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Peach vs. Link


Smash Journeyman
Aug 3, 2014
Whirl Islands
How does peach fair in this MU? it'd seem like a relatively stale neutral till someone messes up their item tossing. It'd also seem like peach wouldn't be able to edge guard as well either compared to like spacies or a FE character.


Smash Cadet
Sep 25, 2014
I think Link wins it but it's not impossible just tedious

Link has 3 projectiles to your one, so you'll always be on the move trying to get in, Peaches combo game is a bit better in this with her tilts helping with that so it's a little easier to add damage, Edgeguarding Link is a little weird.. He can do that bomb throw thing where he hits his bomb to get an additional up b but his recovery is still pretty predictable.

I haven't played a super high level link, But I've played OK Links, and if they camp you out I do believe it is an up hill battle.

Someone can correct me if i am wrong in this.
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