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POE3 Results: Wobbles, Zhu, RockCrock, MacD, Kels, COSMO?!


Smash Hero
Jun 25, 2008
Videos: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=279488 (Thanks Reneblade/SleepyK/Sliq)

Singles Entrants: 83

Singles Results:

1: Wobbles :popo: (Lost to Kels in winners)
2: Zhu :falco: (Lost to Wobbles, Wobbles)
3: Iori :ganondorf: (Lost to Zhu, Wobbles)
4: Kels :fox: (Lost to Zhu, Wobbles)
5: Cosmo :zelda: (Lost to BigD, Kels)
5: Tink :fox: (Iori, Wobbles)
7: MacD :peach: (Lost to Iori, Cosmo)
7: BigD :falcon: (Lost to Zhu, Wobbles)
9: RockCrock :ganondorf:
9: VirusIndigoMage :samus2:
9: BlueZaft :jigglypuff:
9: Vist :luigi2:
13: dmac :fox:
13: GooseFactor :marth:
13: Watty :samus2:
13: Z :shiek:
17: Viperboy :falco:
17: Trail :popo:
17: Jiano :falcon:
17: AnDaLe :falco:
17: BigR :falco:
17: Cheap :peach:
17: Husband :peach:
17: Phatgamer :shiek:
25: john!
25: KirkQ
25: VirusTealMage
25: j00t
25: Sliq
25: 18Spikes
25: Dope
25: Lemon
33: Smeesh
33: JesusFreak
33: Chris
33: Jace
33: KrazyKnux
33: Zeu$
33: Ripple
33: Juke
33: Wife
33: blackpanther
33: Sveet
33: Book
33: VirusSepiaMage
33: GenoBlast
33: Moogle
33: JBM
49: Lance
49: VirusTurquoiseMage
49: zicore
49: Looshkin
49: PEEF
49: Shaka
49: Oro
49: Clutch$
49: DashDanceDan
49: Rezo
49: CaptainPrawn
49: Voorhes
49: Raithe
49: DBD
49: VirusRobin'sEggBlueMage
49: Dart

Doubles Results:

Someone help me out on these. Bracket was apparently deleted according to Shonic.

Shoutouts coming soon too.



Banned via Administration
Mar 26, 2006
third time writing this. had to learn to solder so i could fix my laptop charger lol.

general: had fun, glad i could bring the stream to you guys. next time i'll get more than 2 hours of sleep and enter the tournament.

peef: thanks so much for housing us! next time, if you need some more TO staff, I'll be more than willing to help out. I like doing TO stuff and I've been one of the go-to guys at a majority of large regionals that I've been to. thanks for a great time! glad i could bring a livestream to your event and get your name out there :o

GA Car
Dashdancedan: u 2 gud. need 2 figure formula for you playing well the entire time.
Chris/sentenel: we should hang out more. maybe if i didn't live an hour from you guys.
Tato: glad your first tournament had a lot of good players at it. you should go to more of them now.

moogle: it's great seeing you again. gnw ffas were too good. idk what joot was talking about, you looked like a gnw player to me :colorful: next time we'll play a few more than those few matches we got to play.
joot: i need to play you more! i have much to learn about fighting falcon. also much to learn about gnw ditters! your falcon is following the footsteps of Ryan Roberts. I salute you. also, i salty you.
bunbun: it was great to meet you. i had fun and your kirby ***** face at this. maybe the south needs to start a low tier crew with all of our talented low tiers. :colorful:
cheap: we didn't get to talk much, but i'm glad to see you go to more melee tournaments.

AL: i'm not sure when it's happening, but a GA group of balwers is going to AL to hang with reflex and co. we should totally do stuff if you guys aren't too far.

ICG: you turned out to be just as i imagined you: awesome. wherever you're from, let's hang out again. also i wanted to play gnw v pichu, but you vanished after a while.

