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Parry: What It Works Against

THE adversary

Smash Cadet
Jan 23, 2015
Please correct me if any of the information presented here is misleading/incorrect and I will gladly fix it

Now, I know that Yoshi's parry doesn't exactly work as it should in PM because of how running out of invincibility works when compared to Melee (for example, if you got hit by a hitbox in melee and respawn invincibility runs out while the hitbox is active, it would not connect. In Brawl/PM, if your invincibility runs out while the hitbox is still active, it hits. See this gfy for a visual demonstration: http://gfycat.com/AgitatedFearlessBullfrog )

however, I want to compile a list of things it IS effective on. By 'effective' I mean that Yoshi won't either
A. go into the full shield or
B. be hit out of pary
How do guys feel about this? Small warning: I have lost my copy of PM and am unable to test these things out for myself

Things parrying definitely works on:
  • Mario's fireballs/pills
  • Luigi's fireballs
  • Falco's lasers (I am unsure about Fox's or Wolf's but it should be the same)
I realized that if the hitbox that comes into contact with Yoshi disappears once it connects, then Yoshi can't be hit out of it since the hitbox no longer exists. Thus, parrying should work against projectiles that disappear upon contact.

It would be great if you dinosaurs could find other attacks it works on and test them out, as I have mentioned my predicament earlier on.


Smash Journeyman
Jul 13, 2014
Wellington, FL
The reason Yoshi's parry is broken is because Yoshi "loses" his invincibility when he gets hit by a move. For normal moves (like falcon's knee for example), when they hit Yoshi, frame one Yoshi loses his invincibility and frame two Yoshi gets hit since the hitbox is still active. Theoretically, If you hit Yoshi's invincibility with the last active frame of a move, Yoshi will still lose his invincibility but won't get hit since there is no hitbox frame two. In the examples you've given, what's happening is exactly as you've said: once those projectiles come in contact with something, they disappear, so their is no active hitbox for Yoshi to get hit by on the next frame. This leads me to believe you can "parry" any projectile that disappears on hit, such as Lucario's, Mewtwo's, or Samus' charge shot, but not Rob's laser, Ivysaur's leaf, or Samus' missiles. In most cases, however, powershielding is more effective against projectiles.

This also means you should be able to parry shine.


Smash Journeyman
Nov 6, 2013
Neither here nor there
Would that mean respawn invincibility is a separate type of invincibility, since it isn't lost on hit?
I know there are a (seldom) few other moves in the game that give invincibility, like Bowser's bair on his shell hurtboxes; do these moves, along with Yoshi's parry, somehow work differently than respawn invuln?
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