Rate That Render! (Now Rating: #45 Villager)

Oct 24, 2018
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:wolf:: 6/10. Decent, but very flawed. His design is grotesquely over detailed, with big spiky shoulder blades and a jacket that looks more like metal than an actual jacket. No one besides an old school Power Rangers villain would wear this garbage, especially not someone like Wolf. And yeah I know it’s based on Assault, but even that looked more regular than this. Also, bland pose.
:ultwolf:: 9/10, he looks like Wolf!! An actual good jacket!! Details that actually add to his design!! It’s the anti-Brawl! I still feel like the odd could be more menacing, tho.
Oct 26, 2013
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He's the payer of mortgages, the pocketer of useless trinkets, the mayor of Smashville: #45 Villager

Wii U/3DS: :4villager:

(image link)

Now, while there isn't much to the Villager's pose, take note that there really isn't much to the Villager, himself. A simple person who lives a simple life... thrown into a hectic Brawl. Just your standard pose, but not that there's anything wrong with that.

Ultimate: :ultvillager:

(image link)

Ah, here we have Villager using one of his many tools, the net. Good for catching bugs... and whacking neighbors on the head... No, he's not sorry. (Neither was I, honestly. That crap is too funny.) He's also raised his foot further than it was previous. It's not much, but I like it.

One over the other: :ultvillager: > :4villager:

Which do you prefer?


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Mar 11, 2019
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:4villager:: 7/10
Look at this precious boy, i give him a 7 just for his cuteness alone.

:ultvillager: : 8.5/10
This render is a straight upgrade, we get villager's cuteness and a neat pose.

I like how they made the net his signature tool, using it in his render, reveal trailer and in the "everyone is here" banner.
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Jun 6, 2019
:lucas:: 6
:4lucas:: 8
:ultlucas:: 8.5

Lucas's Ultimate render is very odd with the use of the rope snake indeed but i love that lil' bugger so it doesn't bother me.

Brawl's though... Man, a lot of them looked rough :T

image link


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Dec 11, 2015
Let's move on, last time I reviewed renders until King Dedede's (long may he reign).

:olimar: 6.5/10: this is a pretty basic render. It somehow makes pretty clear how Pikmin work in the original games, but still, it's kinda boring. Also, the spacesuit is way too detailed and the colors are not vivid enough.
:4olimar:/:4alph: 6/10: even though this render makes for a great amiibo, it's pretty bland in game. It somehow manages to be even more boring than the first one. However, I must admit, they got the colors and details right.
:ultolimar:/:ultalph: 7/10: not a great render per se, but it's more fun than the other ones. I mean, did you see how the Red Pikmin is being plucked up?
Overall: :4olimar:<:olimar:<:ultolimar: (I wish Alph got unique renders, but I'm thankful he's playable in the first place).

7.5/10: a pretty basic render, but it shows Lucario's most important attribute (at least in Smash, I wish they implemented a similar ability in Pokémon): Aura. Lucario doesn't appear as a Pokémon, rather it's more of an ascetic warrior that learned how to channel Aura. So this render nails it pretty well.
:4lucario: 5/10: soooo booooring... It's Lucario, doing some kind of martial arts. I really don't like this render, even though Lucario is my second favorite Pokémon, right after the lovely Piplup.
:ultlucario: 6.5/10: slightly better than his Smash 4 incarnation. The best part of this render is the fact that it stands on just one foot as he did in Brawl when we were first introduced to Lucario in the Subspace Emissary.
Overall: :4lucario:<:ultlucario:<:lucario:

:rob: 6/10: R.O.B. is (unpopular opinion incoming) a pretty boring character, at least to me. Its renders seem to agree with me, starting with the first one. It's just here, standing. I like this version of R.O.B. the least because the way its body is portrayed seems to be too metallic. I like a more plastic-like appearance for this Buddy.
:4rob: 6.5/10: ooooh, I see what's happening here! You're face to face with greatness and it's strange. They turned R.O.B.'s head slightly! It somehow looks slightly better than Brawl's render. I like R.O.B.'s overall body slightly more as I was saying before.
:ultrob: 7/10: a slightly better take on R.O.B. They made it way more dynamic, but no pose really belong to R.O.B. because (unpopular opinion intensifies) it isn't a character. It's a peripheral! What if they added Joy-Con as fighters?
Overall: :rob:<:4rob:<:ultrob:

Toon Link
:toonlink: 9.5/10: finally a great render! Toon Link's render in Brawl is great: it directly portrays one of his most iconic poses and does it greatly and in Smash's style! I wish more renders were done like this! They sometimes try to create weird and unique poses when they could easily use some simplicity!
:4tlink: 8/10: I hate to admit it, but maybe I'm biased. I love this render too! It gives me the vibes of the beginning of a great adventure, which is what the Zelda series is all about. The previous render had Toon Link smiling while this one has him in a more neutral expression, however, this one completely nails the colors, although this was more Brawl's fault rather than the render's.
:ulttoonlink: 9/10: as you can see, I love Toon Link. This one takes everything from the previous one and cranks it up to eleven! The best part of this render is easily Toon Link's mouth. It's just a line, you may say, but to me, best represents the "Toon" series of Zelda. This render has Toon Link pretty angry. Wait, when I think about it, it almost seems like that Toon Link is getting angrier and angrier. Is everything ok, buddy?
Overall: :4tlink:<:ulttoonlink:<:toonlink:

:wolf: 7/10: this is a solid render. It has nothing that makes it stand out, but it hasn't anything inherently bad. Except for the hands. I don't like how they're depicted. I hope the next render would not feature this posture...
:ultwolf: 7.5/10: what? A very similar pose with the exact same hands? What's wrong? The angle is much better, however, as he looks towards the camera. I like Wolf's design a lot more: not only the eyepatch is great, but the jacket is fantastic, with this combination of purple-heliotrope-pink. I like it a lot, but sadly the pose isn't that great.
Overall: :wolf:<:ultwolf:

:4villager: 7.5/10: we finally reached Smash 4! Villager, as the first Smash 4 veteran, has a pretty solid render: nothing really stands too out, but I like the expression that seems to look nowhere. He almost seems to wave at the player, which would fit his polite character.
:ultvillager: 8/10: I think I like this render a bit more than Smash 4. It features an item of his, in this case, the net. I like the jumping pose Villager has: it's dynamic but without exceeding. I wished Villager used the axe or even the shovel instead of the net, but it's fine otherwise.
Overall: :4villager:<:ultvillager:


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Dec 22, 2018
:wolf:: 6 (It's-a Wolf)
:ultwolf:: 8 (Much more Wolf-y)
:4villager:: 7 (You have a point there)
:ultvillager:: 8 (But this is still better)

I'll stop with the lists but I will put Best and Worst
Best: :sonic:
Worst: :4ganondorf:


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Oct 3, 2018
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:4villager: 9/10: I feel like less is more with villager. I like how subtle and simple the pose is.
:ultvillager: 7.8/10: Still good, but I feel like he's doing a bit too much. I know holding a net isn't really "doing much," but Animal Crossing is idyllic and peaceful, and he looks a bit too active for me to give it as high a score as Sm4sh's render.