Rockcrock: rockcrock the cheater! hope you had fun in Indiana. you're probably one of my favorite players from FL and watching you play is always enjoyable. I hope you get to go out of state more often.
Yummynbeefy: you certainly improved since i last played you! commentating with you was fun, but you're a lot better at it then i am lol. when's the next thing you're going to?

Jack: it's always fun hanging out. you should have gotten on the livestream! it's too bad you didn't get to play virusindigomage. i think he's better than you are but it would have been a good match. i hear you're coming to GA, gimme a call. u got my number.
Iori: you're tooooo good. glad you placed so high, people need to understand how good you are. also, i don't mind helping you out on the aims at all. <3

i know i forgot some folks.

West Coast
macd: talking about darc is one of my favorite things to do. we should totally talk about darc more often. i'll let you know next time i visit new england. i owe the west coast a visit (mainly the hub house) so maybe there can be a big smash party or something. i wanted to be more chill on the livestream, but you seemed so tired :o. had fun, hope to see you again.
zhu: congrats on placing so well! you'll get em next time. i really wanted to play you, but oh well. i hope if i ever visit WC i can play you then!

BigR: all that GA training probably hindered you! ga sux lolol. it was great seeing you again and i hope we don't just get to hang out occasionally. maybe you should have banned brinstar <_< my bad.
Tink: glad to finally meet you! i also wanted to play you, but i guess i was too busy manning the stream. i've been a fan for a long time, so it's great to see you still doing well. hope to play you next time.
Sliq: good luck moving back. you're hilarious and it's always fun hanging out with ya. glad to hear that your jigglypuff costume still gets used.
Sveet: lol we finally got to play! good stuff beating moogle. i hope we get to hang out again soon.
Raithe: your fox is pretty good! seeing you play makes me want to go out to kansas and play everybody there :o
Andale: i'm going to john about our friendlies (which means the subsequent ones with sveet :psycho:) but it was fun. where exactly are you from? wherever it is, i think i owe that place a visit :colorful:
also, asians and red falco? it's so trueeeee
voorhese: maaaan being technical with you was so much fun. you, dan, and i should just go to tournaments to be technical together. you gave me a lot of new tech skill ideas and i still can't do the ganon smoonwalk as well as you can. let's play more bros next time.

I know there are a lot more people i mean to shout out but this is my third time typing these out and i can't remember so much anymore. lmk and i'll edit you in.

People who where there but I didn't get to talk to or whatever:
goosefactor: maus told me a lot about you. I couldn't find your nametag, so oh well. next time.
rin10-10: another purdue crew member i missed out on. my bad! next time.
iamthemicrowave: god dammit, this is the second time i failed. next time!
blackpanther: last time i saw you was TGM. i heard about your hand and i wanted to talk to you, but i guess i was preoccupied with the stream. my bad.
18spikes: wat you were there? i suck at recognizing people.
kirkq: we spoke briefly, but it was at a bad time. i hope next time we'll meet under better circumstances.
dmac: we spoke at peef's and briefly at the tournament, but i didn't introduce myself at all. still, glad to see that you did so well.
wife & husband: i only spoke to both of you briefly, but i hold a lot of respect for both of you guys. it's great to see both of you still playing and doing well.

also more here but third time again johnz lmk edit etc

sfat: hi we should meet
winnar: sup
connor: lol
tai: <3
km05: who r u


Banned via Administration
Jun 28, 2007
probably on a platform
to the other guy who got his wallet stolen

cancel your accounts if you haven't alread, i got lots of charges from random stores last night, my card company called, they used it in evansville

maybe we can figure out who it is if they used your cards too because of security cameras or something

if anyone knows who he was, please let him know, i forgot his name
reposting just to make sure he finds out

ps, they charged 400ish on my credit card and 530ish on my debt card...

don't worry midwest, i still love you and know it's not your fault


Smash Hero
Apr 16, 2009
Wobbles - Legit
Wobbling - Never Should be Tournament legal

cosmo vs macd was crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hype.

shoutouts later.


