Parrying with Z and R at same time.


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Mar 4, 2015
So as we know, if you parry with light shield or Z, you get there invincibility but Cannot jump out of it. And with hard shield with a trigger, you get invincibility and can jump.
Today while messing around with using z shield and R at the same time.

To my surprise it didn't have either of the expected outcome. When doing them on the exact same frame, you go into preshield animation WITHOUT invincibility yet you CAN still jump out of the egg.

Yoshi is cool


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Feb 9, 2014
You're describing what happens with Yoshi's ADT-shield, which is analog shield frame 1 -> digital shield frame 2.

When you z + digital R shield on the same frame with Yoshi, you get normal parry (GuardReflect) with z-shield analog effect. Yoshi's shieldsize doesn't scale with the analog, so you don't get the z-powershield increase in reflectsphere size, and on the first 2 frames you don't have shield which the analog level would affect. But if you get hit on the shield in later frames of the parry, you'll get z-shield slide. Naturally you can achieve the same with f1 digital shield -> switch to lightshield f3.
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