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Phoenix Saga: Part 6


Smash Lord
Jun 27, 2011

Brawl Singles (53 Entrants)

1: LoF Nakat ($254.00) :popo::metaknight::fox:
2: LoF Zinoto ($116.00) :diddy:
3: MJG ($74.00) :metaknight::toonlink:
4: VGBC Logic ($42.00) :olimar::metaknight:
5: Seagull Joe ($21.00) :wolf:
5: LOE1 ($21.00) :warioc:
7: ST Orion :metaknight:
7: Toronto Joe :metaknight:
9: FF Stewyian :popo:
9: DLA :ganondorf::falcomelee:
9: Kain :wolf:
9: FF Ksev :snake:
13: What's The Point :metaknight::popo::falcomelee:
13: Karaoke Man :yoshi2::fox::kirby2::mario2:
13: Anther :pikachu2:
13: Roller :popo:
17: Coco :olimar:
17: Oblivion :snake::metaknight::ness2:
17: Pimp Daddy Supreme :metaknight:
17: Lordy :metaknight::falcon:
17: Sago :samus2::metaknight:
17: Thugz :metaknight:
17: Tutu :sheilda:
17: Mikey Lenetia :peach:

Brawl Doubles (20 Teams)

1: Sparta Kick + LOE1 ($224.00) :metaknight:/:snake: & :warioc:
2: LoF Zinoto + LoF Nakat ($64.00) :diddy: & :metaknight:/:warioc:/:fox:
3: MJG + Kain ($32.00) :metaknight::toonlink: & :wolf:
4: Toronto Joe + Seagull Joe :metaknight: & :wolf:
5: Zeton + Orion :fox: & :metaknight:
5: VGBC Logic + VGBC GimR :olimar:/:metaknight: & :gw:
7: Sago + DLA :metaknight: & :falcomelee:/:sheik:
7: WTP + Tutu :metaknight: & :sheilda:
9: FF Stewyian + Tech_Chase :metaknight: & :warioc:/:gw:
9: Karaoke Man + Cameron :yoshi2:/:mario2:/:fox: & :metaknight:/:falcon:
9: DRDN +SoulPech :diddy: & :jigglypuff:/:warioc:
9: DMO + DC :samus2: & :warioc:
13: FF Ori + Oblivion :metaknight: & :snake:
13: Gift + FF Ksev :metaknight: & :snake:
13: Zyth + Me9595 :metaknight: & :luigi2:
13: FF Xatic + Anther :warioc: & :pikachu2:
17: L_army + Tavi
17: Mike + RottenYogurt
17: Nom + QD :falcomelee: & :lucario:
17: Coco + Darkfire :olimar: & :metaknight:

Project M Singles (32 entrants)

1: Anther ($96.00) :pikachu2:
2: Sago ($48.00) :snake:
3: LoF Nakat ($16.00) :fox:/:jigglypuff:
4: Toronto Joe :metaknight:
5: Bary14ea6xX420FrankerZ :sheik:
5: Nom :ivysaur:
7: VGBC GimR :marthmelee:
7: SoulPech :jigglypuff:
9: DLA :diddy:
9: FF Xatic :falcon::wolf:
9: Jawsome :squirtle:
9: Lordy :falcon::ike:
13: Zyth :dk2::sheik:
13: Seagull Joe
13: Zeton :fox:
13: DRDN :ivysaur:
17: Identity Crises :falcon:
17: Phoenix Lord :pikachu2:
17: FF WuvS :fox::squirtle::ivysaur:
17: Mikey Lenetia :peach:
17: FF JTsm :metaknight::diddy:
17: Theta
17: Maestro :gw:
17: Tbird :falcon:
25: DeepVoiceGuy
25: XTripper
25: SMiLE
25: Treetz :falcon:
25: Kasey
25: Steven
25: Icarus
25: FF Ori_bro :ganondorf::luigi2:

Stream Archive: http://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp/profile/pastBroadcasts
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/VideoGameBootCamp


Smash Master
Apr 19, 2010
I used metaknight and diddy only at this. shoutouts later.

very fun tourney lol.
Mar 2, 2011
Ann Arbor, MI
For P:M Gimr used marth, DLA used diddy, zyth used DK, treetz used captain falcon, soulpech used jigglypuff and pheonix lord used pikachu.