Banned via Administration
Mar 26, 2006
maybe i should just go to tourneys to help run them + run livestreams and recording <_<


Smash Journeyman
Dec 2, 2008
Benton, Southern Illinois
Foxy is just fine guys i'm sure he'll get his own shout outs up soon enough.

Wobbles - congrats on winning

Iori - good sh*t, man. You looked mad cute in that straw hat.

Jesus freak - I wish I had the chance to play you in singles. Hope to see you at FAP

Shonic - Dude, you are your family are awesome. Thanks for housing us and tell you parents I said thanks for everything.

Jack's Spacey Balls - <3 Nice seeing you again, bro. Hope you liked the bawls and we'll probably see you at FAP. You still owe me a mm

Arkansas crew - you guys are cool as hell. Had fun talking to you guys and hope to see you at FAP.

BunBun - Dude, thanks for everything. You're freaking awesome and cool as hell. I owe you one, bro.

Guy that sat behind the computer the whole time - You're awesome. congrats on running a tourney!

Peef - .........nice glasses.......

Apologies if I forgot anyone I played with or talked to. Had a total blast, all things considered. I hope to see a bunch of you at FAP. <3 you guys, total homo.


Jiano - You speak the truth, man. I was really disappointed with peef at this. I'm not sure who the guy that just sat behind the computer is, but he deserves all recognition for running this tournament. I saw him, Shonic, Reneblade, BunBun, and SleepyK doing most of the work. Major props to all those guys.

SleepyK - I think most people would think that's a fantastic idea. Hopefully you'll be recording at FAP.


Smash Hero
Apr 25, 2006
Thunder Whales Picnic
Good **** for not knowing a dman thing about the tournament. People volunteered to help. People I know and trust. 1 person cannot run a tournament of 90 people. If you knew one ****ing thing about the running of this tournament I might listen to your ill-placed criticism, but you are just a talker looking to troll. There was never a moment when I just "wasn't running the tournament". I QUIT OUT OF THE LOSERS BRACKET AFTER BEATING KRAZYKNUX BECAUSE I NEEDED TO KEEP RUNNING THE TOURNAMENT INSTEAD OF PLAYING.
Now shut your mouth.


in b4 the return of Drephiano


Banned via Warnings
May 14, 2008
sleepK- he's the coolest asian i've ever meet maybe zhu if I played him more. but yeah he's pretty cool.

bunbun- what I did was sicking i'm very sorry about our money match but it's hard not to hit kirby when he is taunting, i'm sorry for that, not the camping, because i've tested that camping very carefully and yeah ppichu should never get hit but you should easily be able to mindgame him into running into your up-B pichu's plan is basically set and what you do is you up-B and he trys to jump up to avoid the attack right?, however if you land on a moving platform you can trick him into jumping into your up-B racking up damage and slowing him down. also you shouuld fight him in the air because he jumps over you and nairs your nair/upair/up-B.

lori- to good I refused to to get 4 stocked by your ness more than anything else in my life.

husband- thank you for switching to sheik after fighting your peach I hate fighting peach so much, also I believe basically everyone in the game can chain throw/ tech chase pichu.

that guy who got tacos with me- your pretty cool and my johns are I don't know what to do vs f-smash and it ***** hard if they don't and I hate small stages as pichu.

that puff I played against of that really good smaus player I think your eyes are pretty. WTf how did my pichu win and my sheik lose?

also please don't hate on PEEF to much he hosted this tournment and it did have live stream and stuff, sure he does like an a**hole but that doesn't mean he is. Even if he is and turns out to be a super douche like bigger than hitler i'd still be cool.

sveet-I wish you beat husband in pools soooo much.

I loved playing against you, watch out for mindgames man, in our falco dittos you souldn't rush in on them on top because they can easily drop down and shine you and if they miss they'll come down with dair. I did that all the time.

wobbles I was that guy looking at you hahaha I know I wierded you out.


Smash Master
Apr 26, 2008
did Cosmo go all Zelda!?!?

and if Iori used mewtwo...

holy **** i will bust a nut here where i sit. flacid.


