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Pit's worst matchups

Pr0fessor Flash

Smash Master
Apr 29, 2014
As a Pit secondary I need to know his worst match ups to work on so please help me before tomorrow!! :sadeyes::sadeyes::sadeyes::sadeyes:
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Liquid Brick

Smash Cadet
Jan 3, 2013
California, U.S.A.
Late reply but I feel Mewtwo, Mario, and ZSS are Pit's worst MUs. Samus and Sheik are difficult as well, but not to the extent a good Mario or ZSS will. A quick one by one on why:

vs. Mewtwo: Possibly Pit's worst MU in theory, but I have yet to run into a Mewtwo player as strong as Emukiller, Frozen, or M2K yet, so I don't have a personal issue. Mewtwo's range greatly exceeds your's; he can in fact win the CC D-Tilt war with Pit (something not many others characters can claim), and he can't be gimped. You can keep him in hitstun if you incorporate arrows in the middle of your combos, but outside of that, Mewtwo just dominates the neutral game and can kill you off the top quite early. This means your best way of killing him (off the top blastzone) overlaps with his; any stage with a low ceiling can quickly turn against you. Also whoop whoop.

vs. Mario: much more common than Mewtwo and probably the MU I get caught in the most out of all these troublesome ones. His D-Air pretty much beats you. Like there isn't a lot you can do except try and counter with U-Air, but you have to use it before Mario uses his D-Air, soooooooooo whatever. His N-Air can get him out of combos, he can reflect your projectiles offstage (huge) meaning he isn't as free to gimp with arrows as other characters are. A smart Mario will never use all of his air-stalls unless they REALLY have to, and by gosh, Mario has an insane amount of air-stalls. Without walled stages though, his recovery is much less troublesome, and his Fireballs are killed by N-Air or Jab. And if he runs into your jab, he should be expecting a lot of damage to follow that up (just get gud at combos).

vs. ZSS: Zero Suit can body floaties, and Pit is no exception. Given the right stage, she can come back from vast distances and return safely on stage. Your best bet is to work in that damage and force her offstage. If she wants to grab ledge, she's going to have to use a tether, so always always ALWAYS grab ledge against an offstage Zero Suit. If she makes it back and auto-snaps, you can punish the forced ledge hop with a B-Air, which is your most powerful air move and sends at a dangerous angle (dangerous to your opponent, not you lol). If she manages to get back on stage, your dashdance grabs should condition her into either Attacking or dodging your approaches, both of which can be exploited. Just don't get D-Smashed. Ever.

vs. Samus: not really a bad one tbh, as the MU is stage dependent. And when I say that, I mean overall the MU feels 50-50, but it'll never feel like that on an actual stage. It'll always be slightly in favor of one or the other. However, the stages where samus benefits the most are stages Pit mains should prefer...which kinda makes the selection of stages for counter picks kinda opposite what you'd normally do. Here's an example: Pokemon Stadium 1 is THE best stage in the game for Pit. No question, it has everything he could want: low ceiling for vertical KOs, medium-sized blastzones for F-Air carries, no side walls (just so others , like Mario, don't have them), a few low small-sized platforms for sharking through, a great open middle area to chaingrab fastfallers for a bit, and stallish transformations that allow you to safely spam Arrows around the stage. BUT Pokemon Starter 1 is also the best stage for Samus. The platforms are at a PERFECT height to abuse SH Missile cancels, meaning she can litter the stage with an unbeatable wall of Missiles. If there's no stage, there's nowhere for you to play. May as well drop your controller dawg. Yes you can Down-B to reflect her Missiles, but with the new mechanics, down-B is only out for a second at most (WHY BASED PMBR?!), and you are kinda locking yourself down in the middle of a warzone, which is still beneficial to the Samus main because you are not approaching her. On top of that, she can't be gimped easily, if at all. At least she is kinda easy to kill with U-Smash...

vs. Sheik: similar to Mewtwo, you can just be raw outranged. Unlike Mewtwo, she can be combo'd without arrows and can be gimped much more easily. The only problem is that she can gimp you right back. I said in another thread that Pit is the best horizontal edgeguarder in the game, but I feel Sheik is still the best vertical edgeguarder. On the positive side, Pit can win the CC D-Tilt war against Sheik, but that doesn't mean much when she can just f-tilt you as a way of abusing her greater range. Trades are the name of the game here: play it like Yu-Gi-Oh unless you get Gamestop involved in these trades. =P
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