Putt-Putt Revs Up! - Putt-Putt Support Thread

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Jun 9, 2018
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Yes! It is true! I am making a support thread for Putt Putt! Let's see how quickly I can make a stupid moveset for a completely random character! That character is...

NOTE: This is just a joke, of course. Don't take anything I say here seriously.

Who is Putt-Putt?
Besides being a god, Putt-Putt is a tiny purple car who isn't afraid to kick your bad word for butt and he went to the parade that one time. Obviously a hero.

Why Putt-Putt?
Putt-Putt meets Sakurai's requirements and that is all he has going for him. And don't give me that "He isn't on a Nintendo console" crap. Joker is in Smash, guys. Moveset-wise Putt-Putt would also act as another weird, wacky, yet fun character. And we like those.

What Would His Moveset Be?
Putt-Putt can do pretty much anything since he is a god, but to make him not OP, we will just use moves from his games. Since I am lazy, let's just do his specials and final smash.

Neutral Special - Pep
Pep will jump out of Putt-Putt's seat, run around, and bite foes.

Side Special - Dash
Putt-Putt dashes forward.

Up Special - Rocket
Putt-Putt uses his rocket to recover

Down Special - Time Machine
If someone hits Putt-Putt while using this move, Putt-Putt will dodge and Putt-Putt from the future will use the time machine to appear behind the foe and let Pep bite them.

Final Smash - Parade
The entire Parade will follow Putt-Putt as he moves around! Anybody who touches the parade takes loads of damage!

That's enough memes for one day.

List Of Supporters

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Just a penguin Just a penguin
Taylor F Taylor F
CallMeKnux CallMeKnux
Dyllybirdy Dyllybirdy
smash puffle smash puffle
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Jul 28, 2013
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This seems familiar like that Freddie Fish character but I don't remember what game this car is from...

I support though just from what you said in your first sentence about him.
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