Predicting Fighter Pass V2


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Nov 6, 2019
So I know I'm not exactly one to say who can or can't be in Smash, I'd love to say who I think it could be...
Now my predictions could change between now and 2022, but for now, here's who I think it could be:

1. Urshifu
A powerful new pokemon, that looks like it was made to brawl against other video game all-stars

2. Master Chief
The voice actor for the announcer has said he has voiced phrases for Master Chief & plenty of other characters, although he doesn't know exactly which of those matter. This would also raise insane amounts of hype in the community.

3. Peashooter
This one is more of a personal wish, but I've been wanting a Peashooter from PvZ to be a PP Semi-Clone for ages. I think it could happen and it would be a good PopCap rep.

4. Lara Croft
Sakurai has admitted that Smash isn't just a fighting game anymore. Its a celebration of gaming! Whos a more known girl in gaming than Lara Croft? We have Princess Peach & Samus already, & I think they are the only 2 that compare!

5. Scorpion
Mortal Kombat is a very popular fighting game right up there with the likes of Street Fighter! Ryu vs Scorpion would be the biggest fight since Freddy vs Jason!

6. Heihachi OR Crash Bandicoot
-Heihachi's Mii costume has disappeared & has yet to re-appear in Smash Ultimate. With most pther characters, this has meant they've shown up as a fighter, like King K. Rool.

-Crash Bandicoot is a beloved character thats been around almost as long as Mario. They've even had beef. May I remind you all... 'Hey, Plummer Boy!'

What do you think of my predictions? If this was actually how it happened? How would you react?
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