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May 23, 2010
Yes, I know sigs are not allowed in the game room which is why to find what the sig above is you just click the name and then the "about me" tab.

I just thought that scene there is a rate avatar thread and a rate user name thread there should be a rate the sig game. Even if it requires extra work, but that is just me.

Edit: Decided to copy my sig for trying to get this game started. (For what ever reason the meta knight Image will not show... Weird.)

"Shield-Eaters and World Leaders have many likes alike." -The Lengend of Zelda



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Jun 23, 2006
Hmm, nothing really interesting

I'll give it seven out of t....


What do I see?

"The Lengend of Zelda"

"The Lengend"



May 23, 2010
I do not understand what the Sig is referencing but it scares me so 7.5/10

Edit: modified it after what Jonkku pointed out still can't spell legend of zelda so I put LoZ
May 23, 2010
You sig is uknown to me can you explain it if you do not mind it is very different than :falco: HANDS OFF MY PREY !!!!!! :falco: but I will rate it 7/10.


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Jun 29, 2009
Rochester, NY
Lol my sig is just an ego boost right now. I'm going to change it back to something better in a second.


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Nov 25, 2008
Holy keys locked in the jet, Batman!

Kakashi Hatake

Down Special ~ Summoning Technique
As what might seem as an aesthetic-only mechanic, Kakashi will begin to bleed as soon as anything damages him more than 5%. His hands, where most of the bleeding takes place, especially look like theyve been cut a couple of times. This affects Kakashi's stats in no way at all.

What this has to do with this special is that this can only be performed once Kakashi has physically become bloody in this way (canon!). Kakashi will perform multiple hand signals very quickly before slamming his hand into the ground in front of him. A small plume of smoke will appear and dissapear, leaving behind a ninja dog, or "Ninken" (pictured) from Kakashi pack of many. They are all identical, having AI that chases opponents down in pack with 7/10 speed a one 6/10 jump, dealing 2% and little knockback with a bite and having 10 stamina. The only real difference is their size, ranging from 2/10 (the pug) to 5.5/10 (the bulldog). Kakashi can only summon two dogs before his bloody state dissipates and he needs to bleed more to summon more dogs. As the picture shows, Kakashi can only have a maximum of 8 dogs at once. Once a dog has its stamina depleted, it cannot be summoned again until Kakashi's next stock.

Up Special ~ Substitution Technique
Upon the input of this special, Kakashi ill tense extremely quickly (about 2 frames of start lag). If anything, attack or hazard or anything inbetween that would damage him more than 7% comes into contact with him within .7 seconds, then Kakashi will dissapear in a puff of smoke, leaving behind...one of his dogs, reappearing where the dog was before the switch, without taking the damage. Well, the closest ninja dog to him at the time at least. In fact, though, this can also be used on other characters' summons, crates/barrels, and other players in FFAs as well. Kakashi can only use one Substitution every 40 seconds, and it is his only form of recovery outside jumps, so use it wisely.

Neutral Special ~ Raikiri Lightning Blade
Kakashi will get into a Steadfast position before performing a bunch of handsigns in quick succession. He will then hold his right arm behind him, and after a very small duration of time (the entire attack animation has been about .6 seconds), a ball of crackling lightning will appear in his palm and he will charge forward , with his hand partially outstretched. Upon coming into contact with an enemy, Kakashi will force the ball of lightning into the foe's abdomen. This keeps in place as it deals 1% every half second. This is a pseudo-grab hitbox in that the foe cannot run and they have to mash the directional stick in random directions, taking about 1.5-2 seconds to "DI" out of this. However, if anything of Kakashi's other attacks ,including his ninja dogs, damages the foe, Kakashi can hold them for another .2 seconds before they can escape. Kakashi cannot move during this time, but can jump, bringing the immobilized foe with him.

Side Special ~ Mangekyou Sharingan - Kamui
Kakashi will focus his vision forward regardless of what he's doing, meaning that he can do this while in the middle of an attack animation. If there is any foe directly in front of his gaze, then within .4 seconds a void the size of the character will appear wherever they are. If anyone, even Kakashi, touches this void, they will take 8% and a powerful spike downwards. For a (canon!) extra effect, if the foe is over 300% and touches the middle of the void, they will just be sucked into it, KOing them instantly.

Neutral Aerial ~ Double Lightning Quake
Kakashi will hold his left hand next to his head, and in .3 seconds, a Raikiri will appear in his palm. He will then jab his arm forward quickly. If he lands it on a foe, he will get them in a pseudo-grab state in which Kakashi's movement forces the foe to move along with him at the end of his arm. This is good, since after you land this attack, Kakashi can now dart around in the air with the foe, travelling in whatever direction you input in the small window of time he is stopped (otherwise travelling straight forward) for 1.5 stage builder blocks and damaging the foe 2%, also leaving a trail of lightning that lasts for 3 seconds. This trail does nothing unless your darting intersects it, which damages the foe another 1%. Normally, kakashi will lose his grip on the foe and stop darting after 5 darts, but if anything else of Kakashi's damages the foe (his right-handed Raikiri, Ninken, or lightning trails), then he can dart around another 2 times, up to a maximum of 25 times. If Kakashi misses the initial jab, then he shall go into a freefall.

Forward Tilt ~ Preparation for Summoning
from one of the pockets on his person, Kakashi will take out a Kunai knife (pictured) with one ahnd and hold up the thumb of the other hand. He will then swipe the knife forward, cutting his thumb and anyone in a smll range in front of him. This deals 6% to Kakashi and anyone hit by it. This is how Kakashi gets his Ninken summoned if his opponent doesnt want to attack Kakashi immediately.
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