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Rate & create a Sonic boss


Smash Hero
Apr 8, 2018
San Clemente, CA
This isn't a creation thread of any kind. Just sort of fun little thread where you create a Sonic boss, and then someone in the replies rates it and then create their own boss. Here's mine to start:

Egg Gambler

Basically an Egg Dealer Mk. II that Eggman thinks through this time.
  • The blatant buttons at the front are removed, so Eggman's attacks no longer backfire on him; hence, you can only attack the cockpit
  • Ring Fever now slowly takes away your Ring count
  • Bomb Fever now throws bombs into every part of the stage
    • Eggman will ocasionally drop bombs on the battlefield while he's cooking up his next attack
Speaking of, the Egg Gambler has some extra attacks
  • Laser Fever has Eggman fire eye kasers from the machine aiming for the player
  • Punch Fever has Eggman fire the Gambler's new rocket arms at the player
  • Speed Fever has Eggman slide around and try to run you over
However, you can turn the tide of battle in your favor.
  • Using a Light Speed Dash during Ring Fever, assuming there are any lines of Rings available, causes the Gambler to overheat and slow down
  • Certain lasers during Laser Fever can be used as grund rails
  • Homing Attacks will send the rocket arms back at the Gambler, causing it to lose its balance
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