Project M horazontal UP-B for Ultimate Kirby (Kirby Moveset Request thread)

Do you think Kirby's current move set is a good one or should it be changed?

  • No, it's perfect!

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  • It's not good enough and should be changed!

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  • I don't know

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  • It should be changed but not that much.

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Jan 30, 2019
In project M Kirby had an addition to his UP-B that allowed him to move horizontally if you hold the B button and rotated the left stick 90° from up to right or left depending on the direction you were facing, I think this move needs to appear in Ultimate! The possibilities for Kirby are ridiculously huge, and in my opinion his current move set doesn't do him justice. So I have created this thread to ask every Kirby fan on smashboards to start discussing a better move set that will give Kirby proper representation of all of his copy abilities in the Kirby series. I think that Kirby's dash attack returning from melee is absolutely something the character required, and the hammer is also a good ability, his tilts are also fine, but lets find the things that need changing, and maybe Nintendo and Sakurai will hear our requests and change Kirby.

For starters (other than the project m horizontal up b request) I think Kirby should have his down smash changed to his spark ability.
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