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PSYCHO CRUSHER! M. Bison graces Smash with Psycho Power!


Smash Ace
Jul 10, 2017
...the day Bison graced your game was the most important day in your life, but for me? It was Tuesday.


M. Bison, known as Vega (ベガ Bega?) in Japan, is a video game character and the primary antagonist of the Street Fighter series, first appearing as a non-playable boss in Street Fighter II before becoming playable in its update, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition. He is a self-imposed dictator and megalomaniac seeking world domination.

Fighting style
In the games, M. Bison fights with a self-taught style using the Psycho Power. In the non-canonical Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game, M. Bison is said to use the martial art developed and taught by himself, Lerdrit. Though in reality, Lerdrit is actually a Thai form of martial arts taught and used by the Royal Thai Army. It should be noted however that while M. Bison's fighting style in the games is original, it may borrow elements from Lerdrit.

In the games, M. Bison wields his deadly Psycho Power to great effect; he is known for his trademark Psycho Crusher, which sends him flying in the direction of his opponent with a damaging "torpedo" spin. The Double Knee Press (or Scissors Kick) allows him to do a forward flip which will knock the opponent away. With the Head Press, M. Bison jumps into the air and homes onto the opponent, bouncing off their heads, he can follow up and smack them with a diving hand thrust called the Somersault Skull Diver. M. Bison also possess the Devil Reverse, wherein he leaps forward like the Head Press, but then flips upside down and chops the enemy with a Psycho Power-charged hand when any punch button is pressed. This acts as both a fake-out version of the Head Press and as a viable attack, fittingly allowing M. Bison to play with his opponent's head.

In the Alpha series, his Psycho Crusher is a Super Combo (on A-ISM or Z-ISM) instead of a regular move. He also gained a couple of new moves, such as the Psycho Shot and the ability to teleport and hover in the air.

In Street Fighter V, M. Bison has a more aggressive play style than before with air juggles and on/off-the-ground attacks, his crouching Heavy Kick (sweep) knocks opponents into the air and his Head Press can now hit grounded and airborne opponents. M. Bison gains the Psycho Reflect, the move reflects projectiles back at the opponent similar to Rose's Soul Reflect. M. Bison gains Psycho Blast and Psycho Inferno. M. Bison's teleport is incredibly fast where he can teleport just before a project hits unscathed with little recovery time. His EX Scissor Kick now hits multiple times. M. Bison's V-Trigger allow him to warp from the air to the ground and perform a psycho-infused Head Stomp twice.

credit goes to half_silver28 half_silver28 (a bit outdated because this is from Brawl)

Prepare to be seduced…

by my Psycho Power! I will reveal your dark nature!

The evil leader of Shadowloo, M. Bison joins the brawl!


M. Bison (known as Vega in Japan) is a character in the Street Fighter series, who first appeared in Street Fighter 2. He is the final boss in many games in the series, including Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter EX. Bison is the leader of a worldwide criminal organization known as Shadowloo, through which he tries to realize his goal of world domination. M. Bison has near mastery over a deadly evil energy called “Psycho Power”. Bison was forced to expel all the good from his soul in order to master the Psycho Power, which only served to increase his unrelentingly evil nature. The Psycho Power also causes his body to deteriorate, as it exceeds the limits of his human body. Because of this, Bison is always searching for the body that can hold the Psycho Power in its entirety. It is for that reason that he desires to capture Ryu, as his body has that capability. Bison’s original body was destroyed at the end of Street Fighter Alpha 3, so Bison inhabits weaker bodies made by Shadowloo scientists in Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter 4.



He has no problem damaging foes, but doesn’t have a large amount of viable KO moves.


M. Bison is pretty tall, most comparable to Ike. He also floats slightly above the ground whenever he moves, so that makes him seem a tiny bit taller.

Weight: 6.5/10

Walk speed: 4/10

Run speed: 10/10

Bison easily has the best run in the game, being about equal to Ganondorf’s dash.

Dash speed: 0/10

That’s right; Bison does not have a dash. He’s rarely in a hurry to beat his opponents, preferring to savor every moment of their suffering. This also results in Bison lacking a dash attack (oh noes a shortcut! ololololol).

