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PSA: Crossup nair is really good guys


Smash Hero
Jul 19, 2010
Grieving No Longer
Not only is it fast enough to beat almost every OOS option when grab is gone, but versus CC you almost certainly will have enough time to CC yourself.

A couple days ago I got blindsided in bracket by a Snake player who I hadn't fought in many months but has clearly gotten a lot better in the intervening time. One of several reasons I lost was that I didn't know how to handle crouch. Turns out Pit can crossup nair snake, hold down, tank his CC dtilt with your own CC (true CC on it lasts from 0-76 on the front hit and 0-84 on the back hit), and then do your own dtilt, which--if what I'm seeing here is correct--will give you the meteor hitbox, which will give you enough frame advantage to grab (just barely) at low percents, will force a tech at mid percents, and of course combos very well at higher percents (it looks like it may combo into upB at kill percents vs. a Snake who is still holding down when he gets hit by the dtilt, still working that out). It probably can do similar things in other matchups.

I used to think 3.6 nair was pretty bad in neutral (blame CPUs for SDI'ing it up a billion times) but it helps plug the CC/shield-shaped hole in Pit's offensive game, which is super good.
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