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Pro Skater for Smash Ultimate DLC


Smash Rookie
Mar 31, 2020
First Appearance - Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater - September 29, 1999 (PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, DreamCast, N-Gage)

The Pro Skater is a character from the Tony Hawk’s Series. They have little to no background due to being a customizable avatar for the Pro Skater series. However, their height would be similar to Link’s and their weight would be similar to Donkey Kong’s. The Pro Skater hasn’t really been in any other games except for it’s own, so trying to make a moveset is fairly easy, for me at least.

The only reviews I know off the top of my head are from The Completionist. For those who don’t know, it’s pretty self-explanatory. He beats every single game he plays 100%, no matter what. Persona 5 is excluded from it, as he admitted that’s he’s stressed with it and just got the Platinum Trophy. If I’m not mistaken, he’s played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 and 3. And he’s given them both a 9-10/10 a.k.a. Complete It!

What‘s Pro Skater’s Role in Smash?
Literally none. There‘s no music, as it‘s mostly copyright music, no character, stage, Spirit, etc. I don‘t think Pro Skater would get in, as they‘re mostly based off real life people.

What Would They Play Like?
Glad you asked! I made a moveset for him over on the Smash Bros. Movesets SubReddit. It wasn’t an actual post though. It was just me giving my ideas in the comments. So tell me what you think!
Smash Attacks

Side Smash - The Pro Skater gets off of his skateboard and uses it as weapon. Has about the same range as Samus/Dark Samus’ Side Smash. 18% of damage.

Down Smash - He “tries to balance” on his board while it goes back and forth. 18%

Up Smash - He does a quick nose grab while his feet are in the air and he starts spinning. 18%

Tilt Attacks

Standing Attack - A Punch, Kick and Swing with his Skateboard. 4%, 6%, 8%

Side Tilt - He kicks his skateboard. 12%

Dash Attack - He pretends to fall off his skateboard. Where the Pro Skater lands can be aimed to the left or right. The skateboard does 10% of damage, while Pro Skater does 12%

Down Tilt - He kicks his skateboard in front of him. 8%

Up Tilt - He does a quick nose grab while his feet are in the air. 10%

Air Attacks

Neutral Air - He performs a 360 Indy Nosebone, dealing 13% all around him.

Forward Air - He performs a front flip. The end of this move has meteor effect. 13%

Back Air - He performs a Method, dealing 13% of damage behind him.

Down Air - He uses his feet to slam his board down below him. The start of this move has meteor effect. 14%

Up Air - He performs a backflip. The end of this move has meteor effect. 13%

Special Attacks

Neutral Special - Backflip - This acts like a counter move. Pro Skater stoops down to grab his skateboard and, if timed right, he’ll use his skateboard to bounce off of the opponent and deals 18% of damage. It also has massive knockback. This can also deflect projectiles. If this fails, he’ll stand back up on the skateboard and try to maintain his balance, which will leave him vulnerable for 2 seconds.

Side Special - Ollie - He jumps and performs an Ollie. This covers about the same distance as Little Mac’s Side Special. The only difference is that you can press “B” twice during the move: Once to activate the move, and once to cancel it. The end of this move has a bit of end lag and has meteor effect. Total Damge: 28%

Down Special - Grind - Pro Skater jumps and a rail is summoned below him about the size of 2 Ice Climbers and starts grinding on it. This part of the move does 15% of damage. You can press “Up” on the control stick or press “X” or “Y” to jump and then press “B” to flip your skateboard dealing 13% of damage or you can press “A” to perform one of your aerial attacks. Once the Pro Skater jumps off of the other side of the rail, this has meteor effect. 15%

Up Special - Half-Pipe - A half-pipe is summoned and the Pro Skater goes flying upwards. This covers the same distance as Yoshi’s Flutter Jump. If timed right, you can press “B” and do a Boardslide that deals 15% of damage. But there is a catch. If you activate a boardslide, you cannot finish the rest of the move. If used in the air, the half-pipe will fall and deal 25% of damage. If used on the ground, it will stay on the ground for 5 seconds and opponents can damage it. If it takes more than 10% of damage it will disappear.

Final Smash

Skating Rank

Pro Skater dashes forward and, if it lands, transports him and the opponent to a Skating Rank. All of the Skaters then start skating, dealing damage. Once they’re all done, the Pro Skater comes in with a giant Skateboard and slams it on the opponent. Total Damage: 50%

Anyways that’s it with this post! Let me if you support Pro Skater!

Gaming-101 a.k.a. SEGAGameBoy (Me!)
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Smash Journeyman
Aug 5, 2015
I would much rather have Mindy from American Wasteland. Nope no customizable characters in smash for me,
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