Gen7- 60%

Codename STEAM rep x3
Hector x2
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Oct 11, 2007
Brooklyn, NY
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Dixie Kong

Chance: 60%

I'm giving this a bit more than the usual coinflip because you have to get the idea that Sakurai knows there's a strong demand for new Donkey Kong characters and Dixie is a protagonist character that has starred in two of the most defining titles in the series' life time. At the same time, predicting non-main character of new franchise tier newcomers is so difficult for this Smash game.

Want: 80%

She's cool, she's hip, she has that rad guitar from her win animations in DKC2 for a taunt, and hair flail normals/glides would be hype. What's not to like?

Nomination: Medusa x 3, Viridi x 2
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Let me in! Tell me what you're thinking!
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Aug 4, 2014
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I must be missing something.... a flower makes her female?
Female Venusaur (Not Ivysaur as far as we know) have a seed in their flower bud. People think that Smash Ivysaur has a seed in their bud, making them female.

Just a theory though.
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Jun 23, 2014
Dixie Kong

Chance: 60%
We are sorely overdue for a 3rd DK character, now whether said character would be Dixie or K Rool is a bit of a tossup, I personally feel that Dixie barely edges him out with her relevancy thanks to Tropical Freeze (still need to play that game). Yet I also wouldn't be surprised if K Rool gets the nod due to his sheer popularity.

Want: 60%
Eh, sure, why not.

Prediction: 7th gen pokemon: 70%

Nominate: Phoenix Wright x 5
Jun 26, 2011
Dixie Kong.

Want 100%
I would love to see her, DK needs more reps and it would be great to get more great female characters. Dixie needs more love!

Chance 40%
I guess she does not get much love from Nintendo because she is a western character.

Sophitia Alexandra x5.


Smash Champion
Dec 10, 2013
Dixie Kong
90% Chance
So there are two scenarios I can see.
1. Unique Dixie
2. Semi clone

I honestly feel both are likely. They both make sense. I don’t feel I need to say too much on Dixie in terms of chance. Nothing has changed for Dixie since 4, TF still is relevant, she is still relatively popular, k Rool is still a potential obstacle. Still really likely.

100% Want

See K Rools day for more info, tdlr dkc2 is my fav snes game, need more dkc reps. Dixie is a character I like, would be fun and unique or easy to make. Sorry for a short talk tonight.

Nominating No Cuts x 5

Day over, Calcs will be posted in morning, please don’t post until I start a new day.
Jul 20, 2014
Another reality
Well, while the calcs will come in the morning, the noms will drop now! Hope you don't mind me posting after your cutoff, TCT~Phantom TCT~Phantom --it's not a rating, so it should be fine, yeah?

Anyhow, let's do this.

