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Guide Princess Peach Guide. Master Edition Pt.1 (SSB4) Video


Smash Legend
May 13, 2006
Manhattan, New York
Dark.Pch submitted a new guide:

Princess Peach Guide. Master Edition Pt.1 (SSB4) Video - Peach tutorial of high level play for smash 4

This is a start to a new series of videos I will start making. In these types of vids, I will be giving out tips, tricks and advice a player would need to be consistent with Peach to achieve high placings at tournaments and even win them. In this video I will be going over what happens at the start of a match, your goal in one and switching between aggressive and defensive playstyles. Peach has some pretty cool ways to get a kill off. So in this vid I will be showing off some ways to get the...
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