Pat's House Result Thread! Final Update: Results are UP


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Aug 16, 2004
11/14/09 - 11/15/09



allisbrawl link:

Singles Result:
1: Mango
2: Zhu
3: SS
4: Lucky
5: macd
5: Lovage
7: Connor
7: Kira
9: Axe
9: Larry Lurr
9: Light
9: Blunted Object
13: Forward
13: Gmoney
13: TANG
13: HugS
17: Pit
17: Sheridan
17: SFAT
17: Eddie Mexico
17: S2J
17: Atlus
17: DJ Nintendo
17: GG7
25: Maple
25: fly
25: Brandon
25: embracethe12
25: Pnoy
25: Alex19
25: Replicate
25: Romeo
33: Vectorman
33: adam
33: Pat
33: J666
33: Darrell
33: TAI
33: Alan
33: emerican
33: Gishnak
33: Tafokints
33: Rickety Rocket
33: sherigami
33: PockyD
33: Leeland
33: Antonio
33: SDR

Doubles Result:
1: Lebron James
2: Zhu + MacD
3: SS + Tang
4: GF Johns
5: Flash Forward
5: Tiger Ty
7: Moto Surf
7: Taj and Forward
9: S2J + Julian
9: Amigos Forever
9: Shake Them Dice
9: Alan's a rapist
13: DJ Nintendo + HugS
13: Alex19 + Sheridan
13: I Got a Lot of Zoap in the Pocket
13: Toph + PB&J

for full results go to the all is brawl site. It has the bracket, players name, and pools entrants:


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Jun 25, 2008
Thanks for the info sir. Also thanks to Andrew G and Neal for the updates.

I looked for a player list and couldn't find one.

Any Midwest there?!?


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Aug 16, 2004
Singles bracket is starting at 10AM. Be there on time or DQ!

People who made it into doubles brackets by SEEDING
1: Shake Them Dice (Atlus + J666)
1: Zhu + macd
1: Flash Forward (Forward + Light)
1: Taj and Forward (Lovage + DEHF)
1: GF Johns (Lucky + Kira)
1: Lebron James (Mang0 + Gmoney)
1: SS + TANG (Mitchell + SS)
1: Tiger Ty (Phil + HomeMadeWaffles)
9: DJ Nintendo + HugS (DJ Nintendo + HugS)
9: I Got a Lot of Zoap in the Pocket (Zoap + Darrell)
9: Alex19 + Sheridan (Alex19 + Sheridan)
9: Amigos Forever (Eddie Mexico + Blunted Object)
9: Alan's a rapist (Connor + SFAT)
9: Moto Serve (Maple + Pnoy)
9: S2J + Julian (S2J + Julian)
9: Toph + PB&J

People who made it into singles bracket by SEEDING!
1: Larry Lurr
1: Blunted Object
1: Mang0 thinks he's special
1: HugS
1: Zhu
1: Lucky
1: SS
1: Forward
1: Axe
1: fly
1: macd
1: S2J
1: Gmoney
1: Brandon
1: Kira
17: Alex19
17: adam
17: Light
17: Rickety
17: Sheridan
17: SFAT
17: Pnoy
17: Connor
17: DJ Nintendo
17: Vectorman
17: emerican
17: Romeo
17: Lovage
17: Replicate
17: SDR
17: Eddie Mexico
33: sherigami
33: Alan
33: Pat
33: Gishnak
33: Leeland
33: J666
33: Atlus
33: Tafokints
33: Darrell
33: Pit
33: TAI
33: GG7
33: PockyD
33: Maple
33: Antonio
33: embracethe12
Jun 16, 2009
Hugs lost to Kira and macd. :(
Awww, that sucks. Both the people I was rooting for didn't place nearly as well as I wanted to(why do I feel like wishing players luck can jinx them?)

Edit: So the people still in the tournament are: Mango, Lucky, Zhu, and Silent Spectre. It had so much potential and it came down to the typical Norcal tournament. I can't really root for anyone here now. I'd root for SS but I won't since I can't shake the feeling he'll **** up whenever there is a national or Outofstate tournament.

Edit 2: I'm confident this will be the result of this tourney.

1) Mango
2) Zhu
3) Lucky
4) Silent Specter

If Zhu loses to Lucky again then it'll pretty much prove that Genesis was just a fluke.

Adam M!