Traction: 9/10

First jump: 8/10

Utilizing the Psycho Power, Bison pushes himself high off the ground for a great first jump.

Second jump: 5/10

Drop speed: 5.5/10

Recovery: 4/10

Bison has 2 main recovery options, both of which are pretty predictable.

Attack Speed: 5/10

Many of his attacks come with high amounts of lag on one or both ends.

Crouch: 0/10

Why would an evil dictator lower himself to crouching?



Bison descends to his starting spot engulfed in blue Psycho Power, with his body appearing purple during this time. Bison is laughing evilly as he does this, and stops once he reaches the ground and takes his normal fighting stance.

Basic Stance
Bison stands with his legs apart and both of his arms in a fighting position in front of him, with the arm facing the screen being held higher. He certainly looks like he’s ready for action…

Idle Stance
Bison folds his arms and slowly looks around, getting impatient at his opponent’s lack of action.

Bison floats across the ground slowly with his arms crossed. A dignified walk fitting of an evil dictator such as Bison.

This looks similar to his walk, except that Bison now leans in the direction that he’s moving.

Roll Dodge
Bison’s entire body turns purple, and… he disappears? Yep, he just teleported. Bison immediately reappears 2 stage builder blocks in the direction that was pushed. This has low lag on both ends.

Bison sways back and forth on the ground, with his hat pulled down over his face. I guess he’d be embarrassed to be seen like that…

Bison slumps over, putting one of his hands on the ground to hold himself up as he doses off.


Neutral Special: Psycho Shot

Bison pulls both his hands back as they glow with pink Psycho Power, and then fires a ball of purple energy in front of him with little lag. This energy ball is the same size as a Waddle Dee, and travels forward at the speed of Bowser’s dash. It nullifies or absorbs all projectiles that contact it except for explosive ones, which destroy it. This makes it a helpful defense against projectile spammers. This move has infinite range; the energy ball travels forward until it hits something, being a good priority hitbox the entire time. It deals 8-9% damage and flinching knockback to foes, and briefly engulfs them in purple flames. Bison cannot shoot another energy ball until the previous one disappears or goes off screen. This move has low lag on both ends.

Forward Special: Psycho Crusher
Here we have M. Bison’s signature move! Bison pulls his hand back as it becomes engulfed in blue Psycho Power. He then launches himself forward, traveling a total distance of 4 stage builder blocks. He travels about as quickly as Pikachu does with its Skull Bash move. Bison’s entire body is engulfed in blue Psycho Power during this move, and has good priority as a result. Anyone hit by his body takes 12-13% damage and medium knockback, killing at 170% damage. This move has medium lag on both ends.

Up Special: Psycho Stomp
Bison immediately jumps towards the nearest opponent, who has to be within 2 and a half stage builder blocks of Bison for him to hit them. Otherwise, he will just jump 2 and a half stage builder blocks towards them and land with low end lag. If Bison manages to hit them, he will stomp on their head with both feet, dealing 12% damage and high hitstun (as much as a half-charged down smash from Zamus). If this hits an airborne foe, they will act as if Bison footstool jumped them. This part of the move has great priority as well. If Bison uses this while a ledge is in range (and a foe is not), Bison will automatically jump to the ledge and grab it.

If Bison hits someone with the stomp, the second part of this attack occurs. He jumps up into the air, getting the same height that his second jump gives him. He then fastfalls to the ground. However, if the A button is hit when he gets to the max height of his jump, he plunges back down towards the foe quickly, falling headfirst with both his hands in front of him. His hands are a good priority hitbox during this, and if he manages to hit someone (which isn’t likely in 1 on 1 fights), they take 8% damage and low knockback. This move as a whole has low lag on both ends.

