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Jan 26, 2014
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Hiiiiii~ :kirby2: pals, I saw that Tetraflora posted an in-depth Kirby guide and it reminded me of what I wanted to do with PM 3.5 the most, finally find Kirby's frame data! I plan on expanding upon these values, making the formatting not terribad and updating current values if there's any mistakes, be nice :c but I just wanted to get my favorite character's basic moveset frame data out there for other Kirby fans. If there are any requests for specific data please feel free to ask, or even if you have done research on your own and want me to edit the OP, just let me know! (Before anyone asks... Yes, I do plan on adding the data for all the copied abilities.)

Terms List (Stolen from Aerodrome)

Hitbox Active: Frames during which the attack's hitboxes are active.
FAF (First Actionable Frame): First frame on which you can perform another move. This will be the animation's end or the IASA frame if the move has one.

Ground Attacks

Jab 1
Hitbox Active: 3​
Jab 2
Hitbox Active: 3-4​
Dash Attack
Hitbox Active: 8-10, 13-15, 17-33
FAF: 47
Landing Lag: 5 (For the duration of the landing lag, Kirby is crouching even if you aren't inputting down. I do not know if this acts as a crouch cancel.)​
Forward Tilt (All angles)
Hitbox Active: 5-8
FAF: 28​
Up Tilt
Hitbox Active: 4-10
FAF: 24​
Down Tilt
Hitbox Active: 4-7
FAF: 21​
Forward Smash (All Angles)
Hitbox Active: 12-21
FAF: 50​
Up Smash (Right foot = hitbox)
Hitbox Active: 11-21
FAF: 45​
Down Smash
Hitbox Active: 8-22
FAF: 51​


Standing Grab
Hitbox Active: 7-8
FAF: 31​
Dash Grab
Hitbox Active: 10-11
FAF: 40​
Pivot Grab (Insane Range)
Hitbox Active: 9-10
FAF: 34​

Aerial Moves

Neutral Air
Hitbox Active: (Large Hitbox) 3-6 (Lingering Hitbox) 7-29
FAF: 43
Landing Lag/L-Cancel: 16/8​
Forward Air
Hitbox Active: 7-8, 14-15, 21-23
FAF: 39
Landing Lag/L-Cancel: 16/8​
Back Air
Hitbox Active: (Large Hitbox) 6-8 (Lingering Hitbox) 9-21
FAF: 36
Landing Lag/L-Cancel: 16/8​
Up Air
Hitbox Active: 10-15
FAF: 36
(Forgot to record landing lag :c will edit in soon!)​
Down Air
Hitbox Active: 13-14, 16-17, 19-20, 22-23, 25-26, 28-29
FAF: 67
(Forgot to record landing lag :c will edit in soon!)​
Jump Squat
FAF: 3​
Air Dodge
Intangibility: 4-29​
Special Moves

Hitbox Active: (Grab Box) 10-31 (Wind Box) 12-31
FAF: 51​
Hammer (Grounded)
Hitbox Active: 18-19
FAF: 54​
Hammer (Aerial)
Hitbox Active: 17-19, 34-35
FAF: 50 (The exact frame when the hammer disappears)​
Final Cutter
Hitbox Active: (Rising Hitbox) 23-24 (Falling Hitbox) 41-51 (Projectile Hitbox) 52-75
FAF: 86​
Cutter Dash (lol forgot all about this, WILL BE ADDED)
Hitbox Active: 15
B-Cancel: 27
Auto breakout on the ground: 31​


Spot Dodge
Intangibility: 2-15
FAF: 23​
Forward Roll
Intangibility: 4-20
FAF: 32​
Back Roll
Intangibility: 4-20
FAF: 32​
Up Taunt
FAF: 115​
Side Taunt
FAF: 115​
Down Taunt (Both)
FAF: 60​
Primus (and Kirby) sucks
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