Practical uses for Charlie walk/Boost run?


Smash Rookie
Dec 14, 2014
While looking through the grounded movement mega thread, it seems YL gains more speed than most characters during a moonwalk, which would (if I'm interpreting things correctly...) mean he gains lots of speed from a Boost Run; he should gain higher than dash speed from it I think.

Given that his runturn animation in which he gains his boost speed is 34(?) frames long, even ignoring the stickywalk as part of the setup this seems like it is very committal, probably reactable. It could maybe be done well out of a dashdance if one practiced hard enough, and that might make it tricky and unpredictable enough to be used as a surprise high speed approach. Maybe it could be used as a retreat? Perhaps not, too much startup to get out of the way of what you're retreating from.

This tech seems good in a vacuum for the raw speed it gives, but if it were really that good I feel like Fox and Falcon mains would be exploiting the ludicrous speeds those characters get from their boost runs in tournament.

Sorry if I'm long winded. The important part is what better players think because I'm pretty bad tbh and probably missed at least one crucial factor here. What do you guys think? Useful for anything?


Smash Journeyman
Mar 17, 2015
maybe for edgeguarding, Falco's like to moonwalk offstage to get running momentum for a bair. Edgeguarding is probably the only time where you'll have time to set it up.