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Pre-Apex 2012, F*** Your Johns Results, January 5 2012


Smash Hero
Apr 27, 2007
1: Axe ($75.00) :younglinkmelee: :falcomelee: :pikachumelee:
2: hugs ($37.50) :samusmelee:
3: DaShizWiz ($12.50) :falconmelee: :falcomelee:
4: Druggedfox :foxmelee:
5: StriCNYN3 :falcomelee:
5: Eggz :foxmelee:
7: Nintendude :iceclimbers:
7: Linguini :sheikmelee:
9: soft :jigglypuffmelee:
9: Mahone :jigglypuffmelee:
9: project :falconmelee:
9: J666 :linkmelee:
13: Slox :falconmelee: :falcomelee:
13: Zoler :foxmelee:
13: WestBallz :falcomelee:
13: Yuri :ganonmelee:
17: chain-ace :foxmelee: :falcomelee:
17: ILM :marthmelee:
17: Smelly Cat :marthmelee:
17: h3aderon :marthmelee:
17: TheDekuNut :falcomelee:
17: PB&J :foxmelee:
17: Pyro :roymelee:
17: Bolt :foxmelee:
17: blankdots :foxmelee:


Smash Hero
Apr 27, 2007
Don't take these results too seriously. We were all havin fun, $5 entry and agreed that its too stacked to seed without doing pools, so to just do a bracket have fun and warm up for apex. so some placed lower since some people didn't enter. Axe went young link for most of the tourney. Shiz falcon. Hugs went tryhard the whole timke tho lol. I entered as driver, played 3 friendlies before getting 2 0d and continued giving ppl rides to train station and back etc. Overall it was a blast. Slox and zoler u have yet to see the real me :)


Smash Journeyman
Jul 30, 2011
Freehold NJ
This tourny was fun i just had friendlies with a bunch of people maybe next tourny if I'm better i will enter.

S l o X

Smash Champion
Aug 17, 2009
bridgeport, ct
haha chain. i understand you were playing poorly, don't worry bro. i've seen you in friendlies and i watch your matches vs stric.

on that note, pr0ject good matches but i don't plan on losing to you ever again. (thanks for the compliments though they did mean a lot, i'm glad the matches were somewhat close so i didn't get exposed too hard. solid falcon, glad you don't play ganon anymore lol)


Smash Hero
Apr 27, 2007
Nah nah no johns you beat me bro, and that falcon was lookin smooth. Just watch out for next time haha.

Unfortunately I don't have many videos from this. I'm sure you all remember that there were power outages that happened while I was gone picking up linguini, axe, vectorman, and tai from the train station. Due to that, the main long running video file was corrupted and it took up most of the space on the hard drive. I only have stric vs shiz, stric vs druggedfox (winners), and I believe slox vs project and a small portion of axe vs hugs that is cut off.

Some great matches were lost like shiz vs nintendude MM. Shiz vs hugs, hugs vs axe in winners. But it was a power outage, and the videos were lost immediately. Nothing can be done =(


Smash Hero
Apr 27, 2007
Quite a few sets got corrupted, but I recovered all I could and still have good amount of videos from this tournament :0

20120105-144142_smelly cat vs nintendude mm.mpg
20120105-144142_yuri vs nintendude friendly.mpg
20120105-171935_DaSHIZwiz vs mers friendly 2.mpg
20120105-171935_DASHIZWIZ VS MERS FRIENDLY 3.mpg
20120105-171935_dashizwiz vs mers friendly.mpg
20120105-171935_dashizwiz vs project friendly.mpg
20120105-171935_DaShizWiz vs StriCNYN3 friendly set.mpg
20120105-171935_dashizwiz vs yuri friendly 2.mpg
20120105-171935_dashizwiz vs yuri friendly 3.mpg
20120105-171935_dashizwiz vs yuri friendly.mpg
20120105-171935_DaShizWiz vspb&j friendly.mpg
20120105-211506 Slox vs Project.MPG
20120105-211951 DaShizWiz vs Pyro.MPG
20120105-212410_hugs vs mers.mpg
20120105-212410_StriCNYN3 vs Druggedfox.mpg
20120105-215543_DaShizWiz vs Blankdots.mpg
20120105-215543_DaShizWiz vs soft.mpg
20120105-215543_Linguini vs Hugs.mpg
20120105-222153 HuGs vs Nintendude1189.MPG
20120105-223400 DaShizWiz vs HuGs.MPG
20120105-224303_Linguini vs Eggz.mpg
20120105-231050 DaShizWiz vs Eggz.MPG
20120105-231735_Axe vs Hugs winners finals.mpg
20120105-231735_DaShizWiz vs Druggedfox.mpg
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