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Polybash XIII - March 1-2 2014


Smash Journeyman
Apr 3, 2006
Thanks to all of you who Attended Polybash XIII! It was a succes! 160 people registered for this event! Thank you all! It was the biggest smash tourney in montreal.

Special Thanks to CT Chibo to handle the LiveStream.
Special thanks to Rice, Vwins, Hero, MTG, Ally, KingKong, all the others who help out with running the events!

Last Special Thanks to everybody who has housed outowners people.

See you all at the weeklies, monthlies and STYC V!
- PiKaLeX

Melee Singles - 77 entrants
Pool 1
1st - SS Kage The Warrior
2nd - CT Chibo
3rd - Cemo
4th - HP

Pool 2
1st - Mifune
2nd - Lampadaires
3rd - Jarc
4th - Than

Pool 3
1st - CT EMP Mew2King
2nd - Saus
3rd - Pest
4th - TmG Ginamudkiz

Pool 4
1st - Diakonos
2nd - TheWaz
3rd - Lawnmoerkev
4th - ThatGuy

Pool 5
1st - Kirby Kaze
2nd - Vrud
3rd - Leon
4th - Hero

Pool 6
1st - Vwins
2nd - Vehk
3rd - Handsome Tom
4th - SSF

Pool 7
1st - Bam
2nd - Loki
3rd - MasterBen
4th - Techiyo

Pool 8
1st - Erayz
2nd - Jethrotex
3rd - Jih
4th - Rice

Melee singles bracket - Top 32
Challonge link

1st - CT EMP Mew2King
2nd - Kirbykaze
3rd - Bam
4th - Vwins
5th - Diakonos
5th - Lampadaires

7th - Erayz
7th - Loki

9th - SS Kage The Warrior
9th - Mifune
9th - Saus
9th - TheWaz

13th - Vivec
13th - Jethrotex
13th - Pest
13th - SSF

17th place tie:
17th - Vrud
17th - CT Chibo
17th - HandsomeTom
17th - EMG Leon
17th - MasterBen
17th - Cemo
17th - Jarc
17th - Jih

25th - Kev
25th - TmG Ginamudkipz
25th - Hero
25th - Techiyo
25th - HP
25th - Than
25th - Thatguy
25th - Rice

Melee singles Amateur bracket place 33th to 77
Challonge Link
Wak wasn't really an amateur, so Syhpilis is the real winner here, so Congratz to Syphilis! :D
33th - Syphilis & Wak
34th - Vane
35th - Keo

36th - Zelmar
36th - Jer

38th - earthworm tim
38th - cat$

40th - GGB
40th - fabb
40th - la_popo
40th - vista

44th - dust
44th - kyle
44th - padre
44th - sorick

48th - sol
48th - joshez
48th - wiseclown
48th - lafungo
48th - chab
48th - hard
48th - cliff
48th - Angelo

56th - Kirk
56th - moon
56th - poonslaya
56th - g-fir3
56th - jesus
56th - Tofer
56th - julian
56th - Mazer

64th - Derek
64th - Sprawlers
64th - Cedar
64th - Imvp
64th - Ryoji
64th - elzappo
64th - xpunctis
64th - love
64th - frosty
64th - b-fir3
64th - meloou
64th - louna
64th - lajigglysauce
64th - saucy
64th - walka
64th - Venom

Melee Doubles
1 CT EMP Mew2King + Vwins
2 KirbyKaze + Jethrotex
3 SS Kage + Bam
4 Diakonos + Lampadaires
5 Erayz + SSF
5 Jarc + Thad
7 Rice + Hero
7 Jih + Pest
9 Leon + xxjigglypuffdude420xx
9 Vrud + lawnmowerkev
9 IMVP + xPunctis
9 HandsomeTom + Vivec
13 Jer + Vane
13 K-wills + Sol
13 La_popo + Lafungo
13 Cedar + PoonSlaya’
17 El-Zappo + Ryoji
17 Joshez + Sorick
17 G-fir3 + B-Fir3
17 Cliff + Walka

