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Peach's Back Air

Neku ネク

Smash Apprentice
Feb 28, 2015
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Dunno if this board is even active anymore and I stopped playing Smash many months ago but I'll ask anyway.

Recently after fighting against my roommate who's a Fox main, I was countering his illusions to ledge with floating Nairs and Bairs, but something made me wonder about her Bair. I know that her Bair is basically 90% sour spot and 10% sweet spot (so it seems), but how long does the sweet spot hitbox stay active. I was normally throwing out Bair a few seconds before Fox illusioned towards the stage and he got hit, but it was mostly a sour hit and although it put him in a bad position it didn't knock him back/down far enough. Does her Bair have a really short time window for sweet spotting as well as a small hitbox? It seems like despite it being a good tool it still has a lot of flaws that make it 50/50 in usefulness as long as you get the better end of the deal.

a Dank Soul

Smash Rookie
Dec 4, 2016
Here's a hitbox visualization video:


It looks like the move starts with a sweetspot hitbox that then immediately transitions into a sourspot hitbox. The sweetspot hitbox is larger than the sourspot hitbox apparantly. That's pretty interesting.

That said, I think it's still a pretty reliable move if spaced well.


Smash Ace
Jun 1, 2015
A a Dank Soul its still a reliable move but the problem is the hitbox for both sweetspot and sourspot. I was playing a friends of mine earlier with Roy and everytime he went for a bair it missed half of the time. Its a good spacing tool but timing at the moment is best for that move because if your opponent manages to avoid the move in time you either A. get the sour spot or B. the move wont hit at all.
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