Picking up some movement options for Ike.

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May 22, 2007
I'd been maining Cloud for the first half of the year. This gave me a ton of insight on spacing options and maneuverability, some of which are quite devastating. That being said, I want to briefly summarize a few options.

* Shorthop /Fullhop Airdodge Jump

This option is clean because Ike does not land with landing lag. This can thus lead into a simple landing, which you can utilize any move, be it a jump, DTilt, or grab. You can also use specials, like Counter and Quick Draw.

If you turn your back, you can use it as a safe crossup option. You can double jump or even full-hop airdodge into a crossup Nair.

If you're above your opponent, you can jump again.

If you're reading an opponent who's trying to read you out, you can simply retreat on the first or second jump from your airdodge option.

This option is exceptional for getting out of the corner against any opponent, to include Cloud. The mobility is exceptional for a character of Ike's size and is good for any position, be it in neutral or on the ledge. It covers many options, offensively and defensively.

* Forced Bair.

Bair can be used in situations outside of reading. This is a select option when trying to get out of a juggle. Due to the frontward hitbox on the first frame of the attack, anyone who's juggling or harassing you in the air is prone to being hit if they run slam into it from the side.

This move can also be used as a Counter for characters trying to stuff moves. If they try to catch you before your Fair hits, a non-disjointed move may actually trade, sending your opponent flying.

* Spaced Bair.

We're at a time where people know how to beat out Fair as a spacing option. That's why I don't recommend using it anymore. Rather, Bair is better. It might not have the wide hitbox of Fair or Cloud's Bair. But it has a Frame 7 startup, tons of range, and kill power. The speed is better than the width at which it hits.

This is an exceptional option for Cornering. Retreat with this move, and NEVER approach with it. If you're being punished for using Bair, it's not that you spaced it wrong simply by hitting your opponent's shield at the hitbox's max range. It's because you flew into them. Period. Retreat at all costs. If you feel yourself habitually approaching, airhop into airdodge or simply tomahawk grab.

This move is also great for beating out nearly any approach, to once again include Cloud's. Cloud mains will trade with this option, or lose to it. Never go into a fullhop, or they will read it and Uair. Stay short and force them to respect it. When you retreat, they have little to no option but to continue defensively approaching.

When I say Bair, I'm referring to both instantly, upon ascending, as well as when you're landing. The former is better when the opponent is incredibly close to you, while the latter is better when they're away and you're trying to corner them. In the latter, they're more likely to attempt a dash option. This is where they're most susceptible. If they're in neutral and trying to hit you with an aerial, you will almost certainly win the exchange. Same as if they attempt a dash attack. This works wonders against Captain Falcon's dash attack, Lucas and Mewtwo's aerial options, and many more.

* Burst Range.

Respect the opponent's burst range and never force anything. MKLeo is one of the best players at this. He knows how to setup an invisible box that separates his opponent from his safest, disjointed hitboxes.This applies to cornering as well. If you're retreating while smacking Bairs and retreat Nairs, it's not because you're afraid. It's because they're not coming in yet and may be waiting to punish you. If you're too close, expect to be countered. Otherwise, be patient and take your time. With your airdodge hops, they're struggle to corner you.

Also, if they attempt to use airdodge hops, remember. You're Ike. You can Nair them.

Between my hiatus, dabbling online, and returning to tournaments, I can safely say I've never played a faster, more mobile Ike. He still struggles effectively against the likes of Diddy, Sheik, and Bayonetta. But against the majority of the roster, I feel the movement options play a heavy role in keeping the character viable.

This is a small guide that will hopefully reinforce ideas for high-level Ikes as well as give plenty of new and creative ideas for any upcoming Ike players in the scene coming here for the first time.
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