Smash Hero
Jun 25, 2008
Cosmo went 100% Zelda.

He beat Dmac, then Trail, then RockCrock, then MacD, all in losers...o_O


Smash Champion
Feb 20, 2006
Columbus, Oh
dude peef askin juke about ties was a great story.

peef how do i do ties?
juke...like this.
peef hmm that makes me not get out i dont think im gonna take ur advice loll

only 2 get out!
4 get out!
2 get out!

BigD does entire bracket and it makes him angry


why do ppl run tournies when they dont know how to....run....tournies? one day there wont be ppl to bail these hosts out.

also wtf we WERE in a mega church.....to bad it was the janitors closet of the megachurch cool trick bro


Smash Journeyman
Jul 18, 2006
Not Dreamland
Shonic doing most of the work.
lol@someone thinking I did work. Also I believe the guy behind the computer was AmBaLance.

that guy who got tacos with me- your pretty cool and my johns are I don't know what to do vs f-smash and it ***** hard if they don't and I hate small stages as pichu.
lawl, that was me. Good Pichu dittos on the livestream, while mindgamin them to think I was you XD.

My shoutout time, if I miss you, it's because I'm a scrub XD

Everyone who stayed at my house((Sorry if I butcher your name, blame your handwriting) BunBun, IHSB, Zulu, Shaka, VTS, Arby, Yoshimans, TheSaberGuy, JesusFreak, Iori, Bryu, Foxy): It was my first time housing, I was a little nervous, but thanks for being awesome, and thanks for saying all that good stuff about my hosting. I showed my parents that message you wrote XD

PEEF!: Thanks for hosting one of the biggest tourneys of the summer, and I hope you don't drink any sand =P.

GooeyBanana: Sorry we couldn't do that MM, it was mostly my fault XD. Next tourney, remind me, and force me to MM.

ICG: Thanks for getting food with me, it would have been lonely by myself tbh. Also great commentary, BTW.

SleepyK: Good job with the live-stream, too bad you live down in Georgia, otherwise I'd be like "maybe you could live-stream the next tourney here in the Midwest" XD.

Foxy: Hope you're ok after that seizure, and I hope it doesn't happen again for at least a year again.

Cosmo: Good **** beating MacD. Was probably the best match there.

Wobbles: Good job getting first. "Have you been practicing wobbling?" XD

Bryu: I just now realized while typing this that I forgot to burn you a disc. Next major tourney, send me a text, and I'll burn you a copy.

キロマキ: Good job getting third, now about that lunch...(jk)


Smash Master
Jan 12, 2008
50 Terranite? Really?
What I've learned from this tournament: Some people should not be allowed to go near TIO.


Dmac, Rezo, Jace and Z - As usual, you guys are insanely fun to hang out with. Red Priest all day. You guys really need to attempt to put something together so I can have an excuse to see you guys more often.
Try to keep Jace away from the furries.


macd - I mean, I don't know how I could do this shoutout without it being approx. 30 pages long. This weekend was full of bro-ing out. You're legit, your Peach is hella legit, and you're just mad fun to play with/ be around. I'll be looking forward to POE4 hosted by macd in SoCal.
Also, I'm waving my hands like a sissy in your general direction, wearing glasses with my face scrunched up.

18Spikes - Good fscking god I'm glad you were here. After SOMEONE fscked up the tournament file the second time, I was just freaking done with him and everything. Thanks for stepping up, and I promise you can kick my *** in Blast Corps at some point.

Kirkq - Yeah, pretty much the same as spikes. Thanks for being awesome, but you're still a mean jerkface =(
j/k thanks for helping so much Kirk

Shonic - Thanks for housing us last night. You and your family are extremely cool and we really appreciated how well we were treated and received. Keep working on that Marth. I was kind of disturbed to be tippered ALMOST EVERY TIME YOU HIT ME.

