Pocketing Bowser Jr.'s cannon balls


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Jan 21, 2015
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Villager can pocket the cannonball of :ultbowserjr:, obviously. However, pocketing a cannon ball that's not even fully charged (about two seconds) can fully shield break the opponent :ultbowserjr: at full shield. The pocketed cannonball overall does amazing shield damage and even if it hasn't been charged up ~2 seconds you can use another move in combo with it to shield break the opponent. Overall, I think this is a fantastic tool for this matchup and will help put a lot of pressure on the :ultbowserjr: player since pocketing the cannonballs is pretty easy to hit.

I assume that this behavior with the early shield breaking is due to the fact that so many moves have tons of shield breaking power in Ultimate.

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Villager has a number of projectiles he can pocket to break shield because of it's relatively low startup speed.


All of these Special moves can break shield if you pocket a maxed out Projectile.
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