Brawl Singles - 41 entrants
Pool 1
1st - CT EMP Mew2King
2nd - Timmy
3rd - Frr

Pool 2
1st - Ally
2nd - Luffy
3rd - Dragonmatt

Pool 3
1st - Leon
2nd - Shinzoumatt
3rd - ExSoldier

Pool 4
1st - Bloodcross
2nd - lejusu
3rd - Chinc

Pool 5
1st - Holy
2nd - TarextheRex
3rd - Gina

Pool 6
1st - Swordguard
2nd - Techiyo
3rd - MtG

Pool 7
1st - CT Chibo
2nd - SuperGirlKels
3rd - Mindwolf

Pool 8
1st - Stroumbert
2nd - KingKong
3rd - Gispy

Brawl singles bracket top 24
1: CT Mew2King
2: Leon
3: Ally
4: Holy
5: Bloodcross
5: Swordgard
7: Stroumbert
7: KingKong
9: CT Chibo
9: Techiyo
9: Luffy
9: TarextheRex
13: timmy
13: Chinc
13: SuperGirlKels
13: Shinzoumatt
17: Mindwolf
17: Dragonmatt
17: MtG
17: lejusu
17: Frr
17: Gina
17: ExSoldier
17: gipsy

Brawl Doubles - 10 teams
1: Holy Ally
2: CT Chibo + CT Mew2King
3: Stroumbert + Swordgard
4: Jigglypuffdude + Leon
5: SuperGirlKels + CrazyLittleJay
5: Turbogold + Erable
7: Mindwolf + Doom
7: Techiyo + Frrr
9: Dragonman + assasingh
9: Jen + MtG

64 Singles - 22 entrants
Challonge Link
1st - KeroKeropi
2nd - Pas le z
3rd - CT EMP Mew2King
4th - CC

5th - Fireblaster
5th - Sextc

7th - Derek
7th - KM

9th - WHAT!
9th - Olis
9th - jthumiliepauvretoi
9th - Gablixion

13th - Magica
13th - Frantix
13th - joez
13th - Doge

17th - xPunctis
17th - Eazy
17th - Love
17th - Itskeyn
17th - Xxjigglypuffdude420xX
17th - Techiyo

64 doubles - 7 teams
Challonge Link

1st & 2nd (Split money) M2k + FireBlaster & KM + CC
3rd - Derek + Sextc
4th Frantix + Gablixion

5th - WHAT! + Olis
5th - Eazy + Joe

7th - xXjigglypuff420xx + Leon

Project M Singles - 49 entrants
Pool 1
1st - CT EMP Mew2King
2nd - MtG
3rd - Sol

Pool 2
1st - Vwins
2nd - Sprawlers
3rd - GhostLau

Pool 3
1st - Holy
2nd - bobo
3rd - Hero

Pool 4
1st - Ally
2nd - Howto
3rd - k-Wills

Pool 5
1st - Kage
2nd - What
3rd - Tnsn

Pool 6
1st - KingKong
2nd - Jer
3rd - Venom

Pool 7
1st - CT Chibo
2nd - Jarc
3rd - Ragboy

Pool 8
1st - Leon
2nd - Pest
3rd - Wakka

PM singles bracket top 24
1: m2k
2: ally
3: holy
4: Vwins
5: kingkong
5: pest
7: sprawlers
7: Leon
9: kage
9: Ragboy
9: Wakka
9: sol
13: what
13: MTG
13: CT Chibo
13: bobo
17: k-wills
17: tnsn
17: howto
17: jarc
17: Jer
17: ghostlau
17: venom
17: Hero

PM Doubles - 16 teams
Challonge Link

1st - ally+CT EMP M2K
2nd - Holy+Kingkong
3rd - Vwins+Pest
4th - Wakka+Leon

5th - MTG+Jarc
5th - K-Wills+sol

7th - Doil+What
7th - Shairn+Bacon

9th - Vigilante+VinceX
9th - Hero+Rice
9th - Androgynus+Qchaos
9th - Mazer+Bob

13th - Bobo+Padre
13th - GhostLau+GrosMinou
13th - La_Popo+Lafungo
13th - Salim+Buck

Pokemon XY - 16 entrants
1: TromboneMachine
2: Tails
3: CrazyLittleJay
4: Vong
5: Casual
5: Jemuzu
7: AKAGenesis
7: MindWolf
9: DragonMan
9: supergirlkels
9: Shadow Z
9: RNDM Guy
13: sebou111
13: Doge
13: Emmanuel Bournaki
13: Ralf
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Smash Journeyman
Apr 3, 2006
Feel free to comments on the tourney to help us making better event next time! :)


white walker
Jul 28, 2006
I wish tiebreakers were consistent from tournie to tournie. : P
that's the only thing i'm salty about. get mbr on that ****.