Down Special: High-Tech Support
Bison faces the screen and closes his eyes. He opens them after 3 seconds, with his eyes briefly glowing blue. He is free to move after that. 5 seconds later, someone drops down from the top of the screen and lands at that spot. It’s a girl, or more specifically, its one of Bison’s “dolls”. The dolls are a group of teenage girls that were kidnapped by Shadowloo and brainwashed, and thus were forced to serve Bison. Bison can only have one doll out at a time, and cannot use this move more than once per stock. There are 3 different girls that can be called using this move, with all of them having an equal chance to appear:




Regardless of who appears, they are more akin to actual characters than assist trophies, having a shield and fairly quick spot and roll dodges. They will all go after opponents with the intelligence of a level 7 CPU (although they are slightly more aggressive). All the girls have a height of 7/10, a weight of 4/10, run speed of 8/10, two jumps of 7.5/10 & 4/10 respectively and a drop speed of 6/10. All three girls also share this mini-moveset:

The dolls have a ton of attacks. Click Here for their move list.

Despite all the moves the dolls have, they only have 20% health. Once they take that amount of damage, they are knocked to the ground. However, they will immediately get up and go after the person who knocked them down, having super armor the whole time. They will then try to hit them with this super powerful attack:

Spin-Dive Smasher
Cammy/Juni/Juli gets into an initially strange looking pose, having her face backwards and be slightly hunched over. Cammy briefly leaves behind several blue after-images of herself while getting into her attack pose, which takes a tiny bit more than half a second to do. Any opponent who is right next to her or less than 2 stage builder blocks in front of her will be frozen in place during this period. Cammy will also be briefly surrounded with balls of white energy, which rotate around her before forming a design that looks kind of like a throwing star (this is all just for effect). She then performs what looks exactly like her forward special, Spiral Arrow. Only this time, she can score multiple hits with it, with 4 hits being the maximum. Once that part is finished, Cammy immediately uses her up special, Cannon Spike, which is also able to score multiple hits (3 being the max). The final hit deals high knockback. This combo deals 4% damage per hit, maxing out at 28% damage total. Cammy/Juli/Juni has great priority during the entire combo, and leave behind blue after-images for effect. Just like for the specials, Juni & Juli remain silent, but Cammy yells out “Spin Drive Smasher!” when she uses this.

If 5 seconds pass before Cammy/Juli/Juni uses this move on the opponent who knocked them down, they will automatically use it no matter where they are. Regardless, they disappear after using this.

Basic Attacks

Neutral A Combo: Psycho Spark

Bison quickly puts his feet together and rises a very short distance into the air with his arms crossed. His entire body suddenly surges with blue Psycho Power for a second. His whole body is a decent priority hitbox during this time dealing 7-8% damage and medium-low knockback that can’t kill. This move has low lag on both ends.

Forward Tilt: Shin Counter
Bison quickly throws a punch in front of himself, the force of which causes a large wave of pink Psycho Power to briefly form in front of him. The energy wave counts as a disjointed hitbox, giving the move good range and priority. This deals 9% damage and low knockback, and briefly engulfs the foe in purple flames. This move has low lag on both ends.

This move also has an additional function: it will reflect most energy-based projectiles right back at their user (it simply destroys or deflects most others). This includes things such as Lucario’s aura sphere and even R.O.B.’s laser, with the latter requiring precise timing. It however will not reflect Samus’ fully charged charge shot (the moves simply clash).

Up Tilt: Silver Psycho Strike
Bison faces the screen and raises one fist up into the air, reaching about half a stage builder block above his head. Almost immediately, a white bolt of lightning shoots from the background and hits his fist, making it surge with electricity for a moment. Bison’s fist becomes a good priority hitbox, dealing 12% damage and medium upwards knockback, killing at 160% damage. However, due to Bison’s height, this move will completely miss shorter characters who are standing right next to him. A foe would have to be at least the height of Luigi to be hit by this while standing next to Bison. This makes it more useful for countering aerial attacks than anything else. This move has medium lag on both ends.

Down Tilt: Mountain Breaker
Bison kneels down slightly and puts the palm of his hand on the ground. His palm glows with blue Psycho Power very briefly as a sudden gust of wind comes from the spot. All this adds up to give this move high start lag. Blue and yellow flames then flow out from under his hand and travel along the ground in both directions, taking about half a second to do so. The flames travel 2 and a half stage builder blocks on both sides before fading, and are a good priority hitbox. They deal 5% damage and brief hitstun, and can actually hit foes up to 3 times if they are standing right next to Bison, for a total of 15% possible damage. This move has low end lag.


