Pettans for Smash Ultimate!


Smash Journeyman
Nov 11, 2016
So Temtem as you may or may not know is a game very inspired by Pokemon and Pettans is a character from that game.

Who is Pettans:
Pettans is a Platypus in Temtem who was originally a rumoured Water Starter for Pokemon until the creators of Temtem got the rights to the design.


Moves used:
That is really hard to say because the game is in not in Alpha yet but he would have Water and Toxic attacks.


Why it would be cool:
1. He could have a Platypus type Moveset
2. Since it is from a game very inspired by Pokemon, we could have Pettans in the competition with Pikachu
3. Temtem vs Pokemon
4. He's just cute


Possible Arguments:
1. Temtem has its Early Launch in 2019 and its Final Release in 2020, so therefore he is too far away from being in Smash
While it may be a longshot, I wouldn't say it is impossible as it is coming to the Nintendo Switch and is extremely popular in its Kickstarter stages.

2. He would have a higher chance of being DLC if anything.
True, but I wouldn't blame Nintendo if they decided to make it DLC, I would just like to see Temtem in Smash in General

3. Why Pettans?
He seems to be a really popular Temtem


Thoughts? Opinions? Let me know