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Peach Combos/Setups Thread

Neku ネク

Smash Apprentice
Feb 28, 2015
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
When I started taking Peach seriously at a competitive level, I wanted to make sure I had every combo possible (true or untrue) written down so I could throw them into my game play and increase my options. I'm deciding to share what I have so far. For now, here's what I have and what percentages they work at:

*Please note some, if not most combos have follow-ups that are based on whatever the player wants to do.

From 0-20%:

Floating Dair > Fair
Floating Dair > Bair
Floating Dair > Nair

Dtilt > Fsmash
Dtilt > Dtilt > Fsmash
Dtilt > Grab > ???? (follow-ups based on percents)
Dtilt > Up B
Dtilt > JCFF Nair

Grab > Uthrow > Up B
Grab > DThrow > Up B


Grab > D Throw > Ftilt
Grab > D Throw > Ftilt > Uair
Grab > D Throw > Usmash
Grab > D Throw > Ftilt > Grab > D Throw > Ftilt (only works on fast fallers like Fox and if they don't jump away)
Grab > D Throw > Ftilt > Uair > Uair > Up B (this is situational but I've had it work on people)
Grab > F Throw > Dash Attack
Grab > F Throw > Dash Attack > Fair (possible but not guaranteed)

Dtilt > Fsmash
Dtilt > Fair
Dtilt > Usmash
Dtilt > Uair
Dtilt > Uair > Uair > Up B (possible, not guaranteed)


Grab > Dthrow > Bair
Grab > Dthrow > Bair > Side B (possible, not guaranteed, works under 50% only)
Grab > turn-around Fair

Floating Dair > double jump Fair (if used at the very edge of a stage, possible early kill on some characters)

Setups (any %):

Side B > FF Fair (move directly toward them)
Side B > Floating Dair
>> Follow up with another Floating Dair, FF Nair, or FF retreating Fair
>>> Follow up further with Grab
Side B > Side B > Fair (breaks shields 100% if all hits land)

FF Dair (floating or not) > Dsmash
FF Dair > Grab
FF Dair > JCFF Nair

I'll throw in some shield break options too that I've picked up from others:

Side B > Side B > Fair
Floating Dair > Z-Drop Stitchface Turnip
Floating Dair > Z Drop Turnip > Nair > Ftilt
SH Dair > Floating Dair > Floating Dair > FF Nair
Floating Dair > Bair (unsure if floating or not) > Side B
Floating Dair > Z-Drop Dot Eyes Turnip > FTilt

If anyone has any more combos you've learned, let's hear them! I'll add them to the list. Make sure you give the percentages the combo(s) work at, please. I hope these will help both new and old Peach players alike. Keep it Peachy~
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Smash Cadet
Jan 6, 2009
One of my personal favourite setups is a DThrow at 60-80% into a dash Up Smash. The opponent is heavily punished if they air dodge.


Smash Apprentice
Feb 18, 2016
There are quite a few D-throw Turnip combos.
Nair -> Grab
Dair -> Dair
Dair -> Turnip
Dair -> Up-B
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