Random Custom Stage Slot theory

Apr 10, 2010
So if you go to Random Stage Selection right now and decide what stages you want and don't want for the random selection, you'll see there's a square within the grid of stages for custom stages as a whole, to be turned on or off for the random selection, despite custom stages being another tab of the stage selection entirely.

That means when you account for all the stages of the Fighter's Pass, the stage selection will then be entirely filled within the Random Stage Selection. So is that why we have that extra space on the stage selection? There was a sole blank space on the items selection in the corner after all.

They could have just made it so you could individually pick custom stages for random or not and within the other tab, but they didn't (maybe that'd be overkill anyway, though). So is it planned that it's totally just going to be the four stages/characters left? (unless they do want more based on later decisions, in which case they could merely change the stuff)
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