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PolyBrawl 11.28 RESULTS


Smash Lord
Dec 6, 2005
Brooklyn, NY

1: Anti & Ally (Anti, Ally) ($408.00)
2: Atomsk & Inui (Atomsk, Inui) ($204.00)
3: NinjaLink & Malcolm (NinjaLink, Malcolm) ($68.00)
4: ADHD & Rookie (ADHD, Rookie)
5: Wes & Bum (Wes, Bum)
5: Jash & Dire (Jash, Dire)
7: DK Arcane (Will, KirinBlaze)
7: Zucco & Blackanese (Zucco, Blackanese)
9: dTails (dMT, JTails)
9: RJBS chung (RJ, BS chung)
9: Placenta (Leo, PGN)
9: Dark & Dazwa (MintyFlesh, Doom)
13: Munoz & Sage (Munoz, Sage)
13: The Original 151 Pokemon (Deven3000, Dil)
13: Team ? (Penta, PatG)
13: Power Rangers (Span, Ace)
17: NYCA (Guy From California, CarioMoney)
17: Bro's Over Ho's (LucarioOwl, RazeKing)
17: people for the ethical treatment of goombas and koopas (inferno, cloudfox)
17: Boy and His Toy (Projo, Rien)
17: Bebo & Red (Bebo, RedX)
17: IDC (MBlaze, Cyber)
17: Nuke & ChaosMarth (Nuke, ChaosMarth)
17: =3 (Izumi, Cheese)
25: Hime (Ruby, Pain)
25: Team RK (Reggie, Kray)
25: Team Awesome (HippieDude, Ryan)
25: Godot Blend 108 (Shippo, John12346)
25: Q-Stick (Mini, SF93)
25: Team Rejects (Noni_Hedgehog, Bran)
25: 8 Eyes (Reese, Zohan)
25: NBI (Nick, Sterling)
33: SMTG (Joe, Ivan)
33: Ima Pee On You (O-On, Mook)


1: Ally ($380.00)
2: ADHD ($190.00)
3: Anti ($114.00)
4: Atomsk ($38.00)
5: Malcolm ($19.00)
5: PatG ($19.00)
7: Nairo
7: PGN
9: MintyFlesh
9: Will
9: Orion
9: Bum
13: Rookie
13: Man from California
13: BSChung
13: NinjaLink
17: KirinBlaze
17: Projo
17: Ray
17: Izumi
17: John12346
17: VivaSaturn
17: Zucco
17: JTails
25: CarioMoney
25: Penta
25: RedX
25: JG
25: AceDude
25: Rien
25: SF93
25: Doom
33: Nuke
33: MBlaze
33: Cyber
33: LucarioOwl
33: ChaosMarth
33: Munoz
33: HelpR
33: Deven3000
33: Dil
33: Shippo
33: Reggie
33: dMT
33: Bebo
33: GunBlade
33: Anz
33: Bee
49: Ryan
49: DQ
49: Hyper
49: DQ
49: Inferno
49: Victory
49: Hippiedude
49: Kray
49: Span
49: Mini
49: Sterling McIver-Hegward
49: Marcus
49: RJ
49: DruryWalker
49: Mook
49: rathy aro
65: SonicFalco
65: O-On
65: BShaw
65: Pein
65: DQ
65: DQ
65: SouthPaw
65: Raymond Noh
65: Ruby
65: CloudFox
65: Ace
65: YayConformity

Thanks to everyone for coming again. look out for more Poly events. I hope you all had a great time.



Smash Ace
Oct 18, 2008
oh shi-first.

I'll leave shoutouts later, but I'd like to apologize to everyone who was watching the livestream for the bad quality. There was really very little we could do about the streaming quality, as the closest lan port was on the other side of the room.

The livestream was interrupted several times due to people disconnecting the power of the computer. I felt it got better later on, but it was rather annoying to have to run back and forth to fix it each time. Particularly when I had my match with will, and it DCed during our match.

Well, enough of that. Thanks for attending everyone, and to everyone who watched the livestream, thanks again.


Smash Hero
Mar 15, 2008
Good **** Orion @ 9th, lol. Stop using that MK, bust out more of that Falco


Smash Master
Dec 3, 2005
Antiizzle too good yo, Malcolm going hard too

who's PatG?



dakiid7 (12:28:45 AM): 2-0d your boy Atomsk lulz
KeyKun (12:29:01 AM): who'd he go
dakiid7 (12:40:15 AM): MK dittos
KeyKun (12:40:54 AM): lol, oh trevor, just play d3 *****
dakiid7 (12:42:29 AM): He should
dakiid7 (1:07:46 AM): I hate his d3

we want D3 D3 D3 D3 D3~! xD


You guys get such **** turn outs, I wanna start pulling an Ally and traveling up this way more.