Noms update, day 16

Nominations List

Celica x 148
Dillon x 145
Andy x 142
Concept : Zelda Newcomer x 132
Professor Layton x 132
Midna x124
Bomberman x 118
Eggman x 117
Shulk x 115
Decidueye x 114
Chibi Robo x 109
Lucina x 105
Waluigi x 103
Concept: No Cuts x 101
Shovel Knight x 98
Marx x 96
Phoenix Wright x 96
Doomguy x 96
Anna (Fire Emblem) x 93
Banjo Kazooie x 92
Skull Kid x91
Sora x 88
Lucas x 85
Lana (Hyrule Warriors) x76
Micaiah x 75
Jibanyan x74
Concept: veteran character artworks recycled from Smash 3DS/Wii U x68
Geno x 60
Travis Touchdown x 58
Mewtwo x 57
Snip & Clip (Snipperclips) x55
Excitebiker x51
New story mode x50
Elma x50
Agumon x50
Pyra/Mythra (without Rex) x50
Kamek x49
Sans (Undertale) x47
Roy x43
Hades x42
Urban Champion x41
Ken Masters Alt Costume for Ryu x40
Labo Related Character x 39
Funky Kong x35
Tethu (Ever Oasis) x35
Ryu Hayabusa x35
Tsubasa Oribe x35
Simon Belmont x34
Qbby (from Boxboy) x34
Dark Matter Blade x30
2B x 28
Lycanroc x28
Hector (Fire Emblem) x 26
Susie (Kirby) x25
Concept: Code Name STEAM rep x25
Klonoa x25
Arle Nadja x25
Sophitia x25
Masked Link x24
Neku x 24
Ashley (WarioWare) x24
Concept Indie Character x 22
Concept: Decloned Dark Pit x22
Style Savvy Rep x 22
Azura x 22
Scizor x 21
Palutena x 21
Mipha x21
Black Shadow x21
Lloyd Irving x20
Arcade Rabbit x 20
Concept: Historical Nintendo character (Similar to Game and Watch or R.O.B.) x20
Takumi (FE Fates) x18
Ganon (not Ganondorf) x17
Concept: Advance Wars CO x16
Returning game mode: Smash Run x15
Concept: Fire Emblem Spear User x15
Wonder Red (The Wonderful 101) x15
Concept - Skyrim representation x15
Concept: Decloned Ganondorf x15
Blue Bowser x15
Mallo (Pushmo) x 12
9-Volt (WarioWare) x12
Doshin the Giant x12
Bayonetta x12
Concept: Sonic Mania Stage x12
Greninja x11
Concept: New Mother Character x 10
Music: Final Destination (Ver. 2) x10
Tiki (Fire Emblem) x10
Concept: F-Zero Newcomer x9
Robin x 9
Medusa x 9
Viridi x9
Pac-Man x8
Dark Samus x 8
Fawful x8
Impa x 8
Concept: Canon Bowser/DK/Diddy voice clips x8
Parabo and Satebo x8
Sonic x 7
Incineroar x7
Mimikyu x 7
Concept: Custom Moves Return x7
Poipole (Pokemon) x7
Balloon Fighter x6
Cloud x6
Sylux x6
Nia and Dromarch x6
Master Chief x 5
Steve (Minecraft) x5
Prince Fluff x5
Ninten x 5
Concept: Mega Man 11 stage x5
Concept: Return of transformation characters x5
Slippy Toad x5
Concept - Melee/Brawl style Classic mode x5
Ray (Custom Robo) x 5
Ayane x5
Alm (Fire Emblem) x 5
Concept: Metroid: Samus Returns Stage x5
Asuka x5
Abraham Lincoln (Codename STEAM) x5
Masked Man (Mother 3) x5
Gooey (Kirby Series) x5
Ayumi Tachibana x5
Itsuki Aoi x5
Concept: Shin Megami Tensei Protagonist x5
Monita (NintendoLand) x5
Cross/Rook/Avatar (Xenoblade Chronicles X) x5
Toon Link x5
Petey Piranha x5
Yooka & Laylee x5
Caeda x5
Concept: Charizard Remerged with Pokemon Trainer+complete movesets x5
Shadow the Hedgehog x4
Ghirahim x4
Lip (Panel de Pon) x4
Mii Fighters x 4
Poochy (Yoshi series) x3
Corrin x 3
Porky Minch x3
Cranky Kong x3
Veronica (Fire Emblem) x3
Wii Fit Trainer x3
Specter Knight x3
Solaire (Dark Souls) x3
Tom Nook x3
Dragonborn x3
Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) x3
King Boo x2
Vaati x2
Nightmare (SoulCalibur) x2
Joker (Persona 5) x2
Zangoose x2
Concept: The Sims character x2
Toon Zelda x2
Tails x 2
Toadette x2
Jack Frost (Shin Megami Tensei) x2
Endou Mamoru x2
Tora and Poppi x2
Concept: Capcom Character x2
Garon x1
Rosalina & Luma x1
Bowser Jr. x1
Black Mage (Final Fantasy) x1
Knuckles the Echidna x1
Dark Pit x1
New Mii Fighter types (concept) x 1
Fjorm (Fire Emblem Heroes) x1
Harry (Teleroboxer) x 1
Sheik x1
Concept: Snipperclips representation x1
Tetra x1
Undertale Representation x1
Revali x1
Daruk x1
Urbosa x1
Jack (Harvest Moon) x1
Sol Badguy x1
Kyo Kusanagi x1
Leo (FE Fates) x1
Ryoma (FE Fates) x1
Falco x1
Vivian (Paper Mario) x1
Mallow (SMRPG) x1
Concept: Playable Master/Crazy Hand x1
Blastoise x1
Alph x1
Marshal (Rhythm Heaven) x1
Tapu Koko x1
Bubbles (Clu Clu Land) x1
Isabelle x1
Hyness (Kirby Star Allies) x1
Hyper Light Drifter x1


Aaand Celica's back on top. That was a short battle, lol. Still, props must be given to such a newcomer as Dillon actually posing a threat. Andy is still standing by as well, of course. And not far behind that, Professor Layton has snuck up quietly and gentlemanly. Could he perhaps puzzle his way to the top?

Not a whole bunch of noms to handle today...probably a combination of my late update yesterday and a slight drop-off in voters with the weekend coming up. Not that I'm complaining--less work is less work!