Wobbles - Reverse traps forever. Don't shoot the puppy.

Kels - Get better. 4th is not what I want to see you do when I wear that shirt. <3

Tink - Iori's trashtalk isn't ever trying to be a ****, that's just how he is when he plays. Good **** in teams man.

Purdue Crew (GooseFactor, Rin2010, Lance, JVor, DJ, Cunning) - Wow, Goose ran train on the tournament. Nice. CKIT enter singles =(. Skylar, come home. Lance, you're a ginger. Vorheese..... DJ, beard where?! It was good to see all you guys again. GEORGE WTF!?

BlackPanther - You are sooooo much fun to play. **** dude, like, you don't even know how much fun that was.

ICG - lol? Giving advice to someone on a matchup after they wreck you in it is kinda....... Anyway, I have your Pichu ears.

Bryu + Foxy - I talked to you last night. See you guys soon, hopefully =3

Tomacawk/whateverthe****youenteredas - <3

Trail - You won't read this. Whatever. You are one of my favorite people ever, and I'm pissed we couldn't go to the tavern with you guys. Thanks for the matches, and **** phantom rests.

Cocaine Cowboys - Always legit.

Watty - No johns. Never letting you forget it. JV3 baby.

PEEF!: Thanks for housing us dude, and finding the venue. Megachurch = legit.
You're dog is freaking amazing, also.

But you suck at running tournaments. Completely.
I'll probably post a full post-worth to you later. Holy ****ing ****.

Sorry about the horrible way this was run everyone. Thanks for your patience, and thanks to 18spikes, Kirkq, BigD and Amba for making this tournament not fail.


Smash Lord
Aug 13, 2009
peef cool it man, you very well may have been doing some tournament running somewhere, but i was there for the making of the pools and for the making of the bracket, and all i saw you do was show up to fret about the bracket. you had volunteers help, but you didnt really ask for volunteers, it was more a case of 18spikes and i realizing nothing was happening and taking things into our own hands. the only thing i did see you do, besides call matches which is a collective job anyway, was enter names into the computer during registration, which upon creating pools i realized that 3 people were simply not in the computer or any pools at all, hopefully nobody else was missed that i didnt know personally because then they just werent in the singles tournament despite paying for it and having their name with a check mark next to it on the registration list.

you did a good job finding a venue, generating interest, and getting people to come. but you really didnt do much in terms of running this tournament, by the time you were in the losers bracket there was nothing to worry about so i dont know why you would quit out of it. its perfectly understandable to have "volunteers you trust" run the tournament for you, but the case should be that you asked for help from these people at the onset rather than simply waiting for us to walk over and do things right. jiano knows exactly how the tournament was run, because i ended up doing just about everything and told him what happened.

i think youve done a lot of good things for mw smash peef, but you are gonna get some criticism on this one and youre pretty much going to have to just take it rather than tell people to shut their mouths

everybody thank 18spikes for creating the entire seeded bracket by hand in notepad, that was probably the best TOing i have ever witnessed in my life.

cosmo thanks for beating a bunch of great players and making me look good

i beat a jiggs, a luigi, and a zelda, then lost to a falco, then beat the same luigi again and lost to an ice climbers. strangest character list i've fought in a tourney ever.


Smash Master
Dec 22, 2007
Decatur, IN
hey i havent seen anything about it; how is the kid who had the seizure?