Smash Master
Oct 22, 2008
Long Island, NY!

1: Ally ($380.00) - thanks for my gnw doll back :3. Good stuff in singles as always...
2: ADHD ($190.00) - ehh I really didnt feel in the mood for a MM, I wasn't playing good in general today for the most part, although at time I did well I guess.
3: Anti ($114.00) - Hi
4: Atomsk ($38.00) - GGs in singles, I got too nervous match 3 :/
5: Malcolm ($19.00) - hi
5: PatG ($19.00) - I made a dumb ban, >_<. Your zss is ****, ggs in both singles & doubles
7: Nairo - good stuff :D
7: PGN - meh
9: MintyFlesh - Nice seeing you even though I see you like once every 2 weeks anyway lol. Did you drop out in loser's? :/
9: Will - Yay carpool. Will takes his stand once again!
9: Orion - Our set was the most epic **** I have ever seen in my life LOL
9: Bum - Hi
13: Rookie - nice seeing you
13: Man from California - This guy is mad **** outta nowhere wtf. Ggs though.
13: BSChung - hai
13: NinjaLink - hai. I obv gotta work on punishing MK after freefall XD, I don't see how I can mess it up, it's so easy :/
17: KirinBlaze - Gj, yay carpool. Gj in doubles too @_@
17: Projo - hi
17: Ray - hi
17: Izumi - pedophile. ggs in doubles friendliez, lol 9
17: John12346 - We had 1 stock of a MM lol. and lol @ big blue in tourney
17: VivaSaturn - Stepped it up!! gj :D
17: Zucco - hi
17: JTails - hi
25: CarioMoney - hi
25: Penta - You did pretty well against the good people you faced, ggs in doubles, work on what to do after you get separated from ur zss partner lol.
25: RedX - ggs in doubles
25: JG - hi
25: AceDude - hi
25: Rien - hi
25: SF93 - hi
25: Doom - hi
33: Nuke - hi
33: MBlaze - hi
33: Cyber - hi
33: LucarioOwl - hi, thanks for letting me stalk the bracket lol
33: ChaosMarth - thanks for making this a really fun tourney for me, thanks a lot for letting me calm down during tourney matches & general support. I look forward to seeing you soon at another tourney :).
33: Munoz - hi
33: HelpR - hi
33: Deven3000 - hi, nice talkin 2 ya
33: Dil - hi
33: Shippo - lolbigblue
33: Reggie - hi
33: dMT - ggs, great tourney
33: Bebo - hi
33: GunBlade - hi
33: Anz - hi
33: Bee - hi
49: Ryan - hi
49: DQ - hi
49: Hyper - hi
49: DQ - hi
49: Inferno - hi
49: Victory - hi
49: Hippiedude - fun car ride home, I love the way you talk :). Work on your CPs :/.
49: Kray - hi
49: Span - hi
49: Mini - hi
49: Sterling McIver-Hegward - hi
49: Marcus - hi
49: RJ - hi
49: DruryWalker - hi
49: Mook - hi
49: rathy aro - hi
65: SonicFalco - hi
65: O-On - hi
65: BShaw - hi
65: Pein - hi
65: DQ - hi
65: DQ - hi
65: SouthPaw - hi
65: Raymond Noh - hi
65: Ruby - hi
65: CloudFox - such a good pit, what happened in singles?
65: Ace - hi
65: YayConformity - hi

jash - hi, ggs in doubles, you always end up with the win >_< lol, epic ending of match 1

dire - nice seein ya again, see above

basic sausage - nice teaming with you, I made a couple of mistake but I'm working on it, I thought we'd do better nonetheless though.

alex strife - nice seein ya even though we didn't talk much

punishment divine - epic music in carpool, needz moar singles

inui - nice seein you, not such a bad person afterall :]. gl with everything on moving out and all of that.

d1 - Hi, great seein ya, it really looked like you knew what you were doing on commentary lol

SKIP - nice seeing you, haven't seen you in 4ebber! enter singles more! lolobamamask

*hopes i didnt forget anyone else*

Just said Hi to everyone I didn't really know / interact with. The best moments of the tourney, for me, was my half hour set with Orion and me playing in tourney on big blue in doubles lol. GGs everyone, nice seeing you all.


