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Problems vs Fast Fallers (Especially Spacies!)


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Jul 26, 2014
Hey whats up I'm Maddox. I was a Yoshi main in 3.5 but a combination of Yoshi nerfs and Pit buffs in 3.6 has re-sparked my interest in Pit. I had a pit in 3.0 so I have the basics of the character down and I've been doing pretty well with him but I really REALLY struggle against fast-fallers, particularly spacies. For reference here is a video of my Pit getting absolutely trashed by IPK's Fox last Monday (Note: I usually go pretty even vs his Fox with Yoshi and consistently take his Lucario to last stock with Yoshi)


It feels really difficult to deal with Fox in neutral with Pit (though I know I made a ton of bad choices) but the main problem I have seems to be my punish game. I rarely get follow-ups off of my grabs or hits and if I do they don't last very long. Anybody have advice for the match-up?
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