GGs everyone, was a fun tournament.
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Smash Rookie
Dec 24, 2013
There is a a mistake in the brawl pool : i actually win 2-0 against Dragonmatt and it is write that he won. :p

EDIT : Oh and i forgot : it was a very fun tournament . GG everyone.
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Smash Apprentice
Dec 18, 2011
Quebec, Sherbrooke
Ggs everyone, fun tournament.

Shoutouts to:

Erayz, Diakonos, Jer and M2k for playing so many friendlies with me. I learned so much just from these matches.

Chibo for streaming the event and all the TOs for making Polybash possible.

KirbyKaze for giving me and my friends all these tips at the end of the tournament.

See you all at STYC V.

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Smash Legend
Nov 18, 2007
Spiral Mountain
Kage - get wrecked
Lampadaires - nice sheik vs vwins
Vwins - you float too much vs sheik, good stuff in teams ur a beast
Bam - sorry about what happened with you and your gf, hope you're feeling better
Erayz - good stuff
Loki - sorry about giving you the plague
Pikalex - good event
Saus - wow you're alive?!
Jethrotex - we got this next time :D
Wak - Falco isn't a low tier
Syphilis - good stuff in amateur bracket, you're getting way better
Handsome Tom - couch = too good
Gabe - you're so adorable omg
Leon - fun matches in pools
Sabz - you were here in spirit
Vrud - nice ness
Cemo - man I thought you had that vs chibo thx for breaking my heart </3
Other David - was fun commentating with you
Falco Guy - thanks for the warmup vs Bam
Diakonos - breakfast was too strong, say hi to Shirley for me =D
xxJigglypuffxxFanxx69xx - always great to see you Stef
Jen - omg omg omg omg lol
Everyone else - ggnore
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Smash Rookie
Mar 5, 2012
Montreal, QC
Well it doesnt really matter now, but i'd like to point out that theres a mistake in the pool 7 of PM single.
I won 2-1 against ragboy but it says it was the other way around.
No biggie.


Smash Journeyman
Apr 3, 2006
For some possible errors in the pools result is where there was a tie. I didnt know how to tell the software to force a result when there was a tie. So we did it by hand and changed one result in the pool to make the same result. But I forgot to undo the changes before posting pools.


Smash Journeyman
Dec 5, 2008
Lachute, QC
Pikalex & Rice: Thanks so much for this event, everything was perfect IMO, especially having all of the top 16 on stream. We had plenty of setups to play friendlies at any moment during the tourney, which was awesome! Keep up the good work!

Kirbykaze: Your sheik is sick, congrats on your placing! Wish we played a bit.

Bam: Good stuff beating Vince. Hope we get to play more soon!

Vwins: Thanks for the practice the day before pools, I'm pretty sure this is what allowed me to beat Jethrotex in pools

Diakonos: Good stuff once again! And thanks for that real quick warmup before my set vs Lampadaires.

Lampadaires: Some day, I'll beat you, but I may be underestimating you, as it always look like there is a significant gap, no matter how much I improve.

Loki: Congratulations Loki, you outplaced Kage, making you the highest ranking Ganon main of the tournament!

Kage: Le Warrior. You had badluck in the brackets, and you can definitely beat Bam soon, your sets are a lot closer now than they once were.

Mifune: Doan, you're way too good, we never see you at any weeklies or smashfest, and yet you show up to a tournament and beat Lampadaires in pools. I hope you'll play more in the future, you definitely have enormous potential.

Saus: Good match in brackets. I knew you'd be good when I watched the Ottawa PR, and seeing you as #1, but I didn't expect that much!

