Photos i took on Garry's Mod


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Mar 23, 2019
Down Under
While i was playing Garry's Mod i decided to post my photos from the game on Smashboards so anyone can look at them if they want too. Here are the photos i captured and put on this:
20190510172600_1.jpg 1. Dancing Bouffalant
20190510172543_1.jpg 2. Doge and a Joltik
20190510174403_1.jpg 3. T.Rex climbing to get cake
20190510154541_1.jpg 4. Darkness over New York
20190510191628_1.jpg 5. Skyscraper Pursuit
20190510164800_1.jpg 6. G.U.N It!
20190510194006_1.jpg 7. G.U.N It 2!: Return of the Truck
(Sorry about the purple windows in 7 and 5)
Note: Wow! That truck is out for Kirby's blood...
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