Possible New Palutena Kill Confirms


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Mar 6, 2019
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I decided to go to training mode for a little bit and I found some neat kill confirms with Palutena.

Nair (first hit) to Up Smash at 100%
Nair (first hit) to Side Smash at 100%
Nair (first hit) to Up Tilt at about 135%
Nair (first hit) to Side Tilt at around 120% when near the ledge.
Down throw to Dair at around 80%

The first two are better for bigger and heavier foes while the third one works better for lightweight characters. The fourth one is not super useful, but I think it is neat. The fifth one is just great for style but really difficult to pull off. These kill confirms might already have been shared or discovered and if they have been, I am sorry. These were just some neat combos that I discovered on my own while practicing with Palutena in training mode that I thought I would share with you guys.
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May 22, 2019
My testing on this is that, from high percents onwards, for all realistic percents, first hit nair -> Smash attack works time-wise, and the only thing that changes is the location of the other person, with lighter/smaller ones (Pichu tends to pass really early) often passing behind Palu (turn-around u-smash or f-smash) while heavy and large ones stay in front.

My solution is when I am not sure, to Down-Smash. It seems to always hit no matter what.
Great tech really, amazing kill confirm with varying degrees of commitment for earlier power vs safety vs ease of execution, and sometimes can be done on reaction.

Some labbing required for practice, but I think every Palu needs to at least know of this, if not practice it. I have gotten plenty of stocks from it (though gets predictable because it is a landing aerial, so Parries punish me), and it doesn't seem DI-able in any way.


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Sep 17, 2018
Yokohama, Japan
This is by no means a kill confirm, but it amazes me how good it performs on my matches even if it's not a hard confirm, since a lot of people whom I've played online with falls for it.

When the enemy's around 80% and back to the edge, do an Autoreticle on him. At this percentage, the shots will throw them off the platform with a weak force, enough to not letting him airdodge to the edge if they are caught by surprise, but a jump will have enough height to bypass the edge and land directly in the platform, which they usually do from inertia. So, as soon as the hits are confirmed on the enemy, dash to him and perform a side smash. More often than not you will catch them midair and if it connects, it will be probably a kill. On my tests, it has been safe so far since the enemy will be reacting to your momentum. I think the only way it won't be that safe is if the enemy sees it coming and do an air attack as soon as they jump.