Forward Smash: Scissor Kick

After a brief charging stance, Bison jumps one stage builder block forward (a fairly short jump that doesn’t get far off the ground). He jumps with his feet in front of him, with one of his legs raised up near his chest. This makes his legs take a “V” shape as he attacks. At about the midpoint of the move, his non-raised leg becomes a hitbox. If he hits an opponent with it, they’ll be stunned long enough for Bison to hit them with the second part of the attack. Bison brings down his raised lag as he lands, hitting the opponent again as he does so. This move deals a total of 16% damage (22% charged), and the second hit deals medium knockback that kills at 160% damage. Bison suffers low start lag and medium end lag from the attack.

Up Smash: Spirit Release
Bison floats slightly into the air, just like he does for his neutral combo, only resulting in low start lag. 2 balls of energy, both being the same size as a smoke ball item, then begin to rotate around him, first appearing just below his shoulders and working their way up to his head. They have good priority as well. Once they reach that point, which takes about .4 seconds, they suddenly fly straight up above Bison. They travel 4 stage builder blocks upwards before they disappear.

Any foe who gets trapped in this move can be hit up to five times, taking 18% damage (25% charged). The final hit occurs when the energy balls shoot above Bison, dealing medium horizontal knockback that kills at 180%. The energy balls are actually bad priority hitboxes as they fly above Bison, dealing 6% damage and very low knockback. Unfortunately, this move has high end lag due to Bison taking his time to get back on the ground after firing the energy balls.

Down Smash: Psycho Burn
Bison puts his outstretched hand in front of him slowly, giving this move high start lag. His hand suddenly flashes with blue Psycho Power, and a wall of blue flames appears half a stage builder block in front of him. This wall is about as tall as Mario and has great priority, and actually floats slightly above the ground. Anyone who is hit by the wall right as it forms takes 12% damage (19% charged) and medium-low knockback. Bison suffers medium end lag from this move.

However, directly attacking is not the main function of this move. The flame wall will stay on the stage for a set amount of time, depending on how long the move is charged. It will only remain for 2 seconds with no charge, but will stay put for 7 seconds at full charge. The wall has decent priority during this time, and deals 5% damage and slight knockback to foes who touch it, being able to easily score multiple hits if they don’t DI out of it. A good strategy would be for Bison to knock his foe into the wall and force them to take extra damage and possibly follow up with another strike. It should also be noted that, surprisingly, the flame wall doesn’t affect projectiles at all.


Neutral Aerial: Psycho Storm

Bison’s entire body is suddenly surrounded by purple waves of energy, which travel around him very quickly as if they were strong gusts of wind. The energy waves last for half a second. having decent priority, as well as dealing 6% damage and medium-low knockback. This move also has a slight wind effect, which slowly draws opponents to Bison if they are within 3 stage builder blocks of him. The move has low start lag and medium end lag.

Forward Aerial: Irreconcilably
Bison grabs in front of him, having low lag on both ends. If he actually manages to grab someone, he’ll immediately throw them downwards, dealing 9% damage and medium-low downwards knockback. This also works as a pseudo-counter move. If the button input is pressed right as a foe attacks him, he will grab them out of the move and throw them (this doesn’t counter projectiles). This move still has low end lag.

Back Aerial: Psycho Destruction
Bison puts both of his hands behind him, and they start glowing with blue Psycho Power. After about .4 seconds, a blast of energy shoots out from his hands, which reaches one stage builder block away from Bison and has great priority. It deals 13% damage and medium-high knockback that kills at 120%, and engulfs the foe in blue flames. This move has medium end lag.