Smash Lord
Dec 6, 2005
Brooklyn, NY
1: Ally - A pleasure to finally meet you man. Thanks for making the 9 hour trip and lol at the Box combos on ADHD :p

2: ADHD - Great to see you again man always at the top. If only you and Ally got to play out Grand Finals.

3: Anti - Not a stanger lol. Great seeing you again man keep getting better and better.

4: Atomsk - Thanks for coming. Funny how pretty much 99% of all communication with you went through Inui for me lol

5: Malcolm - Epic Wario right here. Was a pleasure to play and watch sir. Thanks for coming.

5: PatG - Good stuff man. Hope to see you again and try my hand at that Lucario.

7: Nairo - Heard so much, yet saw so little. Thanks for coming man. We got too many young podigies wtf?

7: PGN - GG man. Great freaking grab/read game. Also lol @ that 30 minute set versus Orion wtf!? That single set delayed the entire tourney another 20 minutes to say the least rofl. Got that win tho :p

9: MintyFlesh - GG in Doubles got a nice Marth.

9: Will - Didn't get to play, but will do next time. Thanks for coming.

9: Orion - Yo... you bug me too much at the table dude :p j/p Good games man was fun watching you play whenever I had the chance to.

9: Bum - Thanks for coming. Good to know your getting back into the game and 9th place man you still got it!

13: Rookie - Great meeting you man and that short chat was fun lol. Ah stories from our sets, forever we must carry them lol We gotta play some time.

13: Man from California - The Maaaan from Caaaaaaaliforniaaaa... played through the entire day with a borrowed controller and placed quite well to say the least. Good stuff man. Was a pleasure to meet you, and was great to have a bit of West Coast represenation lol

13: BSChung - Thanks for coming man. A Poly Brawl regular now lol. Call me like Thursday of Friday or so, and we'll discuss the whole smash + sd card thing

13: NinjaLink - Man I bought my PSP and everything and there I am running around losing m voice and losing my mind running this thing so no chance to play. No Johns though, next meet we playing some Dissidia.

17: KirinBlaze - Nice to meet you man thanks for coming.

17: Projo - My man Projo made me proooouuud toDAY! Get at this Toon Link right here! Thanks for all the assistance as well. Polytek!

17: Ray - Thanks for coming man.

17: Izumi - Helped me a lot at the desk. Thanks again man. Hope you had fun, and sucks that you had to get screwed over by your sub like that... was rather..empty lol

17: John12346 - The john that hates 5's lol. That's your new tag. Thanks for coming xD

17: Viva The Saturn - Good stuff man. Thanks for coming. Gotta play next time.

17: Zucco - Thanks for coming. A lot of Lucario presence this tournament.

17: JTails - Fk Yeaaaahhh! That's the spot! Yo next time we are doing this **** right man. When I'm not hosting a tournament and I am concentrated on success!

25: CarioMoney - More Lucarios. Thanks for coming through man. Was nice to meet you.

25: Penta - Another PB Regular lol. Always a pleasure to have you man.

25: RedX - Thanks for coming.

25: JG - JG! Get them vids up man. I saw you plug your youtube channel on the stream xP Thanks for all the assistance man.

25: AceDude - Thaks for coming.

25: Rien - O man sucks that we had to play each other. I need more ROB practice. Good stuff man.

25: SF93 - Thanks for coming.

25: Doom - GG in Dubs man was fun, and close too. We gotta play some singles next time.

33: Nuke - Yooooo always a pleasure seeing you Mr Tedd..err.. Nuke lol. Thanks for all the help as always.

33: MBlaze - Thanks for coming.

33: Cyber - Thanks for coming.

33: LucarioOwl - My treasurer man Owl holdin' down the pot! I VERY much appreciate all your help today man. PB wouldn't have went NEARLY as smoothly as it did if it weren't for this guy right here. You need to unleash that Lucario man!

33: ChaosMarth - Always helpful at all Poly Brawl events lol. Great seeing you again dude. For all that time we spend chattin and seeding, i don't think we've ever played lol. MM next time?

33: Munoz - Thanks for coming.

33: HelpR - Another guy here who helped make the impossible possible. True to your name, you helped make this happen man. Good stuff with the stream. Sorry my laptop failed (it does that) :/

33: Deven3000 - Pleasure meeting you man. Keep you eyes out for more Poly events.

33: Dil - Same as your bro ^^^^^ xD

33: Shippo - Thanks for coming.

33: Reggie - Thanks for coming.

