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Peach edgeguarding - Slow running research


Smash Rookie
Feb 17, 2016
South Shore, Qc, Canada
Soo, i've been trying out slow running at the edge as Peach, here's what i've come up with since. Enjoy :)

What it is : Peach runs at the ledge without falling off.

How to do it : while in the running or dashing animation, tilt the joystick diagonally down, in the direction you're running (you can also tilt diagonally up, but that is sub-optimal as it offers less options)
Why it might be useful : this combines the short skit lag of slow running to potential horizontal momentum, as well a buffered down input, which peach can use especially well, because of her float.

What to do out of it :
  • Jump, shield, dash grab or dash attack (regular options out of a run)
  • Perform any other attack or option out of a crouch. Roll the joystick down, then input whatever
  • Instantly transition into a ground float moving forward. Simply input jump
  • Instantly fall off. Roll the joystick back to forward
Note: what i first thought was a weakness in the technique was that if you tried to jump, you'd either float of fall off and instantly waste your double jump. You can however buffer it out of a crouch, to jump twice, and edgeguard higher if needed
Thoughts/rambling : all of that being said, i initally thought it might all be useless, since Peach has just as many options from imply standing still at the edge. I think we could push it further than that though : it may not fit the princess' actual meta, put i can i see an edgeguarding style in which you repeatedly fall of the ledge then quickly double jump and FCFF back on stage, thus pressuring every height from low to stage level (this might be fairly less effective if the opponent recovers high, but FCFF could perhaps still make it work). If such a strategy is developped and perfected, then slow running to mix up the timing at which you fall off would be a great tool for sure.

Closure : Is this worth perfecting, or is it just a gimmick? Let me know if i'm delusional or late to the party, meanwhile I'll get labbing and probably edit this post with a video showcasing what I imagine could be possible using this Tech.

Tl;Dr : run off the edge as Peach, or not, using slow run. Developp the Peach edgeguarding meta, git gud.

Thanks for reading!
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