Up Aerial: Psycho Reverse
Bison flips upside down, and lets loose with a two-footed stomp that resembles Ganondorf’s, only… upside down. Bison’s feet glow with purple Psycho Power as he attacks. The stomp has OK range, and good priority. Anyone who gets hit by the stomp itself takes 12% damage and high knockback that kills at 80% damage, making this Bison’s best KO move. Bison’s attack has such impressive force that it can even damage opponent who are slightly out of his range. A foe who is no more than half a stage builder block out of his range will receive 4% damage and slight knockback from the force of the attack. This move has low start lag, but high end lag.

Down Aerial: Psycho Dive
Bison puts one hand on his wrist, and his other hand is suddenly engulfed in blue Psycho Power, which results in only low start lag. Bison then fastfalls straight towards the ground headfirst, with his Psycho Power engulfed hand pointing towards the ground. His hand is a good priority hitbox, dealing 7% damage and low knockback, and well as engulfing the foe in blue flames. Bison is also able to sweetspot ledges while he is using this move as well. Bison suffers medium end lag if he lands on the ground.



Bison grabs in front of him with one hand, a pretty standard grab. He holds foes above his head with one hand once he grabs them. This grab has low lag on both ends.

Bison punches his foe with his fist, which is glowing with blue Psycho Power. Each punch deals 4% damage, but Bison punches at a pretty slow rate, so you won’t be able to add that much damage with it.

Forward Throw: Judgement
Bison throws his victim diagonally in front of him, but they don’t go very far. Bison then
delivers the same motion that he uses to attack with his neutral special, and fires a ball of purple energy at his victim at point black range. This deals 10% damage and medium, downward angled knockback. This throw has low end lag.

Back Throw: Seek No Escape
Bison kicks his victim in the gut twice, and lifts them over his head with his foot after the second hit. He then flips them behind him, throwing them straight to the ground 2 stage builder blocks away. This combo does a total of 11% damage. Bison has to turn around while doing this, so he ends up facing his victim. If Bison manages to throw his victim off a ledge, they will fall downwards with low knockback. This move has medium end lag.

Up Throw: Rising Dragoon
Bison simply punches his opponent upwards. However, once they fly half a stage builder block above Bison, they stop in midair as they suddenly take 10 rapid hits from an unseen force (what the heck did that punch do anyway?). The victim then flies upward, taking 12% damage and medium knockback that kills at 170%. This move has low lag on both ends.

Down Throw: Amusementive Crime
Bison throws his opponent to the ground, having them land in a position that makes it look as if they are bowing to him. Bison them grabs their wrists and his hands flash with blue Psycho Power. He electrocutes his victim, sending them forward with 10% damage and low knockback. Their body also surges with blue electricity for about a second afterwards. This move has medium end lag, as Bison laughs evilly after he electrocutes his foe.

Final Smash

Nightmare Booster

Bison has grabbed the smash ball! This can’t be good at all. The screen zooms in on Bison for about a second when he activates his attack. Everyone else is frozen as he moves his hand across his neck in a “you’re in for it now…” motion. The screen then zooms back out as Bison lets loose with two consecutive forward smashes. If he manages to hit someone with either of them, the screen zooms back in slightly and the move continues. Bison proceeds to use Psycho Crusher, scoring multiple hits on his victim. He then grabs them and flies up into the air, still being surrounded in blue flames from using Psycho Crusher. He loops around and comes back down, slamming the victim into the ground. Bison then jumps up, no longer surrounded by flames, and stomps on the foe as if he were using his up special on them. The cinematic ends at this point, with the camera zooming out. The victim then takes a full 50% damage and takes great upwards knockback which kills at 75% damage.

Playing as M. Bison: (Psycho) Crushing the Competition
Bison is not what has become expected from villains in Smash Bros. He looks and moves like a heavyweight, but his weight is just above average. Instead of having a large amount of KO moves, Bison has great aerial moves and several options to counter campers. Let’s take a closer look at the Shadowloo leader…

Bison seems like a very good character when one first starts playing as him. He can damage rack quite easily with his smashes and grabs. His down smash is especially useful, with Bison being able to follow up on it well with other moves. Also, camping is not a very good option when facing Bison, as the evil dictator’s neutral special, forward tilt and down tilt all but stop their attempts at camping. Bison is very good at forcing the opponent to approach. He also has a ton of spacing and stage control options. Besides his anti-camping moves, Bison has his forward special, up special, neutral combo, down smash, neutral aerial and back throw for those purposes. The down special is Bison’s wild card; if he can manage to summon one of his dolls, he can damage rack even more easily against a distracted opponent, or even go for the KO.