33: dMT - Thanks for hosting.

33: Bebo - Thanks for coming.

33: GunBlade - Thanks for coming.

33: Anz - Another guy who I neglected to play Dissidia with. Yooo next time for sure man! Great seeing you again.

33: Bee - Thanks for coming.

49: Ryan - AWESOME! HYES! lol am I missing anything. Had fun on your first major tournament I hope?

49: DQ - Someone here got DQ'd :( womp womp

49: Hyper - Hyper sir, you are sandwiched between 2 DQs. Make a wish. It won't come true. xP

49: DQ - N/A :p

49: Inferno - Thanks for coming.

49: Victory - GG in Singles man. Thanks for coming.

49: Hippiedude - Thanks for coming man. Another PolyBrawl regular lol. We were gonna play friendlies towards the end... and then I got sucked into more work :/ Next time!

49: Kray - KrayzeeGuy! Glad you could make it.

49: Span - My man Span. Rusty. As. hell. Senior year in College is as valid a John as any :p Thanks for coming though man. Definitely was a pleasure to have you there.

49: Mini - Thanks for coming.

49: Sterling McIver-Hegward - Thanks for coming.

49: Marcus - Thanks for coming.

49: RJ - Thanks for coming.

49: DruryWalker - Whit appears out of the blue to return to Poly for another tournament. Helped me again man. Thanks for coming. Great seeing you again.

49: Mook - Thanks for coming.

49: rathy Aro - Thanks for coming

65: SonicFalco - SF man good to see you again. Expect you at all Poly events now lol

65: O-On - Thanks for coming.

65: BShaw - Thanks for coming.

65: Pein - Thanks for coming.

65: DQ - N/A

65: DQ - N/A

65: SouthPaw - More poly peeps! First tourney. Don't feel down you JUST met the Brawl players at Poly. As all of us did, you shall achieve greatness shortly lol. Thanks for coming though.

65: Raymond Noh - Thanks for coming.

65: Ruby - Thanks for coming.

65: CloudFox - Thanks for coming.

65: Ace - You got bracket-***** right? Sorry :/ Thanks for your help and coming through. IC you and Span did much better in teams lol

65: YayConformity - Thanks for coming.


Banned via Administration
Feb 6, 2005
Twitter @xD1x
To all those viewing the livestream we thank you all for sticking throughout and enjoying the commentary. We had a blast doing our thing, thanks to JG, NL, Doom, Alex Strife, Hyper, Ally, Inui, Atomsk, and HelpR for making the stream more lively and enjoyable. We're sorry for choppiness, loss of sound and other random BS that happened during the tourney. We thank you the viewers and even the trollers for making the stream what is was.


Smash Lord
May 31, 2008
congratulations to the top players.
Thanks Dmt and the rest of the crew for hosting and helping out.
Thanks everyone for coming you guys really made the event happen.


Banned via Warnings
May 23, 2008
The Game, NJ
This is Inui.

I didn't enter singles, so I get no shout outs. :(

Teams was extremely fun as usual. We'll find a way to beat Ally and Anti eventually.

It was nice seeing all of the cool people I usually interract with and like. You all know who you are, so I don't need to list off names.

I liked this venue. I'd come back for sure.

Max Ketchum

Collegiate Starleague Smash Director
Dec 9, 2007
New Jersey
1: Ally ($380.00) - You are an attentive example of grace!

2: ADHD ($190.00) - You are a heroic leader of joy!

3: Anti ($114.00 - You are an astounding archetype of beauty!

4: Atomsk ($38.00) - You are a stellar instance of fortitude!

5: Malcolm ($19.00) - You are a charismatic sample of perfection!

5: PatG ($19.00) - You are a jubilant dynamo of insight!

7: Nairo - You are clearly an attentive arbiter of panache!

7: PGN - You are clearly a svelte harbinger of intelligence!

9: MintyFlesh - You are an extraordinary realization of courage!

9: Will - You are a trustworthy sample of America!

9: Orion - You are clearly a scintillating pillar of a stud!

9: Bum - You are a swell sample of a prodigy!

13: Rookie - You are an infallible wonder of goodness!

13: Man from California - You are a splendid instance of success!

13: BSChung - You are clearly a charismatic realization of majesty!

13: NinjaLink - You are an undaunted instance of sagacity!

17: KirinBlaze - You are a trustworthy visionary of principle!

17: Projo - You are an effervescent avatar of a friend!

17: Ray - You are clearly a glowing model of edification!

