PK Thunder 2 Angles


Smash Rookie
Apr 22, 2015
I've been practicing certain angles lately as I play, and the one I have the biggest struggle with is going directly horizontal. Are there any tips on recovering you guys could help me out with?


Smash Cadet
Jul 21, 2015
This is one of the harder of the dozens of angles Ness has. Honestly ness's recovery is such a muscle memory by now it's hard to think of tips. I guess I'd say be patient a little bit and do the circle outwards and then imagine (cause often you can't see the bolt) when you press right or left to bring it back, it's had time to level out. The trick to all of ness's angles is breaking the easy muscle memory of just doing a circle till you hit yourself to get the 45 degree pkt2. You will die often but all I can say is just practice and practice in match as well. Ness's recovery is I'd say the hardest recovery in the game, and you have to have perfect control over the angles to stand a chance of recovering. Good luck!
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