also shoutouts:
Zhu - good **** man, playing you helped me a little (mostly making me relizing how good shine OOS is)
Wobbles - you're so fun to watch
Iori - suprised me for sure
cosmo - XD good **** with zelda
ckit - thx for explaining some of the matchups to me in more depth
lance - close match in pools man
bun^2 - nice seeing you
husband/wife - didnt talk to (you looked to serious to approach, which you prolly where on the game XD)
tink - fun playing you in pools
BigR - ^ same thing
kids who beat me in brackets - =( good job
kels - sorry you didnt place as high as u wanted to, but u are really good...
DJ - thanks for the ride out there, this experience wouldnt have been possible..and i wish i could have played u to see how much u have improved this tourney
trail - next time we do dorf dittos i will warm his slow *** up first so i dont miss lcancels =)
also uair > back air
IHSB - didnt get to play you or anything, but i hear u are a kool guy
kirkq - l2drive
peef - thx for the climbers practice (and some ideas for using them myself)
sleepyk - had fun playing with u =)
dashdancedave - ^ same (want happy with my recorded stuff with u at all, insert johns)
rin10-10- thx for being kool and letting me crash with you, and hanging out with me today
goose - gratz on 13th
watty - nice talking to you for like 30 seconds lol
everyone else i played or didnt - good **** for showing up!

if i missed anyone ill edit and say some shiz


Smash Ace
Jul 25, 2004
Kouts/West Lafayette, Indiana
Rants, discussion on wobbling, and shoutouts by Kirkq

Rants on tournament bracket (from someone who volunteered to help clean up PEEF's mess)

If you knew one ****ing thing about the running of this tournament I might listen to your ill-placed criticism.


I will politely thank BunBun especially (as my co-host) and also thanks to 18spikes, BigD, Kirkq and Amba for there roles in helping me with the bracket issue, and getting people to their matches.
Clarification: Amba wasn't really able to help with the singles bracket problems much, but it was a bit out of his league. He did do a lot to help with running the tournament. He's legit.

You, PEEF, (and everyone else) should probably listen to my "ill-placed" criticism.

I just want to clarify. I don't like you as a person, a poster, or a player, but I am only discussing the fact that I don't like you as a tournament organizer.

Hello everyone, let me introduce the singles bracket cleanup crew of 18spikes, BigD, Kirkq, and Bunbun. If you saw me, or any of these guys working with the singles bracket and thought we were the reason it was taking so long, you were sorely mistaken. Once upon a time, PEEF has absolutely no clue how to run the tournament software or make backups or be organized. From what I understand from PEEF trying to cover it up, PEEF overwrote the entirety of the information stored in tio, and saved over every copy of it including the backups??? I later learned that PEEF also ****ed up the doubles pools at one point. Please don't ever work with bracket software again. You also suck at being professional. What the **** were you mad at? You were off sulking in a corner while we cleaned up your ****ing mess. You are only concerned with gaining reputation in this community, and you're trying to take credit for "running" a tournament you were only making executive decisions for. You secured a venue (good), housed people (good), and "ran" the tournament (bad). I give you credit for the first two and nothing for the third.

What we (Roughly: 18spikes, BigD, Bunbun, and I) had to do:

After trying to figure out if we could extract information from PEEF's file destruction, we had to resort to reconstructing everything.

First of all, the information on the pool sheets was absolutely terrible. Corrections were made to the pool sheets in the file PEEF deleted, which were no longer available to us. We had to sort through a ton of scratched down **** to figure out who was actually what seed in what pool. Figuring out the correct seeds took way too ****ing long because the pool sheets were ****ing terribly completed. We were dealing with figuring out who the **** got what seeds (because PEEF only recorded complete results in the computer) for a while before eighteenspikes and BigD offered to help construct the bracket. Arguably we should've tried to find more people to help originally, but the amount of people *****ing was such that it was a bad idea to tell people exactly what was going on while it was happening.

We then had to choose between entering all this information into tio or manually constructing the bracket. 18spikes made the correct choice of manually constructing the bracket in notepad and then manually inserting the people into tio. 64 names were placed one by one.

Virus Mages: It's really ****ing annoying to find you guys when only 5 people in the room know who the **** you are. I consider changing your names to be rude at a large scale tournament.

People who took forever finishing up pools: What the ****, pools should have been over like an hour before they were. Sit down, play your matches, and don't ****ing go anywhere else until you've finished unless you tell the head player of your pool exactly what you're doing.

If I was aware of everything going on when **** went down, this could've possibly happened 20-30 minutes faster, I apologize. I'm sorry PEEF ****ed up and wasted about an hour of everyone's time and created a really ****ty atmosphere for a while.

