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Pikachu's up special


Smash Apprentice
Sep 6, 2015
Hello, I'm new and have been playing melee for about a month now. I decided to main Pikachu, Falco, Jigglypuff, and Bowser.

There is some stuff I'm learning still with Pikachu, but one of the issues I mainly have is his lag when he uses up special to recover.
It's really horrible, but a couple times I somehow got past the horrid lag after using it sometimes, here and there.

Is there a way to land with his up special without getting any lag guaranteed?
Also, is the up special any use in a battle like how it is in Smash 4 for Pikachu?
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Smash Rookie
Oct 13, 2016
if you slide horizontally on the stage when you upb it cancels most of the lag, but its usually better to just go for ledge


Smash Rookie
Apr 5, 2016
Accord, NY
Like damncracka said, ledge canceling allows you to slide across without endlag but it's hard to do consistently on certain stages and is really punishable if you mess it up. As for attack purposes, the only thing that I find it useful for is using it after backthrow if my opponent jumps right after being thrown. What that'll do is eat their jump and cause them to fall a bit, allowing you to either hold ledge or do whatever edgeguard option you want.
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