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please stop this youtuber


Smash Rookie
Feb 11, 2022
there is this guy djmariobros who has gotten YouTube subscribers by spamming in YouTubers comment sections such as sml and smg4 he spams stuff like claim your og insert YouTuber ticket only people who are not from TikTok can like this comment and in the top reply of his comment he puts anyone who subscribes to my channel will I will subscribe to you and he uses sub4sub which can get your channel terminated he also scams people by if this video gets 1,000 views you will get something and I’m also pretty sure if you subscribe to him nothing is ganna happen not only that his videos have barley any effort put into them and it’s unfair for YouTubers who literally put their sweat into making YouTube videos forgot to mention he a Mario plush YouTuber if you look at sml channel you can see him also please don’t send hate to dj
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