Pound 2016 Announced!

Another Smash major is incoming! Just announced on the VGBootCamp Stream on April 2nd through 3rd Pound 2016 will take place! The tournament will have events for Smash 64, Melee, Smash 4, and will take place at the Ritz-Carlton in Tyson's Corner. The event will be streamed by VGBootCamp and is set to have some special spectacles including an 8 man Melee Iron Man with participants decided on by the community as well as Smash 4 regional crew battles.

The tournament is set to be hosted by Nintendude, Tantalus, and Plank. While Plank is currently the only blacklisted tournament organizer on Smashboards due to players not being payed at Pound 5, it seems that several players are being payed now which has lead Smashboards to consider removing him from the blacklist.

Ready for the next big Smash major in 2016? Excited to see how Pound 2016 turns out? Sound off in the comments below and stay tuned to Smashboards for future breaking news!
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Slowly but surely, he is making due with what he did.

I'll give him props for that at least.

Still seems interesting and I will pay attention to how they run this one compared to other ones.
Isn't the TO on the blacklist? Not sure if I should support this event.... ://////\/\/\//
He was blacklisted because he didn't payout for Pound 5 because of situations he explained on stream after Pound 2016 was announced. Plank just started paying out for Pound 5 today and will continue across the next few days, I believe.

He mentioned on stream that he's not in charge of the finances this time around anyway nor does he want to be, Nintendude is in charge. Nintendude is the main TO this time around, I believe, Plank is just helping out.
Isn't the TO on the blacklist? Not sure if I should support this event.... ://////\/\/\//
People should be more informed instead of making this ignorant posts. Plank IS NOT in charge of the finances this time like D3xter said, amd even if he was I doubt the great lineup of TOs would allow anything bad to happen especially now when the community is bigger and we are less "grassroots" that 6 years ago. Fully supporting this tournament!
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