TheWaz: Very good set in brackets, you almost got me there, just stop SD'ing XD

Jethrotex: Good set in pools. I'm glad I got revenge from Revival of Brampton, but I still think you are the better player.

Pest: Le drifteur

Chibo: Thanks for coming, awesome work with running the stream!

HandsomeTom: I see you beat SSF in your pool, that's pretty good.

Leon: On a eu bien chaud en doubles contre toi et Stef! J'ai bien aimé le gimp in extremis que tu m'as fait avec la reverse needle dans Battlefield. J'ai bien aimé tes combos contre mon co-équipier!

MasterBen: Le Ben, on fait toujours des bonnes games en friendlies, ton Marth est simple, mais très efficace!

Cemo: We have to play a lot more in the future, I want to learn how to beat ICs!! You are getting mad good from what I see when I watch your matches!

Jarc: I think we never even played a game :(

Jih: Deadlift MM?

Kev: Hope we played more! You're such a cool guy!

HP: Your Fox reminds me of my Fox from a year ago, good stuff taking a game off Kage.

Thatguy: Thanks SO MUCH for the housing, I wasn't expecting you to cook a breakfast on sunday morning, and it was really good (even though people seemed to joke about your breakfast's quality lol)

Syphilis: Let's make sure we play next time we're at the same tournament. I see you are getting a lot better recently! You should have passed the pools, if you weren't in the toughest pool.

Wak: Fraud amateur

dust: I liked playing vs your Mario. Also heard you never played anyone excep CPUs before this tourney? That's really impressive, cause you looked like you had a bit of experience. And also, sorry for not wanting to play with you while I was waiting for my set vs Lampadaires, it's that I use a different mindset when I play a top player than when I play others, I needed to put myself in this mood, if that makes sense.

jesus: I see you can pull some good stuff. I'd like you to try to implement the stuff I told you about, I think this would help you a lot.

Tofer: You seem really determined to play Pichu until death. That's respectable, but have in mind it will take a lot more time to have results while playing such a low tier.

saucy: Yo, we don't talk much, but I want to tell you, don't be afraid to ask me for friendlies at the weeklies, I could show you a lot of stuff that will help your Falco gameplay.


Smash Cadet
Apr 19, 2009
Montréal, Québec.
Oh man this is the first time I do shoutout.. Here we go:

Pikalex & Rice: Thanks for hosting guys, I seriously wonder what we would do without you guys, people don't know how important you guys are to this scene and I hope that everyone appreciates the hard work that you guys are putting in whenever you can.

Kirbykaze: Sorry if I looked kinda ''eh'' when talking to you, had a rough weekend outside of the tournament so I was kinda sad all day sunday.. Sorry to anyone else if I acted the same way!

Bam: We didn't get to play at all but good **** beating Vwins.

Vwins: Thanks for the friendlies on saturday, amazing peach play as always.

Diakonos: Cool talking to you as usual, thanks for playing with me to warm me up for my matches.

Lampadaires: GGs in pools buddy, but it won't mean much if I can't do it again, until then.. let's play some gen 6 UU

Erayz: Awesome run dude! It's not a surprise to see you do so well as usual :) I expect great stuff from you.
Loki: Good **** Loki, but that won't happen again ;)

SS Kage The Warrior: Tough luck in bracket.. but like Erayz said, you're so close, don't give up! Be the warrior that people know you as!

TheWaz: It was fun seeing you do so well man, I hope you keep it up.

SSF: We finally got in some friendlies but I still feel like they weren't enough at all haha, let's make sure to play a lot more at the next tournament.

Vrud: Nothing much to say, this is the Michael Jordan of low tiers..

HandsomeTom: Let's play more, I know you can do even better and you know it too!

EMG Leon: Même si ce n'était que sur le trajet du retour samedi, c'était vraiment cool avoir eu l'occasion de discuter un peu avec toi, j'espère qu'on te reverra.

Cemo: Sean <3 Good run but you can do even better! I know you'll do amazing at RoM!

Jarc: GGs in pools and bracket! Your marth pick in bracket was definitely working out a lot more :)

Kev: Always good seeing you again buddy!