Also the bracket images are tiny even when I click on them, be kind to my eyes please.


ignite the fire
Mar 6, 2008
I did so bad in P:M that I didn't make it to the results haha.

Shoutouts soonish when I'm done with school.

I need to step up, play more now that school is ending, and start improving again. Can't be slacking off anymore.


Smash Lord
Mar 22, 2011
good job seagull beating mjg...and to getting 13th in pm!

Rabbi Nevins

Smash Lord
Aug 11, 2009
East Lansing, MI
how come gio entered as "LoF Nakat" in brawl and "Anther" in pm?

I didnt know you could enter multiple events under different names. baller.


Smash Lord
Jun 27, 2011
I made the images bigger for you Tutu, also if someone could fill out the P:M character usage for me that'd be great :p


Smash Apprentice
Apr 22, 2013
Livonia, MI
Who were you in the bracket Ori? Theta?
Theta was an actual player.

edit: Identity Crisis used ZSS. Nom used Ivysaur, I doubt he ever used Falco. JTSM used Diddy, Soulpech used Jigglypuff. Those are for PM.

Toronto Joe

Smash Master
May 13, 2008
ggs to everyone i played, special shoutouts to tech chase and ori for the hospitality

loe1 get ready for the run back at apex homie! GIMRs salty suite awaits


Smash Lord
Jun 27, 2011
Whoever did the P:M Bracket must've entered lordy twice by accident lol. I'll fix it.


"Their anguish was my nourishment."
Jun 28, 2008
Chicago, IL
Ugh I did embarrassingly bad in PM. My Diddy was getting facerolled, I don't know why I stayed with him.

Definitely happy with how I did in Brawl though. 9th/53 with Ganon, only switching away from him when I fought MKs. Beat some good players and had a good showing against others. My only lament in bracket is not getting to fight LOE1 in losers since he clutched it out against Orion. My Ganon woulda tapped that Wario's ass and he knows it :ganondorf: But seriously shoutouts to LOE1, I'm finally willing to accept that he's indeed a very good player after watching him today.

Other shoutouts...

MJG - I'm really glad you convinced all of us to go out, this was one of my favorite Smash trips I've ever taken. It's always great chillin with you and I'm glad you guys got home safely through the snow. Also I appreciate you going TL against my Ganon in bracket, that ended up being my favorite match of the night.

Zeton - MISSION COMPLETE! It was nice hanging with you as well and I'm glad everything worked out with your girl. Keep grinding with that melee Fox too, I'm looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labor.

Sago - The black cat. The gascap legend. The PM king. Yes I passed my crown to you, enjoy it while it lasts.

Kain - I'm happy you came out of retirement for this, I missed taking road trips with you. You should definitely start coming to the locals again and make that real Brawl money.

Tech Chase, Ori_bro, Stewy, GimR, WTP, and everyone I'm forgetting else who made this tournament great - Thank you all, I had a great time.

Thugz - Thanks for letting us house with you and everything else. Much appreciated. Always fun chillin with you.

Orion - I think we've met briefly before but it was definitely cool getting to know you better this tournament. I'm glad my ******try filled playstyle amused you so much lol. I'm not sure if you picked up on it from when we were at Stewy's but I was a little "inebriated" so I was probably doing some dumb silly **** during our set, and missing all of my DACUSes and such. I regret that now because I would have liked to play you with all of my faculties intact. Hopefully we get a rematch some time down the road and I'll put up a better fight.

Tutu - Nice seeing you as always, even without your Jesus hair. Sorry if I seemed at all pissy during our matches, we had to play at kind of a low point of the day for me. You beat me fair and square in both games. I'll try not to SD so much next time lol. And hopefully we can get some friendlies too.

Seagull - Nice seeing you again as well, good job beating MJG and I'm glad we got some friendlies as well.

NAKAT - Nice seeing you again and congrats on the win. Would have liked to do Ganon vs. Fox with you but forgot to ask, oh well.

Zinoto - Nice seeing you again too, I was really impressed with the way you dealt with the ICs matchup. Very unique and a pleasure to watch. Definitely my favorite Diddy.

Gio - Always a pleasure seeing you, close set too.

Lordy - "I always thought you were bad". Gee thanks Lordy. But really it was nice to see you again, it's a shame we didn't get any matches.

