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Ranno Announced as DLC for Rivals of Aether

Discussion in 'News' started by ShadesSSB, Aug 12, 2017.

Blaise "Shades" Camacho, Aug 12, 2017 at 1:35 PM
  1. ShadesSSB

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    Smash Apprentice

    Apr 2, 2015
    Pine Bush, New York
    3DS FC:

    Kicking off their Super Smash Con panel, the team behind Rivals of Aether released the trailer for one of their future DLC characters: Ranno, a poison-themed water elemental character. Alongside Ranno, the trailer also announced that the Ori and Sein DLC will launch on August 23rd.

    Alongside the trailer's live premiere, developers Dan Fornace and Trevor Youngblood and community manager George "Etalus" Rogers discussed Ranno's moveset and his unique mechanics. The first and simplest of which is his super jump, which can be performed by full hopping out of a crouch for extra height.

    Ranno's defining mechanic is his poison stack. Certain attacks - including his jab combo, strong attacks, and side and up specials - add a stack of poison to the opponent on hit. Poisoned opponents take damage every time they attack, though landing a hit removes a stack of poison.

    Ranno can also trap opponents in large bubbles, either by launching them into one placed on the field with his neutral special or by hitting them with his down special, a long-range command grab using his tongue. Trapped opponents are left wide open to combos and stay trapped longer for each stack of poison they have.

    Alongside their poison effect, Ranno's side special and up special both have their own unique properties. His side special is a weak projectile that can be charged to fire up to four projectiles in a narrow spread. His up special travels a relatively short distance, but it has two different follow-up attacks - a stationary spinning attack that fires projectiles, and a dive kick.

    Rivals of Aether is available on Steam and on Xbox One. Ranno will launch in late 2017 alongside three as of yet unannounced DLC characters.
Shades is a game design student and aspiring Smash 4 player from upstate New York. When he isn't studying, he's active in the Hudson Valley fighting game scene and working as a social media assistant for Circa eSports. From his passion for game design to his involvement in the Smash community, his love of gaming and thirst for knowledge have lead him towards many pursuits in life.
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Discussion in 'News' started by ShadesSSB, Aug 12, 2017.

    1. lordvaati
      Poison characters have an infamous rep in Platform fighters(I remember when they were pretty much autobanned by people in the Ultimate Ninja games) but I trust Dan & the gang to keep him tame here going by how well they made Zet's burning mechanic work.
    2. Shoopdawooper
      This character makes me want to buy RoA. It looks so perfect for my playstyle! Also makes me curious about the other elemental 'twists' we can expect for the upcoming DLC characters. If poison is used as a subset of the water element, what other themes can they play off of?
    3. Dr. Cheesesteak
      Dr. Cheesesteak
      It's a great game. Great pixel art, great mechanics, etc. My only qualm w/ it is no online 4P FFA. And that's a BIG qualm for me. Especially since they don't plan to add it. I no longer player it due to that, but I'd still recommend the game to anyone who doesn't mind that.

      Also, props to other martial arts frogs out there! Croak from Battlerite and Rash from Killer Instinct(/Battletoads)!

      and I forgot Wu from Gigantic lol. And I guess the wrestling frog from Brawlout.
      Last edited: Aug 13, 2017 at 11:18 PM
    4. praline
      This would be cool on the Switch.
      Jalil and Munomario777 like this.
    5. xzx
      And Croagunk from Pokkén
    6. Dr. Cheesesteak
      Dr. Cheesesteak
    7. Pill0wSmash

      Finally a poison character- but will it be banned?
    8. TeddyBearYoshi
      I can't believe Rivals of Aether added a vore character.

      (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) (Only joking.)
      ShadesSSB likes this.
    9. ShadesSSB
      Dan Fornace has confirmed via screenshots of design documents on his twitter that the third air character will pilot a mini-mecha of some sort, and the team's artists have hinted at a sword character that seems to wield some sort of plasma blade with a torch-like hilt as the third fire character. The third earth character is the only one we don't know anything about yet.
      Zen-Gene likes this.

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