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Pikachu Backward Tail Spike?


Smash Cadet
Mar 19, 2015
If there's a cute visual mnemonic for this one I'd love to know as much as anyone, because reverse tailspike is stronger than forward tailspike, which means that it's Pikachu's strongest horizontal kill move, and thus... pretty good.

The first thing to remember is that up-air has four hitboxes which go in this order (Pikachu is facing right):

2 3
1 4

Hitbox #2 is reverse tailspike. Easy way to remember is that the top hitboxes hit away from Pikachu and downwards, the bottom hitboxes hit towards Pikachu and upwards. Often when I'm aiming for #2 I'll hit with #1, knocking my opponent straight up, and it's because I pressed the button too late. But if you press the button too early it's a whiff, as Axe demonstrates here:


In fact if he had hit that tailspike it could have evened up the game; instead he took 50 damage and nearly lost a stock for it. In other words, RTS is haaaaard, even for really good players. So my approach is: just keep practicing, and try to hit it over and over again.


Smash Rookie
Apr 5, 2016
Accord, NY
So reverse tailspiking is basically the same as a normal one except you get a reverse hit off of it. (Think of falcon's reverse knee). There's a video that Pikachad explains how the move works, but to shorten it, each of the hit boxes have a two frame window, 3-4 is when they get sent straight up, 5-6 is the spike hitbox and is when the tail is straight up in the air, and 7-8 is the backwards hitbox, which is the one that sends them up and towards you. Essentially, just go for a regular tailspike, but face the opposite direction.
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