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Official [QLD] Tournament & General Thread: Next Event - UQ Smash 15 - 19/12/15


Smash Apprentice
Apr 26, 2015
I wasn't looking to start a Brawl vs Melee argument, lol. I just wanted to know why Melee's presence in the QLD Smash scene is so small. If it's just because people feel excluded from the community, let me go on record saying I'd love to see more players give the game a go. I'd be willing to offer advice and play as many friendlies as people want to get a better understanding of the game. I'm not the best player, but the game is deep as **** and it's difficult to get good at Melee without being pushed in the right direction. It's just sad to see so few people playing it at tourneys in QLD, especially since we're arguably in Melee's golden age.

And I really doubt Smash 4 will replace Melee, but I can definitely see it overshadowing Brawl when it comes out.

Edit: Oh yeah, and I'm super glad to see BC step it up and play both games. Hope to see you stick with it.

And I really doubt Smash 4 will replace Melee, but I can definitely see it overshadowing Brawl when it comes out.

It did overshadow Brawl...... I can hardly find tourneys hosting it......

Super Smash Con is including SSBB....


Smash Journeyman
May 27, 2006
i think you know
Oi, done with uni, so do you ***** have any smash stuff coming up,
I wanna play some more I can head home to tassie and smash some kids

also at that tourney in a few months :dkmelee:

King Kong

Smash Lord
Feb 13, 2005
Brisbane, Australia
Moved to The Netherlands. Bored out of my face waiting for my residency permit. I just bought a T.V/Cube/Melee and am going to a tournament. Hopefully get a game in against Zgetto or Amsah at some point. I've played melee probably twice in the past five years - this is going to be bad.

Miss you guys. - When I get back to Australia next year, Ill MM you Zac :)

Peace out
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Smash Cadet
Dec 29, 2015
If there is anyone interested in playing Sm4sh in Toowoomba send me a message, I am looking into starting a little local scene here

D.J Cat

Smash Lord
Dec 10, 2005
Brisbane - Australia
https://youtu.be/2uia2HfpAXE -Something inspiring. Donkey Kong related.

Don't know who or if anyone reads this anymore, or if there is another topic to be posting in but just saying hi.

Might be up for some kind of semi regular N64 multi-player sessions, can throw in a BBQ if people are keen as well.
What else...

Gilly turns 10 in October!
Going strong as ever.
There are videos of him still being a beast if you know where to look
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   「chase you」 
Rankings Team
Jun 8, 2007
/人◕‿‿◕人\ FABULOUS Max!
I don't know who else would read it, but my goodness is it a pleasant surprise to see you!
Hope you're well. Glad to hear Gilly is too.

There wouldn't be many more memorable travels I've made through Smash than those I made to QLD whilst staying with you playing golden eye, losing at mario party, drinking when I used to, cricket, smash, and that signed brick wall.

You'll likely find peeps in one of the facebook groups (not sure if the one stickied in a thread here is still active).


Smash Rookie
Oct 2, 2014
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Well this thread seems to be a bit dead. If you are looking for info on QLD smash events, I make sure that any of the ones I find are on QLDsmash.com
I am also the guy that runs the UQ Smash series, the final link between melee and sm4sh in brisbane. I normally go by LachlanF, LEF is my cars name.
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