Thatguy: Was super nice talking to you as usual.. I had something to say but I forgot ugh

Syphilis: Good stuff winning the amateur bracket :)

Wak: Good stuff.. amateur fraud?!

Vane: I know you weren't satisfied of your performance, but use it as motivation to get even better, you're capable of so much more, I know you can do it.

Jer: Jer you suck, nah kidding, was awesome having you around
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Smash Rookie
Feb 28, 2008
Québec, Montréal, Lasalle

Co-hosts :) Merci pour tout le travail que tu a mis avant et après l'évènement! Polybash n'aurai pas été aussi nice sans toi! On fait une bonne équipe :D Tu nous a bien guidé


aka aka genesis lol stai drole ste callout:p et oui je retiens que c AKA for red in japanese:p


thanks for Toing brawls :p


la bamme! good stuff taking down vincent wins :p…. ARRETE DE ME CONFONDRE AVEC DOAN THOUGH LOOOL


you're lucas is cool! :) gotta get into PM


c poche que ta du quitter pour rejoindre quelqun a l'hopital D: , let this be a lesson for anyone having an emergency! TELL A TO


This name tho! Good set in pools really cool you got your homies support :)




.. I Guess ill have to play samus against you now


didn't get to play against all you sherbrooke guys :( it's a shame TOing is so much work T_T

CT Chibo

Thanks for coming up :) I had fun running bits of the stream and commentating :D


always a pleasure manuel:)


Thanks for you patience while I was running around to host the 3 brackets at the same time lololol

Earthworm Tim

im salty you beat jih when I couldn’t :'( lOL


Thanks for coming with your friends in good numbers, you gotta come to weeklies tho :p


Mr Le techskillzzzzzzsszszsz Merci detre venue et merci pour le support que tu me donnes :) tu le c p-e pas mais sa m'aide:)


sorry I might have seemed bossy or mean behind the TO desk x( there was so much stuff to do, I would have wanted to play with all your group hope to c you guys soon


Bravo pour ton high placing dans le amateur bracket! Tu deviens de mieux en mieux asser rapidement :) CONTINUE COMME SA


Lol DIS NAME 2 Gud


pffff choke me MORE


BEST NAME OF THE TOURNAMENT I absolutely loved yelling ' WHO'S HARD'


Jai u bin du fun team avec toi, gotta get better at PM, faut aussi take down Pest/Jih next time LOL


we didn’t play, u suck.


good job a avoir battu mon frere dans ton pool! Jespere quon va se voir de plus en plus au weeklies :)


I always find it hilarious when u just come up to me and tell me that im a cool dude or wtv:p (L)


tu va jamais voir sa parce que t pas sur smashboards . T SCRUB DE PAS AVOIR UN GLISCOR CHECK LOLOLOL


I AM utilt lel.


was nice meeting you, sucks I couldn’t play more or hang out more with out of towners :(


jsuis salty que jpeu pas te battre dans mes pools lol GGs tho:)


It was cool co-casting with you :) was pretty cool meeting you guys :)


I dunno what to say, you're my bro, bro.


Merci davoir aider ally pour run brawl :)


Other dave:) next time we meet we should hang out a little more :)


Merci pour ton aide a runner 64:)


GGs! Hope we meet up again soon:)


Ur getting better! Beat me at weeklies :)

La_popo & lafungo

I had so much fun calling your names out LOLL its so fluid to say lapopo and lafungo


jespere que ta u du fun, sa du etre tough stai ton premier event right? AWESOME NAME THOUGH


juste brule lol. Srzly merci de mavoir aider ak les télés que jdevait amener a longeuil! UP AND COMING NUMBER 99 lOL

lawnmower Kev



stai cool avoir hang out un peu avec toi:p au plaisir de se revoir dans le futur:)


GREAT PLACING! あなたはすごいです :)I'm really happy to have met you :)


merci d'etre venue! Jespere que stai le fun pour toi, tu n'es pas revenue pour le amateur bracket D: lol

maddenknight (bloodcross)

was nice meeting you, don’t get lost at a random hotel in st jean sur richelieu again plox lOL




merci davoir aider a tout runner :)


will always be Pwnslayer for me. LOL


ggs! Jespere quon va continuer a te voir aux evenements :)




welcome to the community :):p


hope you had a good time and want to play more :)