As far as I'm concerned, you contributed nothing to the running of the singles bracket. 18spikes, Bunbun, and I coordinated possibly one of the fastest early round bracket executions I've ever witnessed. You can continue acting like you were being helpful at that point if you want.

1 person cannot run a tournament of 90 people.
If I wasn't playing in the tournament I could do it by myself. If I was playing in the tournament I could do it with only one other person. Once singles pools started, if I had been in charge, the bracket would've been over by at most 10 P.M. I would never operate as your subordinate though like Bunbun did, because you don't really deserve to take my (our) credit for running the tournament. I will give you credit for securing the venue and providing housing, but when it came to the tournament itself, you were pretty worthless.

I want to clarify one more thing. Because we couldn't spend more than 5 minutes on crew separation for 64 people, it was ****ed over due to time constraints. Due to this Viperboy and Lemon (Basically practice partners) were set to play in the second round of winners. This would not have happened if we weren't so ****ed with time constraints making the bracket. The (actual) tournament organizers and I opted to switch me with Lemon in the bracket to fix this conflict because I didn't really care at this point. Lemon and I both lost the next match as was nearly certain. Neither of us had anyone idea what our loser's bracket looked like after that. Sorry if anyone else had issues like this, we would've tried to address them. I, and the other (actual) TOs, will assure you no one had anything to gain from it. I would've played better in bracket if I wasn't so pissed off at cleaning up PEEF's mess. Sorry to everyone I played in bracket that I wasn't able to give a better match to. I hope you all understand the circumstances. I don't mind losing to Phat/Viperboy anyway.

PEEF tried to slip me a 20 for saving his ***. I'll assume it was from his own pocket. **** you if you think you can buy my respect.

A group of us had to step up because PEEF sure as **** wasn't getting the job done. Again, I'm sorry PEEF ****ed up and wasted at least an hour of everyone's time and created a really ****ty atmosphere for a while.

If anyone has **** to say, I would encourage you to throw it out here instead of being passive aggressive.


I think a lot of wobbling johns are poorly thought out. I personally think that at the highest level of the metagame, wobbling should not change any outcomes.

Wobbling is a really dumb thing to watch. LOL I TAP A AND KILL U. Is it that gamebreaking? No. The fact is, fox, falco and marth are still better than ice climbers even when ice climbers can wobble.

Look at it this way. Fox can kill arguably every character at 0% by setting up a scenario where he presses down B. Ice climbers can kill every character by setting up a scenario where nana is nearby enough to set up a wobble. You're all just mad because it looks dumb and you have to play extremely conservative to even stand a chance against it.

Regarding Fox vs Ice Climbers, Fox is trying to gimp Nana, while Ice climbers are trying to grab combo or wobble Fox. It's the only way either player can win.

Grab comboing is not that much different from wobbling, the outcome is that you will probably die at the end of either of them.

Regarding mid-level play, Ice climbers are really amazing at mid-level play regardless of if they are wobbling or not. When PEEF says his chain grabs are consistent enough to warrant the same outcome, I think this is true. I don't really care how "easy" a technique is. The game shouldn't be about who has the most tech, it should be about who plays the smartest and who has the best strategies.

As I said before, I think chain grabbing and wobbling for ice climbers are near equivalent. Wobbling is a more sure way to end the stock, but the outcome is more often than not, the same.

I accept, and all of you should also accept the following: If we mess up and get grabbed it is our fault. Ice climbers have a pretty hard time working in a grab. Wobbles was rarely able to grab me when I played him in pools based on my top platform camping strategy. If Kels (who is much much better than me), was patient enough to stay away more, he would find himself nearly unable to be grabbed. He definitely has the right idea, but I think if his running away strategy was a bit better he would've surely taken the set. This is a problem many top level players have, I'm just supplying Kels as an example relevant to this tournament.

