Question on Controlling Feint Jump


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Jan 29, 2019
So I've tried to do some testing on how Feint Jump controls with and without side direction input but I'm not completely clear on how each component of the move, being the jump and then the kick, are affected by left/right input.

The easy one is left/right on the initial jump, this will make you jump in the direction you're inputting in addition to down. My only question with the initial jump is, on a truly straight down stick, does it jump where you're facing or away?

Beyond that, can you change the kick's direction at all? In the moment I have trouble being sure I'm giving the correct input because now that I think about it I'm holding down to do the kick as well (which I'm not sure is actually necessary). Or is it much simpler than that and it just always goes in the opposite direction of the jump?


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May 28, 2015
Down B makes you jump in the direction you're facing, and it will change the direction you're facing. If you are to the left of the opponent facing them and do Down B, you'll end up to the right of the opponent, still facing them.

You can change the direction of the kick so that you kick in the direction you jumped in. If you don't do anything or you hold left in the last example and do the kick, you'll kick the opponent going left. If you hold right and then press B again, you'll do a kick away from the opponent.

Also you can wavebounce it or change the direction before the initial flip just by B-reversing it.
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