Unlike most villainous characters in Smash, Bison is actually a good aerial combatant. He has large variety of options with his aerials. The neutral aerial is a decent spacing tool, his forward air functions as a counter, and his “stall and fall” down aerial is actually useful. It seems like Bison is good at everything.

However, that is hardly the case. Bison has a surprising lack of KO moves, with his only real options being his up and back aerials. He has more options once he gets his opponent into the 160%-180% damage range, but it would be hard to wait that long every stock. Bison is also set back by his slow ground movement, which prevents him from approaching effectively, and forces him to rely on his spacing and stage control moves in order to get around effectively. A lot of his attacks also have significant amounts of lag; Bison can easily be punished if he uses his attacks at the wrong time. And the dictator’s height makes him an easy target for combos. Bison’s final glaring weakness is his recovery. His only recovery options are his up and forward specials, both of which are extremely predictable, and his up special is severely limited in its range.

M. Bison is a character with a lot of strength and versatility, but he has a few glaring weaknesses that hold him back from being all-powerful. His game relies upon forcing his opponents to approach him, and then dealing a ton of damage with his great damage racking and stage control game. Once he gets them to a high enough damage percent, he has to rely on his up and back aerials in order to get KOs. Bison has never been one to kill his foes quickly, he likes to watch them suffer as long as he can. “This is Delicious!”

Taunts & Victory Animations

Up Taunt: Tribute to the Master

Bison puts his legs together and folds his arms, smiling as he laughs evilly.

Side Taunt: God Hands
Bison turns towards the screen and puts one of his fists in front of him vertically. His fist glows with blue Psycho Power as he clenches it and says “Pathetic…” in Japanese.

Down Taunt: This is Delicious!
Bison takes out what looks like a handheld TV and looks at it for a few seconds, then puts it away. Lolwut? Actually, in order to truly use this taunt, you have to use it right after a foe is KOed by Bison. He will take out the TV again, and then says his immortal catchphrase: “Yes! Yes! This is Delicious!”

Victory Pose One: True Power
Bison descends down from the sky slowly, laughing as he does so. Once he hits the ground, he says “Your powers are nothing… before the might of the Psycho Power!” in Japanese.

Two: Daybreak
Bison is seen holding the last place finisher by the throat (or whoever finished the lowest). He throws them to the ground and fires a Psycho Shot at them, which actually disappears into the victim’s body. They immediately get up and try to go after Bison, only to collapse in pain, holding their chest. Bison then says “That’s right. Hate me! Despise me! The Psycho Power feeds off of it!” in Japanese. Bison then laughs evilly, the laugh being more drawn out than usual.

Three: Doll Eyes
This pose will only happen if one of Bison’s dolls KOed an opponent during the match. Juni, Juli and Cammy all are on the screen, and Bison teleports onto the screen. All three girls salute him as he appears. Bison then says “You’ve done well… name of doll who last KOed a foe! But I have another mission for you…”. All three girls then answer by saying “Yes sir!”

Victory Theme
End Battle (classic)

Other Stuff

Item Interaction

Bison has a special thing he can say when he eats food items, just like Snake. There is a 10% chance that Bison will say “This is Delicious!” when he eats a food item. lol.

Series Symbol
The letters ‘SF’, written in a style similar to this.

Wiimote Sound
Bison lets out an evil laugh. Xd.

Kirby Hat
Kirby gains Bison’s signature red hat, and access to Psycho Shot.