17: Izumi - You are a perceptive paradigm of perfection!

17: John12346 - You are a capable harbinger of excellence!

17: VivaSaturn - You are a delightful hunk of insight!

17: Zucco - You are a total arbiter of a genius!

17: JTails - You are an astounding master of a friend!

25: CarioMoney - You are a refulgent fountain of insight!

25: Penta - You are a regal fountain of supremacy!

25: RedX - You are a heroic paragon of prognostication!

25: JG - You are a terrific master of a winner!

25: AceDude - You are a stellar veteran of piety!

25: Rien - You are an inimitable archetype of a stud!

25: SF93 - You are a superb realization of victory!

25: Doom - You suck ****.

33: Nuke - You are a reverent arbiter of principle!

33: MBlaze - You are a blessed embodiment of health!

33: Cyber - You are clearly a spectacular wonder of manhood!

33: LucarioOwl - You are an ideal archetype of ability!

33: ChaosMarth - You are an undaunted paragon of beauty!

33: Munoz - You are a glorious realization of acumen!

33: HelpR - You are a sublime hero of edification!

33: Deven3000 - You are a total harbinger of manhood!

33: Dil - You are a quintessential sample of success!

33: Shippo - You are a perfect sample of principle!

33: Reggie - You are an exotic pillar of health!

33: dMT - You are an attentive model of power!

33: Bebo - You are a brilliant hunk of achievement!

33: GunBlade - You are a shining personification of supremacy!

33: Anz - You are a prescient embodiment of a prodigy!

33: Bee - You are a refulgent dynamo of edification!

49: Ryan - You are an impeccable embodiment of a winner!

49: DQ - You are a heroic leader of a friend!

49: Hyper - You are a palmary master of insight!

49: DQ - You are a total hero of piety!

49: Inferno - You are an ideal hunk of achievement!

49: Victory - You are a radiant pillar of panache!

49: Hippiedude - You are a superlative example of a genius!

49: Kray - You are an exuberant sample of wisdom!

49: Span - You are an indomitable wonder of strength!

49: Mini - You are an exotic model of victory!

49: Sterling McIver-Hegward - You are a flawless hunk of manhood!

49: Marcus - You are a dedicated dynamo of America!

49: RJ - You are a gallant leader of joy!

49: DruryWalker - You are a svelte veteran of supremacy!

49: Mook - You are an astute harbinger of a friend!

49: rathy aro - You are an extraordinary master of fortitude!

65: SonicFalco - You are an undaunted example of victory!

65: O-On - You are a jubilant model of supremacy!

65: BShaw - You are a charismatic arbiter of goodness!

65: Pein - You are an amazing master of intelligence!

65: DQ - You are a perfect master of courage!

65: DQ - You are an unstoppable sample of prognostication!

65: SouthPaw - You are a gallant avatar of wisdom!

65: Raymond Noh - You are a stellar wonder of strength!

65: Ruby - You are a charismatic avatar of sagacity!

65: CloudFox - You are clearly a dedicated example of ability!

65: Ace - You are an attractive dynamo of success!

65: YayConformity - You are a dynamic paragon of goodness!


Banned via Administration
Feb 6, 2005
Twitter @xD1x
I get no shoutouts either Inui if it makes ya happy. Then again if you count my name being SF93 as a shoutout XD.

I'm at the hospital atm checking to see if I have cancer or not. (Srsly)

Kaiber Kop

Smash Master
Feb 3, 2009
Well done everyone. PatG at 5th takin names. Malcolm too but it was wario so who cares?

D1 good commentary, funny man. Same to Doom.


Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
Last time i come to a tournament so tired like how i was loll.

My reaction time was horrible.

Max Ketchum

Collegiate Starleague Smash Director
Dec 9, 2007
New Jersey
I get no shoutouts either Inui if it makes ya happy. Then again if you count my name being SF93 as a shoutout XD.

I'm at the hospital atm checking to see if I have cancer or not. (Srsly)
I planned to be ambiguous and silly with my shoutouts and leave the thread immediately, but...


What the ****?

I seriously hope you're okay. There's already been one big loss in the community recently, I honestly can't afford to see another one happen. What happened that made you want to go to the hospital?


Banned via Warnings
May 23, 2008
The Game, NJ
oh... oh my god... what is this? This is amazing! I... I don't think I have ever seen correct use of the word "you're"... wow, that's beautiful.
Still Inui~

It is likely that I have the best typing and grammar skills on Smashboards, yet you don't notice it? I always type perfectly. :(
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