PushDustIn Announces Leadership Changes in Source Gaming


On January 15th, 2019, PushDustIn announced that he will no longer be running the beloved website Source Gaming.

PushDustIn is well-known as the founder of Source Gaming and for his work as its administrator. During his time running Source Gaming, the site produced a wide assortment of content, including editorials, translations of the Super Smash Bros. Melee website and Famitsu articles, videos, reviews and interviews. Additionally, PushDustIn had an extremely heavy workload, he had to fix many technical issues including website crashes and was credited as the author of over 630 publications on Source Gaming. It was also common for him to stay up past 2 A.M. when doing translation work. Unfortunately all of this work and dedication ultimately took a toll on his personal health.

PushDustIn has said that he will still be working on projects with Source Gaming, but he clarifies that he won’t be doing as much as he did before and will take things easier from now on. Source Gaming’s Joshua “NantenJex” Goldie will be running everything in his place, however, PushDustIn assured that he will still be there to give advice whenever he’s needed. If you want to read PushDustIn’s thoughts on the matter, we’ve got the link to his Patreon post right here.
Mitchell "ZeroSoul" Brenkus


Take it easy bro. You're work through the years for our little community was and is invaluable, and it is acknowledged and appreciated.
I think he definitely made a big impact on how "facts" are cited in the community. His dedication to shedding light on misinformation was pretty impressive.

Dude, PushDustIn, you were the GOAT when it came to this. You still are. I hope you'll take it a lot easier now without doing all this. You deserve it dude.
Thank you PushDustIn and the SG team for your tireless work and input into such an informative website. A great resource, may it continue to prosper. All the best in your future endeavors and we look forward to whatever SG may have planned in the future.
Thank you for your work Push, for someone like me who love reading about trivia about games and other medias, your hardwork definitly helped in some places.

May your break goes as well as possible.