Snake Codec
Snake: There’s something that’s not right about this guy… his smile creeps me out.
Otacon: That’s M. Bison Snake. He’s the leader of an international crime syndicate called Shadowloo. His smile is certainly not used to make friends…
Snake: He sounds dangerous already… but what’s this power he’s using to fight me with?
Otacon: Bison fights with Psycho Power, an evil energy that gives him great power. But it came with a price; Bison had to relinquish all the good in his soul in order to master it. It’s made him unimaginably evil.
Snake: It seems like this guy could be a huge threat to the world. But I’ll take him out right now.
Otacon: Be careful Snake. He is k- GAAAAAH!!!
Snake: Otacon! What’s going on? !!!
Bison: Yes! Yes! This is Delicious!


Stage: Secret Point 48106

So this stage is pretty much the most basic of basic, being a flat walk-off stage with no real tricks to it. Lighting will occasionally strike and light up the screen every so often, but that’s about it. This is a stage meant for straight forward fighting without any obstructions, just how Bison likes it!

M. Bison Theme (original)
Akuma Theme (original)
Sagat vs Ryu
Garnet Sky
The Road
No More Swingin’
Untamable Fists
Brave or Grave
The Judgement Day
Tribute to the Master
Rose Theme (Street Fighter IV)
Secret Laboratory

Assist Trophy

Balrog is a member of Shadowloo, being one of Bison’s three personal bodyguards. Upon appearing, Balrog immediately starts attacking in a similar manner to the Little Mac AT, exclusively using punches. He has the same speed and jumping ability as Little Mac as well. What separates them is that Balrog is smarter and more aggressive. Once he jumps near a foe he’ll quickly charge them with multiple punches that deal 15% damage and medium knockback. Also, if anyone tries to attack Balrog, he’ll simply short hop over their attack to dodge it and counter with one of his own. Don’t try to fight Balrog, just run. Balrog sticks around for 10 seconds, and uses a super move before he goes. He charges at the opponent 3 successive times, dealing 12% damage with each punch, and the last blow deals high knockback.

There is also a special easter egg that occurs when Bison summons Balrog. Balrog will not attack right away. Instead, he will take out 2 VHS tapes from… somewhere… and say “I guess you don’t need those tapes I made for you… want me to get rid of them?” Bison will automatically respond, saying “Don’t be hasty now… not until I see those ‘street fighters’ pummeled to dust!” Balrog then proceeds to put the tapes back to wherever they came from and start to go after opponents.

M. Bison, Cammy Ryu, Ken Masters, Chun-li, Akuma, Guile, Sagat, Vega, Balrog, Sakura, Rose, Charlie Nash, Crimson Viper, Gen, Zangief, Dhalsim, Juli & Juni, Dan, Gouken, T. Hawk, Blanka, E. Honda, Guy, Sodom, Rolento, Fei Long, Adon, Birdie, Gill, Alex, Ibuki, England, Secret Point 48106.

M. Bison, M. Bison(alt), Cammy, Cammy(alt), Ryu, Evil Ryu, Ken Masters, Chun-li, Chun-li(alt), Akuma, Shin Akuma, Guile, Sagat, Vega, Balrog, Sakura, Rose, Charlie Nash, Crimson Viper, Gen, Zangief, Dhalsim, Juli & Juni, Dan, Gouken, Blanka, E. Honda, Guy, Sodom, Rolento, Fei Long, Adon, Birdie, Gill, Alex, Ibuki, Dee Jay, Seth, Abel, Karin, Dudley, Hugo, Yang, Yun, Urien, Sean, Rufus, El Fuerte, Makoto, Necro, Twelve, Elena, Oro, Remy, Q, Cody, Eagle, R. Mika, Doctrine Dark, Garuda, Hokuto, Kairi, Skullomania

All who oppose me will be destroyed!

Thread is a work in progress

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I think we could use more villain characters for Smash, especially M. Bison, so count me in for support! I wonder if they’d get Yoko Shimomura to do a remix of his theme? I also think a Smash remix of Brave or Grave would be pretty cool too.
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Jul 10, 2017
thanks for all the Bison support so far!

if you like Street Fighter, fighting games, or just think they look cool feel free to support my threads for Guile, Elena, and Karin. Click the sprites in my signature to go to their support threads! feedback for music, movesets, challenger packs, etc. are appreciated as well
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