It's like you said, I feel like it's true form wouldn't work on it's own, it could transform into it for some of it's attacks or it's Final Smash but there's no way they won't go with the swordsman form as the base. I guess it's decided then, I'm not sure who's in charge of the nominations but if you're reading this, all ten of the votes for Dark Matter are mine so feel free to switch all the votes for Dark Matter to Dark Matter Blade if you want to.
I read you loud and clear.:) It looks like you guys hashed it out, so I've combined Dark Matter's two forms under Dark Matter Blade. He now has a total of 30!

New additions this round:

Tora and Poppi x2
Caeda x5
Concept: Capcom Character x2
Concept: Charizard Remerged with Pokemon Trainer+complete movesets x5

Hmm...not too many newbies today.:ohwell:are we out of new ideas?

Welp, that'll do it for today. Till next time!
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Sep 3, 2017
It's not too early, right?

Chance: 96%
New Pokemon is pretty much guaranteed, Sakurai always adds one from newest generation. So it's completely logical he'll add a 7th Generation Pokemon this time. There are some candidates from there, like Decidueye, Marshadow among others. Only reason this isn't 100% is because MAYBE they will announce an 8th generation Pokemon game soon and in that case there is a small chance Sakurai will include a 8th generation Pokemon to promote it instead. Unlikely tho.

Want: 50%?
There's no reason not to expect Pokemon being added, so I'm totally neutral here.

Nominations: Lana x5

Prediction: Chrom-20%


Smash Champion
Dec 10, 2013
Oooh boy, sorry how late this was. Had a very long night last night.

Dixie Kong
57.51% Chance
62.93% Want

So Dixie did pretty damn good, being slightly less expected than Takamaru and more wanted then him. A strong day. She did score better than K Rool in chance but in Want he blew her out. She still did well though, seems Smashboards love for dkc is still strong.

Today we have something differnet, we are rating our first concept. pelase discuss the concept of a gen 7 pokmeon as a playable fighter today. Also, please predict the chance of Chrom tomorrow.

Will tag later today aobut noms winner.
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Jul 27, 2014
Any generation VII Pokémon chances: 75%
I speculated more than one year ago that Smash Switch would come sooner than later, in fact soon enough so it releases before the eighth generation of Pokémon. Considering that Smash Switch is releasing this year - even sooner than I expected - and that the last mythical of the current generation has yet to be revealed, and also the fact generation VI and VII were already revelead at this point of the year during their respective reveal and release years, making generation VIII very unlikely to be revealed before the release of the new Smash, it looks like my prediction was right. Considering the precedents in the last two generations of Smash games, I think a new character from the last generation of Pokémon is likely to both be considered and get high priority.

Any generation VII Pokémon want: 65%
I in general enjoyed generation VII, probably in part because I avoided spoilers prior to playing it, which made most Totem fights actually pretty challenging. I have my own personal preferences, but I'm not going to talk about any specific Pokémon in this post - I will do when specific Pokémon will be rated.

And by the way, I avoided pre-release news for Pokémon, but that doesn't mean I'm going to do the same for Smash. For Smash I actually prefer to listen to pre-release news because character reveals are super hype, whereas I think the best way to discover new Pokémon is to discover them during the adventure. I might only do an exception for unlockable characters, because discovering a character with the "challenger approaching" screen sounds more hype than a leak, so if I get a Switch before this new Smash's release I could deliberately avoid Nintendo-related social media during the last weeks before release (and only follow official Nintendo news to make sure I don't miss a new trailer or whatever) to make sure I don't come across a leak.

Chrom prediction: 5.62%

Concept: veteran character artworks recycled from Smash 3DS/Wii U x5

TCT~Phantom TCT~Phantom "slightly less wanted than Takamaru and more wanted" didn't you mean "expected" instead of one of these "wanted"? Edit: fixed.
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Jun 21, 2013
Speculation God, GOML
Generation 7

Chance: 90%

It is the most likely generation to get a representative; however, if 8 does come around, I could definitely see that prioritized in a Greninja-esque fashion. Beyond that, I would not be entirely surprised to see another first generation Pokemon. That being said, Decidueye, Mimikyu, and Zeraora are the front-runners as far as I am concerned. Maybe an Ultrabeast? I never really played the game in its entirety, but it sold extremely well.

Want: 100%



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Aug 10, 2011
This Thread
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Gen VII Pokémon
Chance: 90%

I'll clarify for anyone who may be confused.
Generation VIII isn't even shown off yet. It's way too late for it to get into the base game, as the roster was likely decided in 2016, when Alola was new.

"B-but Greninja and Roy!"

Different cases entirely. X and Y got released long before Smash 4. Gen VIII likely won't even release until 2019, and Zeraora hasn't even been revealed yet. It missed the boat. Including a Gen VIII Pokémon now would be like putting Deoxys in Melee.