DC - Did NOT expect to see you there. You shoulda said something! I hope you and your Samus friend start coming to locals, you won't regret it.

Anther - Nice seeing you, your PM Pikachu was disgusting. I saw you incorporated some of his stuff into your Brawl Pika too. So much fun to watch.

K-Man - Always a pleasure to see you, our bracket match was fun and our Ganon dittos were even more fun.

Cameron - Nice seeing you again, I enjoyed our Ganon dittos as well. Good stuff.

I think that's it? Sorry if I forgot anyone.

Also, as for the results, I went :ganondorf:/:falco: in Brawl Singles, :ganondorf:/:marth: in doubles, and :diddy:/:ganondorf: in PM.


Smash Lord
Mar 22, 2011
I subbed for joe in PM btw zinoto lmao

also, appreciate it DLA, i'm actually scared of that ganon tbh :|


Smash Lord
Oct 25, 2008
EC or a mitten
Man I should have entered PM. Whatever; I'll try to hidden boss another one.

Shoutouts to upside-down streamception.


Smash Ace
Mar 2, 2012
1: LoF Nakat ($254.00) :popo::metaknight::fox: - congrats winnin, it was fun goin up to Tony's and chillin all weekend man, hope to chill with you again soon
2: LoF Zinoto ($116.00) :diddy:- gj gettin second in both events, maybe you should consider practicing more lmao
3: MJG ($74.00) :metaknight::toonlink: - gj beatin LOE1 and gettin 3rd man, and thanks for comin out
4: VGBC Logic ($42.00) :olimar::metaknight:- fun set, kinda wish you woulda stayed olimar vs me but thanks for comin out
5: Seagull Joe ($21.00) :wolf:-ramen hype! but yo it was cool chillin with you this weekend and if you come out again just lmk
5: LOE1 ($21.00) :warioc:-hype 100$mm! and gratz wiinin dubs with SK, you guys r ridiculous
7: ST Orion :metaknight:-all that ic practice this weekend and you didnt get to play NAKAT lmfao, it was cool chillin with you this weekend and thanks for comin out
7: Toronto Joe :metaknight:-thanks for comin out, just listen to Ally and you'll bop LOE1 next time
9: DLA :ganondorf::falcomelee: - tlololololol thanks for coming out
9: Kain :wolf:-fun set in dubs bro, thanks for comin up
9: FF Ksev :snake:-noob
13: What's The Point :metaknight::popo::falcomelee:-hype set, I practiced the ditto with roller Friday so I may have had the edge their but congratz on beatin Oblivion and MX
13: Karaoke Man :yoshi2::fox::kirby2::mario2:-Ohio is free
13: Anther :pikachu2:-u lose to Ori smh
13: Roller :popo:-yoOooOOOOOooOoO, thanks for gettin the EC here, and you'll bop KSEV net time dont worry
17: Coco :olimar:- hype 2 sets we got to play, I kow that mu pretty well but I was surprised at how well you were playing since you havent been to a toruney in a while
17: Oblivion :snake::metaknight::ness2:-shake that rust off bro
17: Pimp Daddy Supreme :metaknight:-yooo you should come to more events
17: Lordy :metaknight::falcon:-congratz on beatin Ori and others, you might get PR'd if you play more
17: Sago :samus2::metaknight:-ggs in dubz, thanks for makin your way out here
17: Thugz :metaknight:-congratz on makin bracket
17: Tutu :sheilda:-xxburymeagxx420
17: Mikey Lenetia :peach:- thanks for coming out

Other shoutouts
Tech_Chase - its nice to know your back in the scene and hosting a PS7, I look forward to potentially teaming and playing with you some more, and thanks for hostin this hype series and carryin me in dubs
Ori - talk to me when you make bracket :denzel:
Wuvs - i got to see you again, forgot you existed
Xatic - ur a noob
Smile - you should made it to bracket bro, its whatever you'll get em net time and I hope ur in Michigan more often your a chill ass dood
people in my pool that I played -ggs
Everyone who made it out - thank you
Shoutouts to my basement
Shoutouts to VGBC settin all that **** up in my basement
Shoutouts to no setups
Shoutouts to Anther

Shoutouts to more Phoenix saga events and SK being godlike


ignite the fire
Mar 6, 2008
Shoutouts to actually making it to bracket but stewy and I never noticed until now, which actually makes me really mad.
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