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Peach's New Aerial Down B


Smash Cadet
Jul 31, 2007
There's been some speculation over the past few months about Peach and DK getting an aerial down B.

Personally I believe Peach is pretty well-rounded in PM although a slight bit unimaginative having much of her gameplay/animations carry over from Melee. Anyone have any ideas for a FUN, CREATIVE (read: non-game breaking and feasible to code into the game) aerial down B? Even if it's just a silly animation with no hitbox or move properties... as long as it suits her character.

I really think it'd be nice to see something like that in the changelog for once! Any ideas?


Smash Lord
Jan 1, 2013
i personally would like to see it be something related to movement. peach reallly needs some help in the movement department. in melee, she was able to work around it because her turnips were very effective, and there was a far more limited portion of the cast that was viable. in PM, not only have turnips been nerfed a bit (WD > item pickup, and turnips hitting you back towards stage for some reason) but theres a lot more of the cast that not only has good movement, but disjoint and range coupled onto it (ZSS, MK, zard, etc.). Theres a lot of characters that can really decimate peach in the air, and have good enough grounded movmenent and range to compliment in. i dont think getting a new attack will help peach. She needs some other kind of way to move around the stage. atm you dont have all too much of an incentive to pick peach over m2 (in some MUs you do, but not as many), and i think getting some additional way to cover space (i.e getting to platforms quicker, generally moving quicker, etc.) would help remedy whats become a big weakness in a game were many characters are adapted to handle her.

edit - i actually changed my mind. i dont think a down b should be movment based. instead heres a couple changes id like to see:

1.) grounded glide toss from a backwards roll matches the distance of a glide toss from a forwards roll.
2.) Turnips have a non-reversible hitbox (i.e they only hit you in the direction that they were thrown in).
3.) aerial down b allows her to pull a turnip (though maybe with more lag than a grounded one), or possibly could allow her only a set amount of pulls from a stock. This gives her some additional opportunity for burst movement around the stage, obviously with the requirement of her pulling a turnip.
4.) Turnip pulls are non random. maybe holding the B button longer for stronger pulls would be good.
5.) Dsmash sound effect changed.
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