Want: 100%

Predicting a 6% for my man Chrom

Nominating Celica x5


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Dec 10, 2013
Some minor housekeeping stuff.

First, the initial post where I posted the schedule for March to get the ball rolling has been turned to an archive. Now you can easily click on the day and see the votes and conversation that occurred. This was partially to make the thread more accessible and to make the post not be useless after March.

Secondly, the noms page has been updated,

Finally speaking of noms, PhilosophicAnimal PhilosophicAnimal won five extra noms today since he was the closest.


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Aug 24, 2008
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Chance 95%: Decidueye or Mimikyu are basically unavoidable and Nintendo is obsessed with advertisements. Gen 8 is too far down the pipeline to acknowledge which is the only thing that could block this annoying slot.

Want 20%: I'm in an awkward position with this one because I would like to see Mimikyu, but would hate to see Decidueye or basically any other likely Gen 7 Pokemon. Incineroar would be nice I guess? He's not happening though.

Predict Chrom: 12.5%

Nomination: Blue Bowser x5


Akko is my dear daughter!
Jan 5, 2013
In term of a Generation 7 newcomer in general, it ultimately depends on Game Freak and what they request of Sakurai to add. I do not have much knowledge regarding the seventh generation, but people have widely regarded Decidueye as THE choice for a Gen 7 newcomer. Game Freak could be aiming to release Generation 8 in 2018 and ask Sakurai to add a character from that generation instead. It would be a Zoroark pre-Smash 4 situation for a potential 7th generation newcomer all over again. Unless more information about the new Pokemon game comes, things are truly uncertain for what Pokemon newcomer gets in. But for now, things are favoring a Gen 7 Pokemon.

x5 Sans
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Aug 12, 2015
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Hawaiian Pokémon

Chance- 50%
Very likely to happen, but I think a generation 8 Pokémon is just as likely. Remember when Zororark was speculated to be a shoo-in for Smash Bros 4? I feel Gen 7 characters are in a similar situation. With the new Pokémon likely to be revealed at E3, I think they're gonna be pushing Gen 8 instead in this Smash Bros, whether the 2 games release close to each other or Pokémon comes out next year. Disagree if you must but I wouldnt be shocked to see gen 8 getting in the spotlight.

Want- 50%
Not big on Pokémon as of late, so they could do whatever with these new Pokémon and I would be completely indifferent. Buzzswole looks like he would be a hilarious character to see in the game, though.

Google Chrome Pun- 22.07%

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Apr 22, 2010
Generation VII Pokémon want: 0% (4-10*)

For concepts that include a plurality of potential characters, the positive percentage is the sum of their individual want percentages.


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* Indicates percentage penalty for potentially taking a slot from most wanted characters
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Feb 15, 2016
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Gen 7 Pokemon

Chance: 99%
I think the roster was decided back in 2016, when Alola was brand new and Gen 8 didn't even have concept arts.
And since a Pokemon newcomer usually gets added, it seems likely that we'll get one, and that it would be from Gen 7.

Want: 70%
It all comes down to who they choose, personally.
I'm only rooting for one in particular, but most of the other options are neat... but there's one exception. I'll save the specifics for each Pokemon's individual day cuz I don't wanna spoil the surprise.


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Jun 22, 2012
Gen VII Pokémon
Want: 100%

I just did not give 100% chance because I believe it will depend on Sakurai, he may think maybe he already has too much Pokémon in Smash Bros, but I believe he's going to go for it anyway!

There are several Seventh-Generation Pokémon candidates who would be very good at Smash Bros! I'll list some for you:


I think any of these would be very well represented in the game, so I really want 100% that we have one of them to use!

Nomination: Agumon x5
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May 7, 2015
Alolan Pokémon

Chance- 90%
Gen 8 hasn't been revealed yet so why not.

Want- 100%
Decidueye, Mimikyu, and Lycanroc all count right?

Nominations- Elma x5


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Jun 19, 2014
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Gen VII Pokemon

Chance: 50% - The highest chance rating a feel comfortable giving. Decidueye and Tapu Koko are who I feel have the best shot.

Want: 50% - Depends on the Pokemon, but overall, I think a Gen VII Pokemon would make for an appropriate addition.

Nominations: Midna x5
Jan 23, 2010
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Gen 7 Pokemon

Chance: 50%
It'll either be a Gen 7 Pokemon (most likely Decidueye or Mimikyu) or a Gen 8 Pokemon, depending on how far into development Gen 8 was when Smash Switch development started.

Want: 100%

Chrom prediction: 15%

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