I hope you learned to not get caught by the extender LOL


OUR TEAM PLAY WAS SO FUN! DAT SAUS ON RICE lol. Thanks for coming! Had fun playing with you :)))


sorry I couldn’t MM you :( I was SO burned out :'( you probably didn’t realize but I had JUST brought 6 tvs to another location 25 minutes from the venue (and 25 back ) roughly 1 hour


merci pour l'offre d'aider :) merci davoir host les gars de boston aussi :)


u guys are pretty cool for having driven up to mtl :) sucks I couldn’t play that much against you guys:(

SS Kage the Warrior

U MUST TRAIN TO INCREASE ENDURANCE SO U CAN Lightroll instead of midroll :)


DSL pour ton seed cherie T_T


you are the true amateur bracket champion :)


all my trust:p merci de mavoir aider avec le stream :)




Thanks for your hospitality joel!! It was really appreciated! I must learn about these breakfasts :O


LE LE LE LE LE WAZZZ! Great performance dude! U so gud

Tofer Dallah

ta fait bin du chemin pour venir nous voir :) c tjr un plaisir!




Gratz on the bracket placing :O




our doubles set was so good! Co casting with you was fun also :) (L)


YO LOL DSL POUR TA MANETTE LOL jvoulai juste jouer pi jsavais pas stai a qui pi jsavais pas la mienne était ou xD


Tell me when you guys play PM I wanna get better :)


ta changer! LOL JTAVAIS PAS RECONNU! Hope to c you more:)


zelmarde. :)


AMATEUR FRAUD ALERT, Housing choke alert! Loooll
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white walker
Jul 28, 2006
Kirbykaze - seems like you're figuring out the program. sorry i let you down )':
Diakonos - i always have fun when i play you
Lampadaires - you and kage are my favourite montreal pros, you taking out vwins doesn't seem too far
Erayz - I am learning about Arrays in class. What happened to B - D Rayz?
Loki - Next time.
Kage The Warrior - Don't let it get you down Rous. I know you'll figure it out and come back stronger.
Mifune - Crazy stuff day 1, grats.
Saus - i had always heard about you and wanted to play you, so it was pretty cool to meet you! good friendlies, best link NA.
TheWaz - i am only using 1% of my power
Vivec -
Jethrotex - glad you guys could make it! sorry we didn't get to play any friendlies
SSF - c'est moi le chanceux!! game and watch too good.
Vrud - we got this next time
CT Chibo - thanks for coming down!
HandsomeTom - get rekt
Kev - good younglink, it was fun to play some friendlies with you
HP - you're improving, i think what you need most now is just experience vs lots of people
Thatguy - good job on the commentary joel, always cool to see you
Rice - way to lose to m2k man
Pikalex - get more staff so you can participate too! well run
jenny - first you get snubbed by seeding, then weirdly strong pools. you should break out at ROM and show everybody
wak - wow what an amateur

guys in my pool - fun matches, thanks for cooperating as best you good. keep up the pichus and midtiers. saucy you can only go up from here! jer i think we can both feel good with that set since i didn't cheese you out like i did at styc4 :p. zelmar you've been improving lots and getting good, but you'll always be zelmarde in my heart.


Smash Cadet
Dec 4, 2012
HandsomeTom speaking

1st - CT EMP Mew2King
I'm sad we didn't get to play that much, your execution is amazing :O

2nd - Kirbykaze
Housing you was a lot of fun :D, you taught me so much this weekend! Glad you got that passport situation sorted out and I hope you don't mess up your execution and wreck m2k at RoM7 (and Hbox of course).

3rd - Bam
We didn't play :(, that sucks, hope you had a decent weekend in spite of all the emotions you went through. Good stuff beating Vwinz

4th - Vwins
Thanks for managing our pool, your shield pressure is amazing O___o, so technical

5th - Diakonos
That was the best breakfast I ever had, let's play soon.

5th - Lampadaires
You did pretty well, I'm sure you'll beat Vwinz next time.