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Aug 20, 2009
i can't tell if virusbluemage is a good troll or a huge noob

i am leaning toward huge noob

six months from now he'll laugh at how bad his thoughts are

or not be in the scene cuz he quits because of how awful he is


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Dec 17, 2007
UC San Diego
lol I just looked at some of that Virus guy's posts and they are all complaints, johns, advice to people who are probably better than him or defenses to flames. Could be a dupe account but lets not feed the troll here.

wow this tournament was great. LOTS of setups, public pool/bracket viewing, drinks and snacks, bonfire, good play, great players. Idk what to say other than what's gonna be said a million times by everyone else. Great event


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Jul 24, 2007
vegas baby
i have to ask, how was the bonfire? was it just a massive sausage fest around a fire? talking about smash? im not bashing i'm honestly just curious how it turned out, lol.
Jun 16, 2009
how the **** would losing to lucky make zhu's performance at genesis a fluke?

its ****ing lucky he's losing too. thats a legitimate loss
No it's not. Lucky is a good player but he's not great. If Zhu can beat Mew2king then he should be ****** the **** out of Lucky.

lol i banned the sh** out of virus blue mage on the livestream hahahaha
what a crummy troll
I'm not a troll at all. And it's ok that you banned me. I simply went into another account and posted my thoughts anyways. Lol, you'd have probably noticed it was me if you didn't assume I was gone.


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Oct 31, 2007
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This was a fun tournament. Even though I didn't do so good in pools I definatly saw some improvements with my fox. My voice was gone after the money match(Thanks for the $2 Brian). Phil BBQ was legit and the bonfire was alright. (People were cooking hotdogs over the fire so it technically was a "sausage fest") Good **** for Connor, Dave and McCain for placing really well in bracket.


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Jul 21, 2006
San Francisco, CA
this was pretty great

only annoying thing was that it was cramped when playing doubles but honestly a lot of tournaments have that problem just to fit more setups in, which is a good tradeoff

i had a better time at the mad homo bonfire than i expected


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Apr 19, 2007
Tucson, AZ.
this was pretty great

only annoying thing was that it was cramped when playing doubles but honestly a lot of tournaments have that problem just to fit more setups in, which is a good tradeoff

i had a better time at the mad homo bonfire than i expected
Amazing commentary


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Apr 16, 2006
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this tournament *****, i had so much fun
extra special shoutout to Jun for housing my *****ass, you're an awesome dude. i wish we would have had a chance to play some friendlies, maybe next time im in socal. thanks dude.
sheridan: thanks for driving, come to our tournament next weekend so i can pay you
joe: you're a cool dude thats always fun to be around. ill see you saturday!
kevin: it was fun to get to know you better, your a good dude.

zac: coolest little kid.
L: you're pretty cool as well
connor: stop hatin, **** aint so serious. <3

brendan: thanks for teaming, at least we didnt get last in pools! you're a great dude, i wish you lived closer so we could hang out more.
steven: i had fun playing sheik dittos with you, you've definitely got some nice tricks.
oscar: you're so good, god****. great to see you again.

jkun: you're a good dude, i'm glad you're used to rawer **** talk than mine.
mccain: i guess you're really good now. good to see you again.
kira: i wish i could've gotten some friendlies with you, i guess i'll have to wait for R3
gscrub: nice to meet you
stab: we had some good friendlies, you've got a nice falco
kirbyraeg: did i play you in team friendlies with brendan and stab?
cameron ladjevardi: good to NOT see you again

rickety: <3. you're so good. it's always a joy to hang out with you.
typh: <3. you're fun to be around, and a great guy. good luck playing ice climbers in brawl.
simon: you're **** good, it was fun playing you at jun's.

seng: thanks dude, it was nice to meet you.
gg7: it was fun smoking with you
adam: thanks for all the training, it was way helpful. definitely helped keep the fire in my belly going. it was fun talking to you at the beach and ****.
s2j: hope you had fun s1b.

norcal: you guys ****
kevin: let's play some this week before the tournament, i want to get gooood
alan: you my *****
peter: you're always fun to be around
boback: stop touching my breasts
jeff: good job at the tournament
brandon: it was fun to play you in pools.
phil: it's too bad you
all yall should come to our tournament this weekend

blunted object: nice to meet you. good job trying to carry our TV crew
pbnj: sorry I didnt buy a shirt
dj: you're samus ****ed me up in crews, ****.
toph: good to see you again, it was fun playing you in pools.

**** i'm running out of steam, there were too many cool people there. if i forgot you, i'm sorry. i ****in love socal <3 this tournament ****in *****
good **** NEAL and CHAMP and PAT [and the other PAT <3] for hosting this tournament, it was legit