My point is that if you are losing to ice climbers, it is because you haven't developed a solid enough maneuvering strategy to not get grabbed. That is just how the match-up goes, get used to it.

Wobbles (the player) is legit.


18spikes: Let me know when you want to run another tourney together. Your typing speed on a ****ty laptop keyboard was ridiculously helpful. Thanks for organizing the bracket structure. We blew through those first few rounds.

BigD: Mad thanks for helping us sort out bracket garbage.

Bunbun: Good **** for helping us get through that singles bracket, I hate you slightly less now. <3

Amba: You're a legit dude. Thanks for letting Purdue stay at your place for the night; it was much appreciated.

Cosmo: Holy ****ing **** **** ****, you're amazing. I hope everyone who saw MacD (Peach) vs Cosmo (Zelda) enjoyed that as much as I did. Congratulations on winning over the crowd at this tournament, you absolutely deserved it. Your (and Jiano's) zelda tricks and speedruns are phenomenal. I'd love to head out to MAGFest with you guys.

MacD: Good friendlies Friday night. Your peach is really legit. I'm surprised you weren't beating me by more, honestly, considering how well you did in the tournament. Sucks you lost your wallet.

People who steal wallets: ****ing take the money and drop the wallet back down with the cards. You **** people over so hard by taking their license/ID and other cards.

Wobbles: You're really ****ing legit. It was cool talking to you after our pool matches. Now go beat Mango.

SleepyK: Sorry we didn't chat more. I know you're a friend of Maus's, but you started talking to me at a really bad time. Good **** getting a livestream setup.

Fluxwolf: Teaming was good stuff. You're a really inconsistent player. You were running the show some matches and then throwing away stocks at 20% other matches. Maybe you shouldn't smoke so much, brah. It's all good though.

Deku: You didn't show up to knock me out, and I didn't have to lose to Tink.

Kels: Sorry if it seemed like I was being rude after you lost to Wobbles, I was trying to give some constructive criticism. I think you just need to be more patient when playing and realize that really stupid stuff is gonna happen when you fight ice climbers. You and Tink (and apparently Cosmo xD) are all the Midwest has these days, so keep representing.

Zhu: You're a really awesome player. I think that you and many other top level players need to focus on your approaching strategies. People at the top of the metagame shouldn't be losing to ice climbers and jigglypuff. =p I hope you understand what I mean. You're way better than I could ever hope to be.

PEEF: **** you.

Good and bad times were had at this tournament. I hope everyone enjoyed watching the bracket matches as much as I did, and I hope it made up for the fact that singles took so ****ing long to scrape together.


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Nov 22, 2006
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man frustrating time at this lol...

i think I figured out a big flaw in my game so I'm happy for that. I reallllly need to work on my patience. Losing to IC's because I decided to actually fight for a few seconds is incredibly annoying, but eh play to win. I now understand you have to play like a utter *** against those guys. floaties own me, falco can't 0 to death those dudes lol.

This tournament was aight but it had more to do with chilling with people than the actual tourney. I mean this **** took like 14 hours, jesus. Plus peef was on some straight disrespectful ****, people were asking what was up and this ***** was having a ****ing hissy fit like folks ain't travel in some cases 12 hours to be berated for wanting to know what the holdup is. Breh calm the **** down.

Don't feel like doing full shouts but gg's to everyone i played. cosmo is too legit and Zhu is way helpful. I gotta hit cali man, the way you describe the female demographic it seems godlike lol.


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Jan 12, 2008
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I'm not going to write anything anymore. Kirkq pretty much said whatever I could say and so much more.

Also, macd figured out Peef is in the closet. Props.

EDIT: Also Macd, lol Kirby 2222janky

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Feb 27, 2008
ICG be giving Zhu them Falco tips. such a humble master to share his almighty secrets


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Jun 28, 2007
probably on a platform
well i mean, there were just soooo many different ways to answer that

but i'll just say, our table and bun bun's table at ihop all know about his cosmo and the hand shaking hahahahahahaha
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