7th - Erayz
you're one of my favorite MTL player, you're amazing Erayz, i'm sure you'll be able to beat the pros within the year.

7th - Loki
You've improved so much since you first got here. Your fundamentals are amazing O___o. Such good spacing.

9th - SS Kage The Warrior
don't lose hope! You can do it! You got screwed by the bracket this tournament

9th - Mifune
Good stuff beatimg Jason, we need to practice together more often.You'd be amazing if you practiced more.

9th - TheWaz
Good stuff beating me. You did really well this tournament, I'm happy for you :)

13th - Vivec
Good job on placing well, you need to focus more on playing perfectly ;) .

13th - Jethrotex
Housing you and getting to know was a lot of fun! You're a cool dude Dylan, really enjoyed having you over. Your peach is pretty technical and you're amazing at teams :O

13th - SSF
I played awful in our set, you're going down next time.

17th - Vrud
your ness is really good, your punish game is very developped. I feel like you should try to improve your neutral game if you want to get to the next level

17th CT Chibo
thanks for the stream

17th - MasterBen
Fun seeing you, I hadn't seen you in forever. You are pretty good at marth dittos.

17th - Cemo
You're a scrub. Let's team.

17th - Jarc
Good job beating vrud! Good stuff on not getting wasted and performing well.

25th - Kev
Hadn't seen you in forever :O . congrats on making bracket

25th - HP
We didn't play. I hope you improved!

25th - Than
good job making bracket, you need to improve against puff

25th - Thatguy
WE had a really close set.Thanks for commentary

25th - Rice
thanks for the tournament! It was amazing! you need to do less things when you play ^^. Sorry for the choke :(

33th - Syphilis
Had a lot of fun housing you! You're really fun to be around. Your sheik is very fundmanetally sound. I think you have the good approach to improve. You need to have more confidence in your skills!

I'm not patient enough to write shoutouts to the whole amateur bracket, make it out of pools if you want shoutouts lol
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Jan 4, 2014
shoutout to everyone who was there. **** individual shoutouts!

had a great time and im sure all my other sherbrooke friends did too.

thanks to david and alex good stuff!


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Aug 20, 2008
I prefer if my tag is all caps :D SAUS
It's no biggy, though.
Saus - wow you're alive?!
Yes, I am indeed alive :D I wanted to get some friendlies in with you, but you seemed a little busy (I think it was between teams bracket matches or something). I'll have to do that next time :p
Saus: Good match in brackets. I knew you'd be good when I watched the Ottawa PR, and seeing you as #1, but I didn't expect that much!
Definitely good matches. It was so close at the end I was so nervous lol. I'd like to play you again :)
OUR TEAM PLAY WAS SO FUN! DAT SAUS ON RICE lol. Thanks for coming! Had fun playing with you :)))
Haha! Ya our teams were pretty fun. SAUS on Rice vs WakWaz. Thanks for hosting!
Saus - i had always heard about you and wanted to play you, so it was pretty cool to meet you! good friendlies, best link NA.
Well that's super awesome to hear :D GGs

I probably have forgotten some people to shoutout to, so sorry if I forgot to mention you. Also, I am not 100% sure who some of the people I played were...

Bam - Thanks for the friendlies :) Even though we only played 2 and a half games.

Cemo - Friendlies were fun :D I hope to see you in Ottawa soon!

Diakonos - Good set. I'll have to train up to get you next time!

EMG Leon - Man that Roy. Out of nowhere! GGs!

Jarc - It's been forever man! Awesome to see you again.

Jethrotex - GGs :) Your peach is very good.

La_Popo - Nice to meet you in person :) I'd like to see how much you improve when I next see you :p

Pest - Good matches in pools :) The friendlies were fun.

Thatguy - The legendary Joel combo will live forever! Nice to see you again man.

Thad - I knew I recognised you! lol

Wak - Hangover johns. Did you actually play Yoshi in the amateur bracket? Thanks for all the friendlies :D

@pichu player and that guy who played luigi and a whole bunch of other characters - Low tier TV too good!

Playing M2K was so surreal! I'm glad he was in my pool lol. Saved $5 on the money-match. One stock off his Shiek is good enough for me :D lol
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