Rate my Falco please??


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Mar 5, 2012
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So I was just wanting people to critique my gameplay if they could??

How is my Falco??

These arent my best or most recent, but those arent uploaded yet.


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Aug 25, 2014
Y'know, when the Smash 4 Falco boards were a bit more active, I would have redirected you to the video thread, but the boards are no longer active as much aside from people posting in the Discord thread asking for invites. The video thread is dated, but you could something out of watching some of the gameplay there. For one, I am a fan of the movement used by Japanese Falco players. I'm not sure if they these anymore, but a channel on YouTube called tamisuma.jp held Falco vs. Falco tournaments and they were pretty awesome. Some of the videos on there feature Falco players as well.

I suggest you do the same. By that, I mean you should go here: http://smashcords.com/smash_4/, and join the Smash 4 Falco Discord and ask for critique there. They're probably more active; most of the people I knew here who compete or perhaps competed as Falco mains are in the Discord such as McDareth and Gamegenie. Me personally, I'm not on Discord and I don't think I will for the time being and I'm no longer a reliable means for critique outside of very basic stuff that would in general just be basic fighting games stuff.
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