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(PLEASE!) Why Are My Full Hops Shorter Sometimes?


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May 15, 2022
I feel like I'm losing my mind... With Dr. Mario, sometimes when I go for a Full Hop Aerial it just gets snuffed by a platform. It's so weird.

This shouldn't make sense because Dr. Mario DOES NOT have a no-impact-land-height-jump!!! Someone please help, I'm so confused. The only thing I can think of is maybe Up-Air has physics properties, so maybe when I do it fast enough it changes the logistics of my jump. But that feels wrong...

Please someone smarter help!

Edit: Just to be clear about what's going on... 99% of my full hops are gravy. No nonsense, business as usual. But for some reason 1 out of 100, or whatever, LITERALLY jumps less high. And I want to know why because it literally looks all "no impact land-y". If it's something I can take advantage of, I'd like to know how. But yeah, like, I jump the perfect height for my Up-Air to immediately get snuffed because I landed, it's really weird.

It's not a short hop by the way, I know I'm bad but like I've been playing for a while just to be clear! It's like some Smash 64 variable-jump-height kinda **** and it's messing with me frfr.

OH ALSO!!! (This is important, I think) It only seems to happen out of intense dash dances. That might not really matter, just something I feel like I've noticed.
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